Countdown to Christmas have you ready to fly the coop? Check out these options for a winter getaway that’s sure to restore and revitalize you. 

In case you are one of those people who get nervous about taking time off, we think you should know that from about 1976-2000 the average number of vacation days in this country was just over 20. Then vacation day use plummeted and we are just now using almost 17 days (per this report).  The thing of it is, we NEED vacations. They are important for us. Here are at least 10 reasons why vacations matter.

So, now that you are totally 100% convinced it’s time to get one scheduled, here are some of our favorite winter options:

The ski trip



It’s winter, which means snow, and there is nothing like a ski trip! Fresh mountain air, charming towns, and endless stretches of nature make skiing a natural choice for winter.  Add a dash of hot chocolate and some heart-pumping runs down the slopes and you are bound to feel completely renewed instantly.  Here are tips on how to save on your next ski trip, and some incredibly handy coupon codes to help you save on gear from top retailers.

The warm weather escape

Arizona sunset

Obviously, going as far south as the Florida Keys will warm anyone up during the cold of winter, but what about options other than the beach? Talk to any professional snowbirds and you are bound to hear about Arizona. From Tucson to Phoenix to Sedona, the state is loaded with incredible cities that boast moderate temperatures and plenty of sun during the winter months. For families looking to unleash some energy, Arizona offers plenty of hiking, biking and general exploring that appeal to the active vacationer. Save money by making the most of the activities (mostly free) available in the great outdoors, and grab these hotel coupons to cut costs even further.

Yellowstone in the winter

Winter fox


Most of the traffic for Yellowstone is obviously during the warmer seasons. But did you know that Yellowstone has an amazingly unique scenery during the winter? Visitors are sparse but wildlife is plentiful and the quiet of the snow-covered park offers an opportunity to truly unwind. Guest can ice-skate or even catch a glimpse of frozen waterfalls and geysers. Use this as a chance to see the park in a way most people don’t. Another bonus? Reduced rates in the winter bring costs down significantly.

Head to the city


We love a big city in the winter. Why? Because there’s plenty to do inside! Most of us can drive into a new city within a few hours, so there’s no cost for airfare. Many attractions are free or reduced rates too, which makes it easier on the pocketbook. Plus, even just a 3 day trip can feel like a full week when you load up on new restaurants, museums or maybe even a show. Use this CityPASS coupon to get discounted rates into main attractions in 10 major cities. Super saver tip: lots of yoga, Pilates, gyms offer a first visit free so you can even try a trendy new workout while on vacation!

Don’t let the winter blues get the best of you! Research, plan and book that winter getaway. We promise, you’ll free much better once you do.

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