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Let’s face it – it’s been a rough year for most of us. If ever there was a time to cut yourself some slack or find joy in new ways, it’s 2020. We think right now is the perfect time to “treat yourself,” even if you don’t usually. In fact, this year you should especially treat yourself if you don’t usually.

So, go ahead and get excited about Singles Day and all the sales that come with it!

What Is Singles Day?

Not sure what Singles Day is or why there would be sales for it? Let’s get you caught up quickly. Singles Day is actually the largest shopping day in the world. Yes, the world!

Singles Day began as an unofficial celebration for all single people to celebrate being solo. It started in China in the early 90s, thanks to some creative college students.

Flash forward a few years and e-commerce giant Alibaba began offering huge discounts on Singles Day as an opportunity for people to buy something for themselves (hello, treat yourself!). Each year, more and more retailers have joined in and now, the day is recognized as the biggest online shopping event worldwide.

The US has been slower to adopt this tradition, in part because Black Friday is already a tradition here, but some US retailers are getting in the mix.

What You Can Expect This Year

Most companies are ready to recover from the slump of the past eight months. That means you can expect more companies than ever to participate and offer some very tempting deals to get people’s attention.

To that end, Alibaba has already announced Singles Day is moving in two phases this year. The first one started on Nov 1st and ends Nov 3rd. However, the company also plans to have twice as many sale items on the official date November 11. (Side note, the date of 11/11 was specifically chosen thanks to the symbolic nature of the number 1).

Luxury Items For Less

One of the best parts of Singles Day is the sheer volume of luxury goods that go on sale. Since the day revolves around self care for singles, it makes sense that many people use this day as an opportunity to buy themselves something nice.

On of our favorite luxury retailers, D’Aniello Boutique, is the perfect place to score major discounts on designer clothing, bags, shoes and accessories this year. Their sale centers already has incredible bargains on luxury items for both men and women, but with Singles Day deals you can save up to 50% off select pieces!

Though Singles Day started for singles, there is no reason we can’t all enjoy the sales – even if we aren’t single. So, mark your calendar and allow yourself this one time to buy something a little extra special. It may just be what you need this year!