It’s true – all this at home time and togetherness has been lovely….and we are starting to get bored. While we see creative and humorous families all over Tik Tok and Instagram right now, our little unit is starting to feel a little uninspired. We’ve done the puzzles, board games, and indoor Olympics and we need more.

You too? Then never fear, we’ve been digging around and found a few new crafts to try during these additional days at home. Better yer, we may just have discovered all new hobbies along the way!

1. Paper Crafts

Bookmarks, Toppers, Mini Books

We are new to the world of paper crafts and pretty excited about this discovery. We can’t wait to dive into bookmarks, cupcake toppers, and mini-books galore. Each craft designed to our own unique tastes and interests too.

Thanks to Sizzix, we’ve found literally hundreds of new paper craft ideas we want to try. Plus, their clearance center has supplies up to 80% off!

2. Bird Houses


We have either grown old very quickly, or this much indoor time has forced us to take notice of nature in a way we never have before. Regardless, bird watching has become far more interesting to our entire house. The obvious next step craft-wise then is to create our own bird houses! We love this craft as it not only gives us a creative outlet, but provides something for the much-adored birds we’ve come to appreciate.

Don’t have the supplies or tools to build a bird house or just prefer one already made and ready to decorate? We found some at Magic Cabin that are under $10 and all that’s needed is paint. We’ve also found these Magic Cabin coupons helpful because we never leave that site without ordering a few things at once!

3. Easy Clay Projects

Plant in a pot

Those with small kids may be doing air dry clay projects all the time already, but it might be time to level up your craft. In particular, this article brought all new possibilities to light for us. Even better, we are strongly considering some of these to be potential Mother’s Day gift ideas.

These Utrecht Art Supply coupons let us load up our cart for clay of all kinds to get started right away.

What projects are you trying? Any new hobbies starting to emerge during all this downtime? Let us know about it on Twitter or Facebook!