Luxury leather bags are a great entry point to the world of luxury fashion. They’re practical and if you choose classic styles, they can be used for years and years. Designer handbags are a great investment for your wardrobe and there are so many designs to choose from. You can get a shoulder bag, a tote bag, the oh so convenient crossbody bag, a dainty top handle! Tessabit carries a wide array of luxury bag brands and we’ve got a few suggestions if you’re looking in to make a handbag shaped investment (or for a gift for the women in your life)

Michael Kors is a great entry point into designer leather handbags. They combine practicality with style with their colorful crossbody handbags, and smart shoulder bags are a great start to your collection and just a quick search through the Tessabit site delivers you designs and styles for you to peruse. Do these designs really think about women and how they use the bag on the daily so practical and stylish? Checked. Michael Kors has got you covered.

The brand best known for its leather is Bottega Venetta. Beautiful Italian leather, soft and supple. That combined with beautiful craftsmanship and classic styles. One of their best sellers is the Jodie Leather Shoulder Bag which is a revamp of their classic. Their leather shoulder bag is a great catch-all, girl on the go bag that’s worth the price. It’s an investment for sure, but worth it. It’s large without being too loud and great for shopping trips.

If you’re vegan but wanting a luxury leather-looking bag, Stella McCartney has your back covered. Their Falabella Tote Bag has been around for a while and totally underrated. It can be worn as a clutch, held as a top handle, switched into a tote bag, and the mini versions can even be worn as crossbody bags. Whether you choose the large version or the mini version, it’ll satiate your leather tote craving.

Gucci is one of the most popular luxury handbag brands at the moment and for good reason! Great leather bag designs at pretty good prices. And they last! One of the top things to search for in a luxury handbag investment is the quality of the leather! You want it to look good, but more importantly, you want it to last! That’s why we’re spending on it. We want something that can last a while.

While luxury leather bags are expensive, they are always worthy of an investment! Especially if you get them at the right price! We’ve got a couple of Tessabit coupons for you if you’re looking into dropping your coin on the bag that makes you happy! In the midst of the chaos that was 2020, we all deserve to spoil ourselves a little. Whether it be with a great meal, a sap day, or spending your hard-earned money on designer handbags. If you have the means, then you can spend the greens. So go get your handbag at Tessabit. You deserve it.