So you’ve decided to open your own bubble tea restaurant. Congratulations! Bubble tea (or boba tea on the west coast) has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and we understand why you’re joining in on the craze. The sweet and creamy taste of bubble tea keeps people coming back for more than some people who have even replaced their usual coffee with bubble tea. Bursting boba is in, and we applaud you for your decision.

Starting a business marks a new chapter in your life, and it’s important to source the best restaurant supplies in order to serve your customers well. Aside from having a physical or online store, it is important to have a steady stream of supplies for your bubble tea needs such as plastic cups, bursting boba, or even powder. It can be taxing to have to refer to different suppliers for all your needs.

It’s time-consuming to have to refer to a lot of vendors for your drink supply including bursting boba, cups, and whatever you want to put in your drink. Plus, it can be very expensive to have to shoulder shipping fees from a lot of stores. Having to worry about different cups can take its toll on you, and managing a business can be stressful enough as is. What if you refer to just one shopping cart for all your needs? What if you can refer to just one store? You add to the cart and all your needs would be delivered to your store’s doorstep. Sounds like a bubble tea supply dream, right? Well, here is some good news for you.

At Lollicup Store, your bubble tea needs are their passion. Lollicup Store is a one-stop-shop for all your tea supplies, including bubble tea, plastic cups, tea straws, tea leaves, tapioca boba, food containers, tea containers, popping pearls, and many more. The website offers everything from the basic bubble tea flavors to the newest plastic cups in the market. Its bubble tea will surely be a hit among your customers, and their equipment is guaranteed to be sturdy and efficient. The company also offers bundles to select products so you don’t need to have a restaurant supply checklist. Through your American Express account (our website is managed by Shopify Pay), you simply need to add to your cart in order to source for all your needs and more through the shop.

Not only their bubble tea supplies complete, but Lollicup Store also offers the best prices in the scene. The larger your order is from the store, the bigger discount they give you for their products. Lollicup Store also offers retainer supplies for one or more of their products so you don’t have to worry about ordering your restaurant supply over and over again.

Their bubble tea cup and straws for bubble tea are made in PET plastic, ensuring that they are safe to drink from even for little children. They also offer a wide variety of milk tea flavors (like our best-selling passion fruit), tapioca pearls, and other plastic and equipment you may need for your restaurant. Lollicup Store’s tea powder is enclosed with a special sealing film that guarantees their longevity and safety. Their tapioca pearls come in different flavors and sizes so everyone can enjoy your bubble tea.

Whatever your bubble tea (or boba tea) needs are, from equipment to powder, cup to boba tapioca, Lollicup Store has it for you. Lollicup Store is managed by Shopify Pay, and you can pay for your orders through American Express. Plus, for a limited only, SelectAware is offering Lollicup Store coupons for you to avail of big discounts. If you have any inquiries or concerns, simply send the shop an e-mail and Lollicup Store will sort your products for you. Your boba supply needs are their cup of tea.

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