Sewing has made a comeback and the timing couldn’t be better. Whether it’s to help fill the gaps for protective covering during a pandemic, a response to combat “fast fashion’s” environmental effects, nostalgia, or simply taking it up for practical reasons – sewing is here to stay. Just like with any hobby or budding enterprise, you need to invest in materials and equipment such as sewing machines – and because you can practically buy anything over the internet, buying sewing machines online is one way to get started.

The first thing to do is to look up a sewing machine manufacturer online. Get online and search for the brands you have in mind, like Janome. Janome is a Japanese company that produces sewing machines with manufacturing plants in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. They offer a wide selection of sewing and quilting machines and even has a good selection of embroidery machines available for you to choose from. You can also lookup Singer, whose name has become synonymous with sewing. This much beloved of brands also has a wide variety of sewing machines in its inventory, including machines meant for heavy-duty use. The Brother brand is also popular among sewers, especially for beginners (thanks to its computerized sewing machine units which have good reviews). Aside from brand new machines, the company offers genuine refurbished machines at a lower cost. If you’re worried that your budget won’t be able to afford you a new machine or a specific product that you had in mind, or the unit you wanted is discontinued or out of stock, you can check with distributor sites and warehouse clubs. They do have the name brands like Singer, Janome, and Brother but also carry other brands for your sewing needs for every budget.

While some would argue that shopping online takes away from the experience of testing the sewing machines, this is easily remedied by reading the reviews. Reading the reviews is especially helpful if you plan to shop at sites like Amazon or from warehouse sales and distributor shops. The reviews not only give you an idea on the brands’ features (like an LCD screen or automatic needle threader) and performance. These reviews should help you narrow down your choices – it will help you decide if you just need a regular sewing machine or a computerized sewing machine, or if you just need an embroidery machine versus getting a sewing and quilting machine unit. It should help you answer the questions:

  • Who’s doing the sewing? Are you a beginner or an expert? Is it for yourself or do you plan on giving it as a gift? What’s the best machine for my level? One must always be comfortable and confident in a task in order to put out their best work.
  • How often will you use it? If you will only bring it to do some hemming or repair work, you don’t need an expensive model. An entry-level machine with a decent number of stitches should work well for you
  • What projects will you be making? It does not make any sense to buy a portable machine when you intend to take on big projects like drapes. Your fabric choices also matter here as one fabric works well with all machines while others don’t.
  • What is your budget? While yourbudget can dictate everything, a good machine must be able to provide years of good service. Getting the best quality machine that fits your needs in your budget helps prevent disappointments.
  • Are additional attachments needed for my sewing machine? Would you need extra presser feet? Attachments can vary per brand or model, some come free while some need to be bought separately. If your machine doesn’t come with all the features you need, ensure that they are easily available or are in stock.

Reviews also let you know if shipping is included with your purchase as some sites or sellers include free shipping with your purchase while others provide shipping for a fee. Reviews will also give you an idea if and when a store goes on sale, or have other promotions like having a featured product included in your purchase for free.

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