It’s no secret we love a good deal. We are big fans of discounts, outlets and coupons. So, you’d think we would be all about saving money all the time right? Right. Well, actually no. We’ve learned the hard way that having a budget and sticking to it works, but going cheap does not. In fact, there have been a few occasions where trying to cut dollars was really just trying to cut corners and ended up costing a lot more in the long run.

So, take it from us there are a few times when frugal doesn’t work:

Car Repairs And Maintenance

Buying a car that fits your budget at the absolute best price you can get it is smart and money savvy. Taking that car to the cheapest mechanic in town is not. It can be difficult to find a reputable and reasonably priced mechanic but it is worth evert moment of your time to do it. It’s also far better to pay that mechanic a fair amount for his time and expertise, even if that means 20% more than the cheapest guy. From our experience, the cheapest guy winds up costing double when you have to take the car in AGAIN for the same issue later. The same thing happens when you opt for the cheapest parts, like tires. Cheap tires will only wear out twice as fast. While you may think you are saving yourself money at the time, it’s not going to work out that way in about a year or two.

Medical Care

If you’ve ever been extremely tight on finances and determined to stick to a budget, there is nothing worse than an unexpected health issue. It can cause such emotional stress; however, this is NOT the time to be frugal. There are horror stories galore about people who refused to go to a doctor due to co-pays and overall costs. Stay calm and seek the best possible treatment you can get and don’t put off getting something looked at if you are in pain!

Healthy Eating

It’s a bummer that fruits and veggies don’t go on sale nearly as much as processed foods. We’ve never encountered a BOGO on apples or kale either. Still, healthy eating is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. There are ways to save on eating healthy without sacrificing essential vitamins and nutrients. Yes, it’s cheaper to eat ramen and chips but definitely not worth the cost to your health.



Most of us have experienced a bad haircut in our lives. It’s not fun and easily avoidable. We’ve done a number of crazy haircut things to stay frugal: cutting ourselves, asking friends, going to the local shop with a $7 haircut sale. In the end, we looked like we got exactly what we paid for and sometimes it can take weeks to outgrow a bad cut. Or you spend more money going to get it fixed by the person you should have seen in the first place.

Any other ways you found that being frugal doesn’t work? Let us know by sharing with us on Twitter or Facebook! 



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