With the new normal, a lot of people have been looking into ditching their cars for electric scooters. They’re more convenient, more cost-efficient, and easier to store. If you’re one of those people who have been wanting to get an electric scooter, we whole-heartedly recommend getting the Razor E300 electric scooter!

Scooters are great and everyone should hop on the scooter trend. Turn it into the new normal. It takes up less space while getting us where we need to go. It encourages balance, emits fewer fumes than a car. For a regular family car, 7 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere during its fabrication. The amount of CO2 is even bigger for an electric car as it’s almost 8 tonnes. For e-scooters, the amount of CO2 produced during manufacturing is roughly 1% of the car’s carbon footprint. 

You don’t have to insure a scooter. Have we mentioned that already? Pretty sure we have not. Aside from the electric scooter itself being cheaper than a car, much cheaper than a second-hand vehicle, can you imagine a brand new one? You have to insure a car, figure out where to park it (if you don’t have parking included wherever you live). You can bring your scooter into your dwelling space.

Even if you decide to buy an electric scooter for each one of your household members, you would still probably be in better financial shape than if you bought a car to fit your entire household in. You don’t need a license to operate an electric scooter, whereas you do for a car. Or even a motorcycle.

During this small inspection, lift the wheels off the ground and give them a spin to check if everything is alright regarding the bearings. If there is some unusual noise coming from them, try to clean them and apply some lubrication.

While there may be a chance that you will need to replace a few parts every now and then, it’s still much cheaper than annual maintenance on a car. It costs at least $1000 to properly maintain your car.

Sitting in traffic is bad for your health so not only does an electric scooter keep you standing, but it also keeps you out of traffic! Studies have shown that sitting in fumes and pollution is quite obviously bad for your health, and while it may seem like a good idea to roll up your car windows to block out all the fumes, that doesn’t reduce the fumes you are exposing other people to. If you’re traveling on an electric scooter, while you may be exposed to the fumes, you aren’t marinating in it as you will be constantly moving on your convenient, easily maneuvered electricity-fueled ride.

Have you also thought of the maintenance aspect of cars vs electric scooters? There is almost no maintenance needed for a new electric scooter. You just need to wash it regularly, especially if you drove it in the rain. If you want your scooter to be running smoothly for a long period, the parts should be kept dirt and grime free. Also, make sure to check the tires so there is no debris sticking to them. 

From its super-sized deck and frame to the 250-watt, high-torque, single-speed, chain-driven motor, and running at speeds of up to 15 mph (24 km/h), the Razor E300 is made to fulfill your need for speed. Whether you’re zipping around the neighborhood or taking leisurely tours of your city, the Razor E300 electric scooter was designed to provide a smooth ride for anyone that wants to take the reins of this beauty.

With speeds up to 15mph, wider tires, and a steely-gray profile, the Razor electric scooter was made to impress. Without gasoline. All you need is the battery charger to juice up the 24V (two 12V) sealed lead-acid batteries. The battery life provides you with up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The Razor E300 electric scooter is ready to roll for teen and adult riders. Its sturdy frame can carry a weight limit of 100 kg. So it doesn’t matter if you’re 14 years old, or 104 years old. The larger 9” (229 mm), pneumatic front and rear tires support older riders while helping soften out rough surfaces for a smooth ride. Razor e300 electric scooters provide a means to conveniently and green way to get around. The Razor E300 weight limit of 220lbs means that it’s ready and steady for you to ride. Additional features include twist-grip acceleration control, hand-operated, rear brake and retractable kickstand make the Razor E300 a great ride.

The pneumatic tires provide you with a smooth ride whether you want to take rides on flat roads, or uphill. The top speed of 15mph means this scooter is made for adventure. If a seated electric scooter is more your style, the E300S Electric Scooter may be your scooter of choice.

The Razor E300s also has a maximum speed of 15 mph, pneumatic tires, and can carry a weight of 220 pounds.

Both Razor scooters take around 12 hours for a full battery charge and can run for around 45 minutes or 10 miles. Make sure you’ll on a full charge and you don’t stray too far though. Riding the electric scooter may be so enjoyable that you forget to keep an eye on that battery life.

So now that we’ve covered an electric scooter for you, your parents, and your teenagers, what about your younger kid? Razor has still got you covered with a ride for your little one! We have a Walmart coupon for the Razor FlashRider 360! This one is ready for your 6-year-olds and can carry a maximum weight of 160lbs.