Valentine’s Day has a tendency to really get to people.  For all the secret (or not-so secret) romantics of the world, it’s an opportunity to go totally overboard in sentiment, complete with epic love poem and rose petals covering the floor. For the un-coupled it’s either a dreaded day or a day to scorn the preposterous marketing of cards, flowers and candy. There’s actually an e-how tutorial on coping with being alone.

Call me an optimist, but I tend to enjoy the lighter and more positive aspects of Valentine’s Day. I enjoy telling people, ” I love you” on this day. Of course I am also a fan of chocolate, candy, flowers, hearts and the color combo of red and pink. So, maybe Valentine’s Day just works for me.

For those of you struggling to get through this Valentine’s Day, never fear. I have created a really easy Valentine’s Day gift round-up that’s sure to score you some points with your sweetheart. And by sweetheart, I mean anyone special in your life that should know you care.

Valentine’s Day gift for your little cutie pie


This genius Valentine’s Day banner is from My M&Ms idea gallery and could not be any easier to create. If you prefer to cut back on the candy, try a tiny stuffed animal tucked inside a cone instead. While you could get away with just using the Valentine’s Day M&Ms, having them personalized with sweet sayings for your little one will probably be a lot more memorable!


Valentine’s Day gift for your main squeeze


Truth be told I feel for the fellas on Valentine’s Day. There’s a lot of pressure on them to come through with some kind of great gift for the ladies, but not that many terrific options for guys. In fact, there could even be an argument against giving guys a gift at all. Unless you scope out Uncommon Goods, who have created some truly creative gifts (like those Bad Dog Tumblers above) for our guys that are both witty and useful, thus making them less awkward to both give and receive on Valentine’s Day.

 Valentine’s Day gift for your first love: mom


You know how when you were little you would go outside and pick flowers for your mom and she just LOVED that? Well, she still loves flowers. So now you can have them delivered and the price is really small for the impact you make on her Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day gift for your four-legged fur-ball


You kinda think I’m joking here don’t you? Not even close. According to this Time article, 1 in 5 Americans will be buying a Valentine’s Day present for their pet. Why wouldn’t they when online retailers such as Muttropolis are offering such cute items like the Keep Calm And Love Me shirt above?

Valentine’s Day gift for yourself


No date, no problem! Who says your someone special can’t be yourself this year for Valentine’s Day? Go ahead, indulge a little and treat yourself to a lovely piece of jewelry like this gorgeous rose quartz ring from Tiffany’s.

Don’t let the pressure, the build-up, or the stigma of Valentine’s Day stop you from showing a little emotion this year. Go ahead and let someone know how much they mean to you, or treat yourself to a little decadence just this once!

Need more Valentine’s Day gift deals to keep things in budget? Be sure to search the hundreds of Valentine’s Day coupons available to make this holiday even sweeter!