Who knew February could be so interesting?

While February has a lot packed into such a small month, from the extremely significant Black History celebrations to the lesser known Library Lover events that take place. But, let’s face it- everyone is pretty is pretty focused on Valentine’s Day for the first two weeks. We’ve provided many opportunities for perfect Valentine’s Day dates, gifts and one super easy treat fit for just about anyone. This year we wanted to focus on the most important aspect of this whole day: how to say “I Love You” to the ones who mean the most. Below are some clever and fun ways to do just that.

  1. Mixtape – We k now, we know, no one actually makes a mixtape anymore. Try 8 Tracks, Spotify or Google Play though and create a soundtrack specifically for your Valentine. Guess what? Kids especially love getting this from their parents!
  2. Catch a sunrise/sunset – Not one for mushy displays of affection? There is nothing additional needed when Nature’s glory is on full display. Add hot cocoa, coffee or a glass of wine and let the sky take care of the rest.
  3. Call them – Want to tell friends, parents or other special people how much they mean? Try a good old-fashioned phone call to express your appreciation. Most people are communicating via Facebook, Snapchat and text these days. An actual phone call will be a welcome surprise.
  4. Get nostalgic – Got a gaggle of single girlfriends? Grab those old photo books (or make one from old photos!) and get together to revisit some fond memories. Everyone seems to enjoy sharing stories and laughing at bad style. Again, this one is perfect for friends AND family as you can easily do this with parents, kids, and/or your spouse.
  5. Mail a letter or care-kit – We all still get a little thrill at receiving something unexpected in the mail. Craft a love letter for your Valentine and add to a box of his/her favorite small treats. If your budget isn’t prepared for any extras, for less than a dollar an amazing love letter is all you really need to send.
  6. Say it 52 ways – This idea has been passed around the blog world for some time, but that doesn’t mean you’ve tried it yet. Grab a deck of cards, punch holes, bind them together and write out a reason your love your Valentine on each card. With that many reasons, you are bound to get clever, creative and silly with it – all the more reason your special someone will cherish it. Here’s an example and tutorial .
  7. 1st date – Once again, sometimes the best idea is one that’s considered tried and true. Plan a great date night or recreate your first date night. Honestly, your loved ones probably care far more about time with you than anything else so take the pressure off of a perfect gift if that’s not in the budget right now.
  8. Make it a group thing  – Invite couple friends over to celebrate together. Host a potluck themed with everyone bringing the food they “love” most and enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones having fun. Works for both you AND your sweetie!
  9. Make a time capsule – Another really fun way to say I Love You is to work on a time capsule together. Gather special trinkets that remind you of each other. Write out our favorite things about your loved one. Make a “dream list” of what you want to accomplish over the next year. Throw it all in a box or container with a copy of at least one newspaper and a few photos. Next year on Valentine’s Day (or 5 years from now) pull it out and open it up. Now you’ve tackled this year’s AND next year’s Valentine’s Day!
  10. Don’t forget the chocolate or jewelry possibilities – It’s possible to keep jewelry and chocolate fund and exciting and it might be exactly what your loved one wants anyway. Try these ideas for how to give the gift in a more unique way. Need some coupons to cut costs on this? We’ve got you covered right here!