Grocery bag


How many times have you gone to the grocery store with your list only to experience sticker shock during check out? 

Certainly for our household rising grocery costs tops our list of budget blunders. Kids, poor planning and impulse buys easily add up to more than expected during store runs. Yet, this is also one of the easiest areas to reign it back in. It simply takes a little more time, energy and effort to get back on track and cut costs. Here are the easiest ways to get back on budget.

Scan ads first

It might seem counterintuitive to start with shopping, but looking ahead to see what’s on sale for the week will help. Buying what’s on sale rather than what’s on your favorites list means you don’t pay full price.

Know what’s in season

Seasonal shopping means cheaper prices as you are buying things when they are most plentiful (which means they cost less). It also is better for your health and your local farmers.

Make a menu

We are die hard fans of menu planning. This ensures you stick to buying only what’s needed and if you have done the first two steps above then your costs should be lowered significantly. Not sure what to make? Try these 33 Cheap Dinner Ideas Under $10 or browse these budget friendly cooking ideas for inspiration.

Fresh tomatoes

Skip the prepared or pre-bagged

Okay, can’t lie here. We love the pre-sliced section of the grocery store. Broccoli florets already washed and ready to go? Yes please. Brussel Sprouts quartered and cleaned? We’ll take them. Serving size bags of chips for lunch? Okay! However, the price for the convenience is high. Budget a little TIME for prep work and save money at the register.

Buy frozen

If you can’t do fresh pick frozen. Far better for you than canned and much cheaper too. Yes, it will still taste delicious. Try these 12 recipes and see!

Shop at multiple stores

Again, it takes more time. Again, it will save you money. Shop places like Costco and Sam’s for any products you can buy in bulk to save. Then comparison shop your grocery stores, and don’t forget about the online options of Amazon and their new connection with Whole Foods.

Shopping with the family

While we may not be able to control the rising cost of groceries, we can employ some smart strategies to save at the store!