We understand extreme couponing habits are not for everyone. After all, extreme couponing takes dedication, time, and energy. Not all of us want to have our lives consumed with frugality. However, with even minimal couponing efforts people can experience maximum benefits. The key is knowing how to coupon. So here are some top couponing tips and tricks to help you save the most money with the least amount of effort.

Get a system

Decide at the beginning of  a week how much time you plan to develop to couponing. Collect mailers and coupon packs and DON’T open them until your designated time. Pick one day and block off 30 minutes to 1 hour and start clipping. Be sure to organize your coupons too. Some people use ziplock baggies, others have a coin purse with coupons stacked inside and some people place all the coupons into a binder for easy access. Any system will work – just be consistent with it. Save your self time by only clipping coupons you will actually use.

Shop smart

Once you’ve organized your coupons, it’s time to make your list and hit the stores. Research stores to see if anyone has sales that match up with your list. This gets you an even better price when paired with the coupon. Be sure that you STICK TO THE LIST though! Buying extra items not on the list is one of the most common couponing mistakes. Looking around and purchasing extra items because they are on sale doesn’t necessarily add up in the long run.  Some people will hit multiple stores too to get the most out of each coupon. That takes more time, but can yield bigger savings.

Have patience

Another key for couponing? Shop with patience. Knowing what to buy when will keep impulse buys at bay and ensure you always get the best possible price. For example, if you know you want to purchase a new winter coat in the coming year, understand that the best price will come around January or February. That means you should look for coupons to clothing stores in January or February, when coats are heavily discounted, so you can apply the coupon to the already reduced price.


Remember there is a coupon for everything (almost)

Just because you’ve never heard of a coupon for something doesn’t mean there isn’t one! For example you might not think of coupons when shopping for insuranceeyewear or education but there are multiple coupons for all of these. So, before you buy anything, double check for coupons and/or coupon codes first.

You may never want to be an extreme couponer and we don’t blame you. Still, everyone wants to get the best deal possible and with just a few tips you can incorporate couponing into your shopping habits in a manageable and rewarding way!



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