Investing in one’s health is always a good investment and investing in the right equipment for your home gym can make exercise more fun and help you achieve your target fitness goals in no time. For many of us, a good home workout that we can do with as little equipment as possible while giving us the best results at any fitness level. We’ve put together a list of our favorite home gym equipment and we hope that you’ll like them as much as we do.

Jump rope- why do we love it? It’s easy on the pocket and very portable which means you can take it anywhere with you. Jumping rope gives you a great cardio workout and burns a lot of calories. It can also improve your balance, strength, agility, and overall endurance.

A resistance band is also a great must-have for your home gym. These are also affordable and lets you reap the benefits of resistance workout which include improved functional strength and flexibility and increased bone mass and density which can help protect against osteoporosis. It comes in multiple resistance levels (light, medium, and heavy) which you can adapt easily to your fitness level. You can do this by giving more or less slack on the band to adjust the amount of resistance or combine multiple bands for a more challenging workout. And since resistance band exercises are based on familiar exercises, you get room for modification (what you can do with dumbbells you can do with bands) and enjoy a full body workout.

An exercise bike is also a good piece for workout equipment to have at home. Unlike exercise bikes in times of old, today’s models are more compact and portable, making it good for small spaces. A lot of them are also budget-friendly and have a lot of features like a dual-transmission flywheel which allows for a higher resistance workout. They also run quietly and a lot of them have an LCD display that helps you keep track of your progress such as time and calories burned.

Usually found at the gym, suspension trainers are now becoming more common at home. All you need is a sturdy door (ideally one that opens away from you), and place the square side of the door anchor across the top of the door, close to the hinge while the loop side of the anchor should be on the same side of the door as you. Others prefer to take it outside and use a tree or a deck post – showing how versatile this piece of equipment is. This is great news since suspension training offers a lot of benefits, mainly to help people develop functional strength. It strengthens your core, offers a variety of exercise options, improves your balance and coordination, and even intensifies body weight training. What’s more is that it’s accesobole to all fitness levels – beginners can start their exercises in a more upright position while more advanced trainers perform exercises closer to the floor to make it more challenging.

Last but not the least, a good sturdy mat is one piece of fitness equipment that you should have at home. It may not look much but it provides a lot of practical uses. It protects your floor against damages and even helps protect you during strength training like lifting weights and you need to quickly drop weights to avoid injuries when training near the maximum level. Mats are a must for any floor exercise – if you do yoga, using a yoga mat will help you get through your poses with ease at it gives you a comfortable non-slip surface to work on.

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