So, I’m kinda jumping the gun here and calling it early since the actual results won’t be in until long after the tree is down and the celebrating is over. Still, I’ve been keeping an eye on all presents great and small with all the digging and researching for Christmas gifts I’ve done this year. Plus, after Thanksgiving Google released it’s search results which are pretty darn good indicator for what people are looking for under their tree this year.

Here’s what it looks like: the top 10 Christmas gifts for 2014:

Wearable Tech


Sure, Apple’s iWatch isn’t coming out until next year, but the market is suddenly flooded with other smart watches, like the Pebble Smart Watch.  With a price point just under $100, it’s bound to thrill the techie in your family that just can’t wait to be first with this trend.


Another bestseller this year is the FitBit. These handy products are tracking everyone’s fitness as well as sleep patterns and people just can’t seem to get enough of  wrist bands. The Fitbit Flex is still the most popular option, but I’m sensing a lot of people will be sporting the Fitbit Charge come December 26th.


Just about every runner, biker, hiker, and walker is looking to add the Garmin Forerunner to their sport gear. Garmin’s been killing it for years with their running watches, and now the new Forerunner is sleeker and waterproof. These sport watches track time, distance, speed and routes for multiple activity workouts. The only downside? Having to look at every runner’s workout with them once it’s complete!

Toys – younger kids


This shouldn’t be a huge surprise but dolls are big for the girls. American Girl dolls and Barbie are selling more than ever right now and in high demand for younger girls all over. But don’t think you can get off with buying just a doll. Part of the appeal for these is the multitude of accessories that come with them.


If you haven’t seen the Netflix documentary Inside Lego yet, please go watch it now. It really is fascinating to see how genius this product is as well as how the company was able to turn things around when business was sluggish. Anyway, Legos are bigger than ever these days with special editions focused on Star Wars, The Hobbit, Marvel, Minecraft and more.

Toys – Older Kids


It goes without saying, last year and this year were all about the XBox and PS4. Consoles, packages and games are huge sellers right now, with absolutely no signs of slowing anytime soon. Here’s my break down of where the best deals were on Black Friday, and I’m sure those are still the best bets for these next two weeks as well.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m cheating with calling these things “toys” because, well, teenagers don’t want toys basically.  What they do want: phones, phones, phones. Truly, any child over 13 seems to feel utterly lost without one, and who can blame them? All of their peers have one and that is where they are chatting, texting, watching videos and (shocking though it seems) even learning.

Totally 2014

Each year there are a few gifts that will only make sense for the year in which they are given. They represent the trendiest of trends and are sure to be stuffed in a closet and forgotten about in years to come. Who can explain the whims and rationale of how these things get popular? Like moonboots and the Koosh ball, these are gifts are already on their way out- they just don’t know it yet. Regardless, they are in the top 10 Christmas gifts of 2014.

VARIOUS - 2006

This one was a surprise, but everyone seems to want a Ouji board this year. Bizarre and retro all at once, this board promises to deliver “strange and mysterious” experiences. Personally, I don’t think this trend will even make it until 2015, but it’s an inexpensive and fun gift to give.


If you didn’t already order a pair of LL Bean’s duck boots for someone you may just be out of luck. Inexplicably, these have become one of the hottest fashion moments for this winter and are now sold out. It’s completely baffling and funny at the same time, but will also give LL Bean an opportunity to suddenly become hip again.


Yoga pants are almost out, leggings are still acceptable, but what everyone really wants this year is the sweat pant.  Now that exercise clothing is officially in style and worn virtually everywhere, sweat pants have become the newest version to wear. Whether any actual sports are performed while wearing these is irrelevant; these are worn because absolutely nothing will ever be as comfortable as sweat pants. And, just in case you think they are all too sloppy and casual for you, here’s a fascinating look at the “dressy” sweat pant.

That’s my round-up of the Top 10 Christmas gifts for 2014. What do you think? Any surprises or have you already purchase most of these too? If not, there’s still time! Most of these are available through Amazon or at big retailers like Walmart and Target. Just be sure you use your coupons to keep costs down!