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Our love of saving money is well documented (here, here, and here are just a few examples). However, what if we told you there was another really great reason to use coupons and it has absolutely nothing to do with saving money?

Try Something New

Okay, so maybe it has a little to do with saving money. The fact is we often use coupons as a way to try something new. From a first time experience to a new restaurant or even a new retailer we’ve heard about from friends. As savvy shoppers who hate to waste a dollar, we’ve found coupons are an amazing opportunity to give a new brand a chance. We aren’t the only ones either. According to a recent study, 62% of people surveyed said that a coupon had influenced them to try a new brand.

New Coupons For New Experiences

Ready to shed some of the heaviness from 2020 and try some new experiences in the year ahead? We’ve got a lot of great coupons and coupon codes to help you with that. Here are some of our favorites right now:


It is finally time to start thinking about vacations again. Perhaps you want to keep it drivable and just need some hotel options to accommodate that. Maybe you are ready for a trip somewhere new. Consider the Azores; it’s been on our list for awhile and with deals as low as $499 this “Hawaii of Europe” island trip is very affordable.

Not sure what you want to do but know it’s time for a break? Then scroll through these 250+ vacation coupon codes and pick something brand new!


While the idea of getting away is appealing, we can’t always vacation like we want. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy being home with some new experiences. For example, why not get a great deal on a cool rental car for a weekend? Or be a tourist in your own city. Look for interesting or unique experiences offered at discount by City Pass or Groupon.

Retailers, Restaurants, and Products

We also use coupons and coupon codes to try out new restaurants, retailers, and products. When we are on the fence about something we’ve found a good coupon can really push us to go for it. From free shipping, to 50% off deals, sometimes that’s all we need to influence our purchasing choices. That’s a huge reason we love coupons!

Well, that and saving money. We are always going to like saving money.

What new experiences have you tried thanks to coupons or coupon codes?