Black Friday text

With all the talk about election day and COVID-19, you might not have heard but Black Friday looks a little different this year.

What Will Be Different About Black Friday Shopping

Let’s go ahead and address the most obvious factor impacting pretty much everything this year: COVID-19. With the pandemic, there just is not a normal for this year.

Online Will Be Everything

While online shopping for Black Friday has increased over the past few years, you can expect it to explode this year. That means more retailers than ever will have deep discounts that you can take advantage of without ever leaving the house.

Safety First If Shopping In Stores

For those who want to venture out, you can expect a lot of safety measures related to social distancing, mask requirements, limited capacity in stores, etc.

Sales Will Start Earlier

Just like Singles Day sales, retailers have already started leaking sales and discounts weeks in advance. This helps companies not only recover from the weak sales last spring, but gives them a chance to spread out shipping orders.

Get Organized: The Secret To Getting It Right

Just like a budget, the best plan for Black Friday is to make a plan! Stores will be bombarding you with tempting deals and sales. Before you dive in and start adding to the cart, make your list of everything you want to purchase. Then you can compare prices across multiple retailers to find the best deal. Watch out for inventory notices and shipping times as this could impact when things arrive and may even mean some gifts are delayed.

Also – don’t wait! Right now you can already scoop up some items early. Will they be the lowers price of the season? Hard to tell, but if it’s a must-have Christmas item you may not want to risk the chance of missing it altogether.

For example, right now at Yves Rocher the coupons and coupon codes are pouring in. You can get 40% off any order $100+ already or save up to 70% on their special offers! We can’t say whether prices could get any better than that, so we suggest knocking a few things off the list today!

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