Chihuahuas often get a bad rap. They’ve been called land sharks, tiny devils, ornery overgrown rats, and bug-eyed rodents. We’re clearing up the misbegotten myth, and sharing why Chihuahuas are the greatest. Every parent thinks their children are the best (which they are), much as every pet lover thinks their furry baby is number one. From a completely, totally, irrevocably non-biased point-of-view, here’s why Chihuahuas are the coolest dogs strutting down the street.

Let’s start by dispelling a couple of those pesky, common misconceptions.

Napoleon Syndrome

Napoleon Bonaparte once said, “Courage isn’t having the strength to go on – it is going on when you don’t have strength.” We prefer to strike the little man syndrome from our vocabulary and call it what it is. These little guys and gals are unafraid and tenacious. Courageous too! Weighing in at a whopping 5-6lbs, if you threaten their pack, they’ll come at your ankle like it’s a 10lb cut of prime rib. That’s what we call fearless.


Possessive is such an unfriendly word, and many Chihuahuas are labeled incorrectly. It only takes a few bad seeds for the bandwagon to be labeled a bushel of bad apples. Chihuahuas are loyal through and through, and that’s an admirable trait! When arriving home weary after a long day, your furry pal will always be waiting, tail wagging like windshield wipers on full speed as soulful eyes fill with love. Repay that love with a special gift from PetSmart: coupon

Yip Yapping

Yapping is like thumb sucking – it starts as a reflex and becomes a learned and allowed behavior more than anything.  Dog whisperer Cesar Milan offers some tips for curbing barking in your house:

Perks of Being A Chihuahua Owner


Low Cost

Think of all the money you save on dog food buying for a furry family member who can fit in a teacup! A bag of food to last a month ranges from $7-$10. And these guys are low maintenance, especially the shorthaired variety. You can learn most grooming techniques without much fuss and only go to the vet’s office for regular visits and more serious problems. For daily needs, get a daily deal from coupons

Traveling Pals

So small that they can sometimes fit in a purse, these dogs are also easy travelers. And like all dogs, they love to feel a good breeze through an open car window! Find a pet friendly hotel and save a wad of cash too with a coupon code: coupon

You’ve Got a Friend

Not just a great, loyal friend in a fight or when you first get home, these little guys are natural born snugglers. Whether sharing some room on the couch while watching TV or burrowing under the covers for sleep, wherever you go, they’re probably not far behind.

When measuring the joy owning a Chihuahua brings – it’s too grand to put into metrics. We’ve covered a brief overview of some of the highlights, but you don’t have to take our word for it! We’d also love to hear about your favorite pet, so feel free to comment below or find us at to tell us all about it.

Final Thought

No matter your pet of choice, you may find not only companionship, but a healthier life too! Just look at the benefits you can get from being a pet owner:

Pet Infographic