**Updated 11/17

Every year many of us participate in a few Secret Santa swaps: those with family, friends, and maybe a work-related or neighborhood swap. Have you ever spent too much looking for a perfect gift for one of these?  These swaps  have an  underlying pressure since we all secretly want our anonymous gift to be the most coveted. Everyone feels that little pang of pride when the gift you’ve brought is “stolen” the most, right?   So, we’re going to let you in on our secret weapon for Christmas gifts this year….

We absolutely love Gourmet Gift Baskets! AND you will love them too because they are giving away $100 gift certificate with our Facebook contest!! So, how awesome would it be to knock out some of your biggest gifts without spending a dime?!

I know, I know, gift baskets from the past seem cheesy and pretty unremarkable.  But times have changed and so have gift baskets.  The secret lies is in what kind of gift basket you bring. No one wants cheap, unappealing foods or oddly flavored beverages. No thanks. However, almost everyone LOVES artisan foods, fine wine, tasty beer brews or orchard-fresh fruits. With the right goodies,  gourmet gift baskets feel like a little dose of decadence. Isn’t that what most of us really desire?  Plus, many of the gift baskets are large enough to share, making them perfect opportunities for creating social get togethers.  Gourmet Gift Baskets are a hit with nearly everyone. They only use the highest quality ingredients, combined with trusted and well-loved brands, making each basket pure perfection.

The Gourmet Gift Basket company started because the founders understood that gift baskets were a way to provide exceptional, unique gifts for all life’s special occasions. Two family members launched the company by working out of a basement. Their one goal: to seek the highest quality goods that would please customers.  Today – fifteen years later, Gourmet Gift Baskets is a thriving national business. However, they still hold family values and customer satisfaction as the company’s top priority.

Here are three of the ones we like this year:

For the health buffs

Nut basket

Lots of people we know are trying to eat clean or clean up their eating this year. Holidays definitely put healthy eating habits to the test. So, we plan on bringing the sleeper hit of the party. The Almond Strawberry Delight box is one of the newest additions for Gourmet Gift Baskets. It’s also one of their highest rated. It’s a perfect mix of sweet and salty and completely ideal for those watching glucose and gluten. And the best part is no one has to feel guilty about indulging in this one!

For the champagne lover

Wine gift basket

Give someone the gift of celebration for any occasion. This Classic Champagne Gift Basket is another top-rated option this year. It includes a crisp and clean La Marca bubbly paired with unbelievable gourmet snacks. The entire basket impresses with both the gifts and presentation. Any one who winds up with this will feel totally decadent as they tear into this basket with friends or family.

For the grill master

Burger gift basket

Our other favorite pick this year is the Barbecue Enthusiast Basket. This basket is loaded with spice blends, sauces and gourmet snacks that guarantee optimal grilling experiences. This is very appealing to those who like to show off their grilling skills and share the results with others.

These are a small sample of the special gifts available at Gourmet Gift Baskets. We highly recommend you spend time reading about the company and seeing what all they have to offer this year. Plus, with these coupons, you can go ahead and knock out some of those hard-to-shop-for people on your Christmas list. Not to mention you might want to grab a basket or two for those Christmas gift swap parties. After all, no one has to know if you steal the gift your brought!