There are many ways to find a bargain online if you know where to look and you have the tools to do it right. Teresa McUsic outlines a variety ways to save money, from cheap gas to cheap groceries, in “Ways to squeeze for your savings.” Her article appeared a couple weeks ago at Some of the points she outlines may seem obvious, but there are some money-saving tips you probably didn’t know about. Did you know you can take a quick, online defensive driving course and get up to 10% off your auto-insurance?

McUsic outlines 8 ways to get discounts and coupons, including tools to help maximize your coupons at the grocery store, “cyber-coupons,” and ways to shop for credit cards. Probably her best tips are for saving on auto-insurance, checking for the cheapest gas in your area, using online coupons, and shopping for the best credit card. It may also be worthwhile to turn your loose change into a gift card instead of having to pay a fee. Anyway, have a look and see if you learn something, it’ll probably save you time and money.