Overstock.com is a fairly well-known online store, yet they are too often overlooked when it comes to finding bargains. If you are not familiar with Overstock.com, they are a mass merchandiser carrying hundreds of thousands, if not millions of products in pretty much any category you can think of. What makes Overstock stand out are what products they are able to offer and how they are able to get a hold of them…did I mention the Overstock coupons and prices too? Overstock carries brand-name products that they are able to purchase significantly cheaper through its unique purchasing strategy.

One way Overstock captures its products is from manufacturers who make too many of an item and then they are purchased at a liquidation price, which is even below how much they cost wholesale. Overstock also focuses on products that were ordered by other stores, but then for one reason or another that store cancelled its order with the manufacturer. As well, Overstock focuses on capturing products from stores that go out of business or downsize and then must sell their inventory. All of this means one thing – that Overstock is able to offer significantly cheaper prices than you’ll find in other stores. And, their prices become even cheaper when you factor in an easy-to-find Overstock coupon.

While you will find very significant savings, you may not find as many discounts for newer products. Since Overstock waits to purchase these items at a discount, it may take time. As well, you will not find as broad of a selection as you might find at other stores. But even if you are not able to find the model you are looking for, Overstock does carry many alternatives from all the top, high-quality brands. You may also be interested in Overstock’s Deal of the Day, and their Auctions. Don’t forget, before you press that buy button, make sure to look at our Overstock coupons page and use one of their highly valuable coupons to take even more off your order instantly.