Scary halloween pumpkinDecorating for the Holidays often seems like a daunting task, even a chore, though it certainly doesn’t need to be. Make it easy and enjoyable this year with these simple Halloween decor tips. You can start by looking around your space to single out those few areas most likely to garner attention. Keep these areas in mind as you choose your favorite seasonal accents to ensure their compatibility with one another. Have fun with it and you can surprise yourself with a smile as you admire your spooky handiwork.
Turning your happy home into a sinister lair calls for a creative mix of creepy supplies. Rummage through your storage closet before you begin shopping to find grisly items ready to haunt any location. Here are some ideas to get you started –

A Wreath imbued with the warm and neutral tones of the harvest season is inviting and will last through Thanksgiving. Consider checking out Kirklands’ deals and coupons, where you can find distinctive home decor, including seasonal wreaths and other accessories sure to increase the spook factor of your home.

Recycle old clothes to make your own Scarecrow. This shouldn’t require much more than some straw, twine, and a couple of wooden stakes if you want him upright. Tie a hat to a stuffed pillowcase or pumpkin as the head. Up the creepy factor a bit more by taking the time to disguise it as a child ready to go trick-or-treating.

Tape Spooky Cutouts to your windows to create a menacing silhouette using nothing more than a few sheets of black paper.

Grab some synthetic Spiderwebs to drape over shrubs and sprinkle in some fake spiders to give your home a desolate atmosphere.

Dig your own Grave by planting a gravestone and leaving an old pair of shoes to poke out of the ground. Earn extra points by turning this into a zombie grave by strategically burying a fake arm.

Hang tattered Cheesecloth from ceilings or drape over tables for a ghoulish touch.

Pumpkins are an iconic part of autumn. The traditional jack o’lantern is something that we have all seen and displayed ourselves, indoors and out. The most common way to go about carving a pumpkin is to cut out the top to empty its gooey innards, though removing the interior through the bottom is easier and makes for a cleaner finish. Choose the best of the bunch and try a new technique.

Print out Templates to trace by poking holes through the paper and onto your pumpkin before carving with an inexpensive kit found at your local grocery store.

Paint your pumpkin solid colors and group them with plain gourds for a little variety. Change it up by adding striped patterns, words, or a pair of googly eyes.

Decoupage your gourd – don’t worry, that’s just a fancy way of saying paper glued to an artificial pumpkin. A faux pumpkin will last much longer so you can reuse it again next year. By tracing the shape of a leaf onto colored tissue paper you can create a piece of art. Use a brush to apply a small amount of glue to the paper. Add another coat to smooth any bumps and let dry.

Being surrounded by reminders of the fall season will put anyone in a festive mood. Once your house is ready to spook those wandering trick-or-treaters, just sit back and relax with a big bowl of candy.