Spook-tacular Halloween DIY

Here comes Halloween, here comes Halloween – Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!

In last week’s post, I mentioned Halloween is a much anticipated event in our household. For our family, the sheer lightheartedness of it makes it easy to get into the spirit of spooking. In the past, I have resisted seasonal decorating for two reasons: the cost and because I’m just not that person. Flash forward two kids later and suddenly I am unable to resist the pure joy that my children get from holiday decor. Plus, I love a good DIY.

This year the challenge was to see how much we could do with a $10 budget. Yep, a whopping $10. Turns out, we could do quite a bit. Here is our spook-tacular Halloween DIY (for under $10).

Scary Jars

Our first stop was to our local dollar-type store. They are the  jackpot for frugal finds, especially seasonal items. I had to remind myself to focus as it was easy to get distracted in there. I knew I wanted to make my own version of a Halloween cloche jar, complete with body parts or creepy things on display. Luckily, I found a bag of eyeballs for $1, a bag of random creepy-crawly items for $1 and a rather cute skeleton garland for $1.

When I got home, I looked for various empty jars that I could flip over to “contain” my delightfully creepy finds. I was able to simply place the spider in a more slender jar so it remained suspended mid-air. The eyeballs I taped together and attached with another piece of tape to the top (though really bottom since it was upside down) of the jar so they would hang. And I stole a skeleton from the garland and taped his head to the jar so he would dangle as well.

$4 Halloween Wreath

 Though my original inspiration was this unique wreath (also $4 by the way), all the necessary supplies were out of stock. After a quick moment to think about this, I remembered another wreath I had seen that used a foam pool noodle as it’s center. Bingo- pool noodles were discounted 70% at the store, which means I picked up my mini one for a mere  $0.11. I picked up both black and white spools of ribbon for $1 each and a cute decorative burlap bow for $1.50.

I used duct tape to secure the ends of my pool noodle together and form a lovely circle. Then I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, using tape to start and finish the ends. The burlap bow was secured with my trusty hot-glue gun and my wreath was complete. It took all of 10 minutes and was just under $4 and I am quite pleased with it.

Bats & Ghosts DIY

My other big project was my chandelier. It’s already black, which came in handy for this holiday, but I had stumbled on a few examples of bats and ghosts hanging from chandeliers and I wanted to give it a try. The dollar store also had packs of decorative leaves for $1 that I thought would work for this, and I grabbed a ball of twine for $1 because twine can be incorporated into any project at my house.

I took an egg carton and cut out rows of 3, trimming the sides to look like bat wings. Then I painted the egg cartons black and while they were drying I painted the leaves white. When everything was dry, I added eyes and ribbon or twine and attached them to my chandelier. It was cute, but I wanted to add a bit more. So, I took the remainder of the skeleton garland and glued leftovers from the creepy crawly bag to it, and threw it on the chandelier too. Now we were getting somewhere! This is how it turned out:


Since I had a few more spider webs from my creepy-crawly package, I placed them on white jars/vases, set them together with my $3 scary jars, and added a few leftover items from last year — the result was a little hocus-pocus.


When my kids came home, they officially declared me the Queen of Halloween and oohed and ahhed as if I were the real Martha Stewart. It was fantastic and since I came in right at $10, I officially declared it a spook-tacular Halloween DIY!

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