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We already celebrated mom and discussed that ultimately all she really wants is quality time with her kids.  So, what about dad? Does the same gift giving apply to him? Um, no. What dad really wants for Father’s Day this year is time TO HIMSELF. That’s right, the single, best Father’s Day gift is truly down time.

Oh, he loves his kids and his family, no question. He does cherish the opportunity to coach team sports, show off some math skills during homework, and having little hands help with yard work. However, what dad secretly wishes for is an hour or two that he can sneak off guilt-free to swing a golf club, tennis racket, or fishing rod on his own.

So, here are three ways to give dad what he really wants for Father’s Day.

Give the gift of service


If dad is usually in charge of yard work, offer to do it for him. Better yet, hire someone else to take it off his hands for the month and tell him to spend that time napping or jogging or in any manner that he desires. By taking the job off his hands though, you are giving him permission to do something else while assuring him the job will still get done. This applies for any of the usual chores dad is in charge of around the house.

Set up an incredible adventure


If you have a large budget, you can seek out bigger adventures like sky-diving or zip-line tours. Think about any of his “bucket list” wishes and see if you can make one happen. For a smaller scale with the same idea, research new fishing routes to suggest or a nearby microbrewery that gives tours. Adventure is a pretty loose term here as the key is just to offer him a unique experience. Perhaps that means hearing a new band for the first time or giving him a gift certificate and a couple of free hours at a local bookstore.  If you have an active dad, look for interesting sporting events like Mud Runs or obstacle course races.

The key is to carve out the time for him so he doesn’t have to make arrangements for it himself. Show him that for this Father’s Day, he can just enjoy some time to himself doing something he loves and that you’ve already handled the details.

Give him a new toy

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Wrap up a new golf club or basketball and enclose a little note that let him know the toy is only the first part of the gift; the second part is the free time he gets to enjoy it.

And here are some coupons to help you buy that present without breaking the bank:

Dads and moms these days have a lot of pressure. Let dad know how much you appreciate him this year with a little outing on his own. I promise, when he comes back renewed the whole family benefits as well!