Every element in your poster says a lot about your business.

Putting up a design concept especially for businesses requires a huge amount of research, planning, and experimenting. But above all, it requires someone who’s keen to nitpicking even the smallest details.

But do you know that typography and fonts can make a huge impact on your branding? Sadly, this is something that business owners and entrepreneurs often overlook.

Finding the right balance between readability and character is the trick to having a strong, attractive, and effective website design. Choosing the best fonts available doesn’t mean that you can limit yourself in using the simplest or most professional-looking ones. Instead, you need to learn the art of mixing and matching fonts, both fun and formal, to create enticing communication materials.

Just how much content is important, building an identity to your brand is as crucial.

When it comes to logos, the font you choose doesn’t have to be the same as those you have selected for your brand communication. It is fine if it stands alone. However, Serif and Sans-serif fonts are great choices for logos too.


Just like in any creatives, every person in Marketing would agree that style and branding are equally important in building one’s identity.

However, these aren’t the only elements that one should consider when conceptualizing for a business plan. Would you believe that each and every typeface has its own persona that can widely contribute to the message you want to communicate with your target audience? These typefaces, like any image, has the ability to affect the way your readers, which are your potential clients, think.

Matching the right font to your target medium also has its fair shares of considerations. Some newbie designers often make mistakes of assuming that using the same fonts for print and web will be equally effective. When designing your business website, it is important to note that your primary goal for choosing your fonts should always be readability. Thus, sans serif fonts are the go-to fonts for web copy.

Meanwhile, serif fonts, like the classic Times New Roman, is the standard for hard copies. Why so? A serif has this little flourish at the end of each stroke on every letter making them more distinct and easier to read on paper.


Many different fonts, when used together, can certainly work to create an attractive page. But it is important to keep in mind the “less is more” concept to avoid having a cluttered and overwhelming page.

Like what we always say, each font has its own persona. So you have to check whether the font matches the mood and aesthetics you want to build for your business.

For everyone’s reference, we’ve compiled the best and most professional-looking typefaces and free fonts that can definitely add some character and spark to your business’ visual identity.


A revival typeface from the Caslon group of serifs, this font is a great choice for those who want a more classic style that’s adapted to occupying digital spaces.


Returning to the more classic, understated roots of most manufacturing logos, Neo Sans leans into the sans serif aesthetic with curved corners and friendly energy.


A more modern take on handwritten fonts, Boomerang Script is a fun font option for alcohol or café logos. It’s definitely not an option for a high-end restaurant, but if you own a great hangout spot, this font will definitely make customers feel welcome.


Businesses in any industry should want to be perceived as credible, respectable and so much more. Baltica is a top option as it accomplishes that goal with lean lines and a slab serif base.


An incredibly popular font choice, Futura has been used by the likes of FedEx, Swissair, and other large companies. The font brings a geometric, modern finish to any logo.


Its sturdy, geometric, highly legible sans-serif typeface is very much suited for both display and text use. It is oozing with a personality that any brand would want to apply in any type of business.


Any brand would still go for a minimalist font such as this. It is a simple and clear, slightly condensed sans-serif typeface with a thin, uniform line width and details that enhances legibility.


Its modern style can easily be read from afar. Gidole, a geometric typeface released in 2015, is a sure hit to any entrepreneur who’s putting readability on the top list.


An elegant, minimalist design, Coves’ simple curves invoke a sense of peacefulness and tranquility, which is exactly what customers are looking for when reading text-heavy posters.


Helvetica Now’s sleek lines and modern sensibilities were just what companies were looking for to build a reliable feel for its potential clients.

It’s designed to be more legible in miniature, like on the tiny screen of an Apple Watch, and hold its own in large-scale applications like gigantic billboards.


Handwritten or cursive fonts are pretty popular among food brands, and Steak is no exception. For some bold, quirky action, pick this option for a more handmade feel.


Making it a trending font that resembles a hand demo alphabets is linear, single-weight design with a casual, slightly imperfect look.


Rockwell is a robust font that comes in several different weight styles. Perfect for any business, Rockwell’s regular shapes make it easy to read and ideal for any design that wants to easily capture anyone’s attention.

Building and curating your brand identity can really be overwhelming. Each element, from color palettes to fonts, has to compliment the brand messaging you want to convey to your potential clients.

Thankfully, there are tons of options out there that you can pull inspiration from, just a simple google search will give you tons of mood boards and pegs.

Always remember that you have to stick to your core and be creative, have fun, and enjoy the process as you build your business. After all, it is really the process that matters in order for you to find your style and make it more personal and unique to your brand.

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