Some of you may have noticed by now that the blog has officially been redesigned to be more consistent with the rest of This will make it easier for our readers to find content on other portions of our site, such as browsing by store coupons, finding free shipping coupons, sales, clearance centers, free item coupons, dollars or percent of coupons, browsing by category coupons and more. The new design also is connected to our powerful site search so that instead of just searching articles, you will also be able to search hundreds of online stores, thousands of coupons and product deals.

You will still find all of the same links from the previous design, such as archives, categories, and rss feeds. We hope that this will provide a better experience for our blog readers who would like to get into the deeper pages of our site more easily. This will also allow those just browsing coupons to more quickly stumble across this blog and find valuable information in our online blog articles. Be sure to look out for more site design changes to make the best deals easier to find! As always, please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see.