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See the smiling woman in the center of that photo above? That’s Tanya Becker, co-founder of my new all-time favorite workout.  She’s smiling because she knows that what she’s helped create produces major results for minimum dollars, which is making her a bazillionaire even as I type this. She is the co-creator of Physique 57,or as I refer to it, the most amazing and affordable workout ever.

As an avid fitness junkie, I blame my parents for my constant search for a great workout. I was forced to sit on the sides of racquetball courts, tennis courts, or just my own living room while my mom danced around to the Pointer Sisters while waving her arms and legs to her own 80’s-inspired workout. Though I was never an athlete, all those years of watching my parents be active led me to believe that working out was fun.

Look how much fun!

Look how much fun!

So, I tried it – all of it. The mini-trampoline, running, weightlifting, yoga, bootcamps, TaeBo, Tracy Anderson, and everything in between have found their way to me. I’ve liked some, hated others, and cried a handful of times during a couple. Inevitably, I have grown bored or tired of them too or just unhappy with the results. For years, I felt that only really intense workouts produces the best results. My definition of intense meant I had to be pouring sweat by the end.

And then there was Physique 57 and my life has changed. Truly, I am not being dramatic and here is why:

The Equipment


This picture is my workout studio. See how tiny it is – no machines anywhere in sight and no mirrors! Here is all I use:

  • Set of  light weights (sometimes 5 lbs, sometimes only 3lbs)
  • Yoga mat
  • Child’s playground ball
  • The Physique 57 Dvd
  • Back of a chair

And that’s all there is to it. I keep my “equipment” in the hall closet and use my computer to play the DVD. You don’t even need shoes and if you wanted to, you could do the whole thing in pjs!

The Workout

Physique 57 Classic Full Body Workout DVD

I have 3 DVDs and I enjoy them all, but I am going to talk specifically about the Classic 57 Minute Workout because it is the best.

The routine is broken down into interval training by body part. It starts with arms, then thighs, then booty, then stomach and then a stretching sequence. Basically, each segment is long enough to exhaust your muscles in that group and then you move on to the next one.

Why does this work for me? Well, I have a short attention span for DVD workouts, but the pace on this one is incredible. You move through each section quickly and by the time I get “over it” we get to move on. That holds my attention, plus I never feel like there are too many reps (anyone else hate push-ups after P90x?) or that it is too complicated (sorry, Tracy). The moves are barre based – so all about tiny little muscle engagement.

The workout is 57 minutes, hence the clever name. However, I am going to let you in on a secret – I have never completed the full workout. Don’t tell Tonya, but I really do have a short attention span and after about 45 minutes I am wiped out (in a good way) and okay to pass on the stretching.

The Results

Physique 57 workout

I am sweating by the end, but not like I used to with other workouts. Yet, I can actually see the difference in my body – in places that refused to tone with other exercise routines. And even more importantly, I feel longer, leaner and better than I have with any other program. I look forward to doing the DVD each week (only 3 times for me) and I mix in some cardio just for fun.

Oh, and did I mention that you can pick up the 3 pack DVD set from Amazon for under $60? Don’t wait – get one for you and one for you best friend today!

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