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10 Coupons You Need During COVID 19

If you are anything like us, you are still reeling from the past two weeks. Our house has been a roller coaster of emotions and thoughts since the COVID 19 breakout really started to hit the US. Our family has changed habits, routines, and daily life in a way that we never could have predicted.

While we have always depended upon online shopping in the past, we use it now more than ever as supplies appear to be running out of physical stores. That's why we've rounded up the 10 most important coupons we needed during these unusual times.

  1. 25% off SNAP Disinfectant from We have never spend so much time wiping down doorknobs, counters, and handrails. Thanks to this coupon we've been able to stay loaded up on disinfectant too.
  2. FREE SHIPPING on iRobot. Now that everyone is home all the time, we've also decided it was time to snag an iRobot. It's a lifesaver with the constant flow of dogs and people coming in and out from walks these days.
  3. Free 90-Day Risk-Free Trial from Having a steady supply of fresh, clean water has helped us feel better about staying hydrated.
  4. 30% Off Select Games & Toys from Board games, puzzles, brainteasers and more have been on high rotation around the house. While we don't like the circumstances around why we are playing more, we are enjoying the extra family time.
  5. Utrecht Clearance Center - Up to 75% Off from Utrecht. We've also been doing a lot more art! Thankfully, this coupon has helped us get a lot of supplies for a lot less.
  6. Find Free Activities at Discount School Supply. What could be better than someone else supplying my kids with ideas about what to do right now? From STEM activities to at-home science experiments, Discount School Supplies has been a life saver. AND FREE!
  7. Game Stop Coupons. Having two teenagers in the house, it's all but impossible to eliminate electronics. And honestly, we feel ok about some of the screen time as it lets them connect with other peers right now.
  8. Overstock Bargains - Save up to 67% Instantly from Omaha Steaks. We noticed the meat section getting really thin in the grocery stores last time we went and got worried. Then we remembered we could order from Omaha and have amazing meat delivered straight to our door!
  9. Save Big at the Wine Outlet. A lot of our friends have been hosting wine parties or happy hours on Zoom. These little opportunities to connect have helped us stay upbeat and connected while we aren't getting together in person.
  10. Amazon coupons. Yes, like virtually everyone else in America we are ordering almost everything else we need from Amazon.

Truly, we hope all of our fellow coupon lovers are staying well, washing hands and getting through these times safely together. This too, shall pass.

How Frugal Is Too Frugal?

Happy February, friends! As we pass the mid-point of the month and wind down winter, we are looking forward to sunnier skies, more sunlight and outdoor activities again.

Of course, we also need to tweak the budget again. A new season ahead means we take time to see how we've done so far (so-so if we are being honest) and look ahead for the big transitions and goals. There are a couple of big ones this year too and that always means tightening the budget.

Which brings us to the question, how frugal is too frugal?

Naturally, this question brings wildly different answers for each person and/or family. For example, if your spouse is spender he or she will probably balk at the suggestion of cutting back on any more spending. There are also times when frugal just doesn't work.

As we continue to embrace intentional shopping, sometimes we are forced to acknowledge that there is a limit to frugality. The question recently came up at a dinner party and we found a hilarious story about the limits of penny-pinching from one of our friends.

According to our friend, she comes from a long line of budgeters. Her parents notoriously found ways to save money in untraditional ways and it was part of her upbringing. Though annoying, she never thought to question anything until her house was "rolled." (It may have another name in other parts of the country, but in the South "rolling" is when a group of kids throws rolls out rolls of toilet paper on your trees, shrubs, mailbox and house. It's mostly harmless, fairly easy to clean up and more of a nuisance than anything else).

However, a well-done rolling job involves a lot of toilet paper. That means kids usually buy the cheapest kind possible - the 1-ply, paper thin kind. After all, parents would get more upset if their bulk supply from Costco suddenly turned up missing and down the road a neighbor's house looked like a TP winter wonderland full of fluffy, 4-ply paper.

Anyway, our friend's house was rolled and it was a job well done and it was her job to clean it up. All of this felt fair to our friend and she started bagging the toilet paper up. Except, rather than throw it out, her parents moved the garbage bag full of toilet paper into the bathroom and everyone had to use it until it was gone. Because it was "still good" and saved them from buying more toilet paper.

For us, that is when frugal is too frugal!

We'd much rather fix our budget than go to that extreme. If, like us, you prefer clipping coupons and making monthly tweaks to keep money in the bank, then you use these past articles to help save each month. And then buy the good toilet paper!

Don't forget to check our latest and greatest coupons for February too!

10 Things To Try In 2020

It's a whole new decade so why not expand horizons, broaden your comfort zone and explore a few new ideas in the coming year? Here are 10 things we can't wait to try out in 2020.

#1: Explore New Places

If we asked where you would most like to explore in the new year, what springs to mind? If it's a big trip, like a month long trip to Europe, then maybe you just start planning and saving this year.

However, what we really mean is it's time to get out and explore new places - in our community, our city, our state or even just the states around us. Honestly, there is SO MUCH around when we start looking at every place with fresh eyes. Grab a map and start digging into what's close to you - you may be surprised by what you find!

Flexible enough to take off at the last minute? Keep an eye out for flight deals and let those dictate where you head next.

#2: Try A New Outdoor Adventure

We aren't really cheating, but it's possible we will get #1 and #2 at the same time. Our new plan is to get outdoors as much as possible and spend a little extra time in nature. There are a number of studies and articles based on how beneficial nature is to humans, even changing our brains.

Some of the adventures we are most interested in to date include hiking, biking, trail running, fishing, kite-flying, camping, and creek stomping. Obviously, the possibilities are endless but if you aren't sure where to start, this list is pretty helpful.

#3: Eat New Food

How many times has your family tried to decide where to eat before landing on the exact same place you go to every time? We love Chick-Fil-A every time we eat there, but that doesn't mean we can't expand our palette. Whether it's a new restaurant or a new cuisine, these coupons are sure to kickstart some different choices that will introduce our taste buds to exotic flavors as yet undiscovered.

#4: Take A Break From Technology

We will admit to being addicted to our phones, our Netflix, and certain social media platforms. No one can put their finger on exactly when we crossed over into compulsive behavior around it, but there's no doubt it's taking over our lives slowly. We are taking a cue from this recent Popsugar story and others like it to commit to reducing tech time around the house. Now, can we remember how to entertain ourselves?

#5: Learn About Your Roots

The explosion of testing for genetics and DNA has us really curious about our ancestry. We are still not committed to the DNA test, but we are excited to reach out to family members and learn more about own family histories. Bring on the baby books, rambling aunts and slightly rearranged memories. Even if we don't get answers to all our questions, we are guaranteed to learn more about those closest to us.

#6: Try Being Artistic

We get totally intimidated when it comes to art. Yet, we have lots of wall space that could use some. 2020 is the year we throw on the beret and try a few DIY wall decor ideas. Plus, these Utrecht coupons will help us save on supplies.

#7: Complain Better

Raise your hand if you knew there was a way to complain? If you did, kudos to you because we had no idea! However, this changed our entire perspective on why and how we process our problems. We are now attempting the complaint sandwich. Another tip we heard: for each complaint, find 2 solutions. How empowering!

#8: Read A Great Book

There are so many incredible books out there. Pick ANY of them and read even just one. Better yet, grab a few more people and start a book club.

#9: Write Our Gratitude List

Oprah does it and it's clearly working for her. We now plan to end each day by writing everything we are grateful for in that moment.

#10: Work Towards Debt Free

Thought we forgot about budgets and saving money? Never. In fact, we are trying harder than ever to get debt free fast. Though we may not get there, it feels good to work toward it and we can't wait to see the progress this time next year.

Which of these are you willing to try in 2020? Have your own list? Share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

8 Amazon Gifts Under $20 That Everyone Will Love

Whether it's for a Sneaky Santa, Secret Santa or just a regular gift swap, we've got a roundup of Amazon gifts sure to be a hit this year. The best part? All are under $20 and you have plenty of time for them to arrive!

For The Foodies

Cast-iron skillets are treasured among cooks. Known for their durability and even heat distribution. They are great for frying AND baking and all foodies need at least one in their kitchen.
Price: $14.88

Pretty much everyone we know has an Instant Pot by now, yet many of us are still struggling with how to use it regularly. This cookbook has over 2,000 4-Star ratings and is sure to put an end to that issue.
Price: $13.99

We all know who our chocolate lovers are and while gift baskets are great, why not surprise them with something different this year? This Cadbury chocolate gift pack is a totally different treat that introduces them to the top Cadbury bars of the UK.
Price: $12.49

For the Techies

Now you can bring Alexa to your own Bluetooth speaker thanks to this Echo Input. It connects either via cable or Bluetooth and allows you to start asking Alexa about the weather, music or your to-do list.
Price: $9.99

Ever talk to a friend at work and the sound of typing on the keyboard is deafening? That's because they are talking to you with the phone propped near the keyboard. Put an end to that noise immediately with the Auduro Solid Grip Phone Holder . Bonus- it will also come in handy for kids who enjoy making all those Tic-Toc videos.
Price: $9.99

For Everyone Else

This monogrammed canvas tote is absolutely perfect for teachers, mother in laws, and even your super-organized best friend. It looks fancy, but the price can't be beat. You may even want to order multiples of this one!
Price: $20

Want to take the traditional dad gift and make it better? That'e exactly what these custom sock do - you can add any photo directly to them. Just imagine the smile that will be on dad's face all day long with your face on his feet!
Price: $15.59

We've been to multiple parties with secret or sneaky Santa gift exchanges and guess what the #1 coveted item was at all of them? The insulated wine tumbler! These are great gifts for your siblings, siblings in-law or even the co-worker you love to gossip with at lunch.
Price: $10.99

We love shopping Amazon. The free shipping and never ending supply of endless gift ideas makes it all to easy to keep clicking. However, if you are looking for more gift ideas from different stores, be sure to check out our coupons, deals and discounts for the holidays!

Beat The Holiday Stress: Feel Your Best!

The holiday sprint dragging you down a little? Don't worry - you aren't alone! Holiday stress is real. However, if you want to feel your best we have a few tips for how to not just make through these next few weeks, but to actually thrive.

Take Time for YOU

Between shopping for gifts, social events, and year-end deadlines, most of us are pushed to the max of our limits right now. That's why it's more important than ever to carve out some time for yourself. Take a bath, go out with friends, or try a new yoga class. Don't put yourself last on the priority list or your own fuel tank will be too low to power through these jam -packed days.

Fuel Properly

There are more tempting foods than ever right now and there is no reason not indulge your sweet tooth occasionally. Just stay mindful that you are filling up with enough healthy food too. We notice this time of year many people start to skip the meals and just graze instead, which is not a great plan. Those handfuls of peppermint bark mixed with a few Christmas beverages are loaded with sugar and calories that aren't going to sustain you long-term. Though it may require additional prep, take the time to enjoy a real meal before hitting the holiday drink and dessert bars at parties.

Get Good Rest

Some of us are staying up later than normal helping kids cram for final projects and exams, or sewing costumes for a final performance. So, we understand that sleep gets a little scarce over the next 30 days. Yet, it is more necessary than ever to help tap into our body's natural healing system. On the nights when we can't get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep, we steal a few moments during lunch for a power nap. It's amazing how helpful a refreshed mind is in getting through these long days.

Add Supplements

The truth is even with the right amount of sleep, healthy eating and proper self we still need help optimizing our health this time of year. That's why we are big fans of supplements. Getting the right amount of vitamin and nutritional supplements is a game changer for longevity and wellness.

Now - before you start conjuring up images of pills overflowing from those weekly pill boxes, look into Patch MD for your supplements. They provide patch supplements that are worn directly on the skin for slow release absorption throughout the day. With Patch MD, not only can you skip swallowing horse sized vitamins, you can rest assured that what is put in your body is 100% natural.

Patch MD also offers a solution for almost every holiday stress issue. Can't sleep? Try their Sleep Starter Patch. Not enough energy during the day? Look into their B12 Energy Plus Patch. Want to lose a few pounds before New Year's Eve? You will love Garcinia Patches which help to naturally suppress appetite without any nasty side effects.

Right now you can get select Patch MD patches for only $19.99 or for up to 33% off with these coupons. Why wait to feel your best?

How To Celebrate Singles Day This Year

We know once the Halloween decorations come down, Americans pivot straight into turkey talk and Christmas decorating. If you are a shopper (or even just on a budget) then you are also looking forward to the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday bargains starting to circulate. This weekend is certainly the largest shopping day in America.

However, what if we told you there was an even bigger shopping day for the world-- AND it's a day all about honoring being single!

What Is Singles Day?

Singles Day began back in 1993 at Nanjing University in China, where some bachelors decided to flip the script on being single. They picked November 11th as the day with the idea that rather than feeling down or bored with being single, it should be a time to celebrate. Even more importantly, it should be a time to treat yo'self! Apparently, this sentiment resonates with many across the world as there are now Singles Day events and deals. Believe it or not, retail sales are higher during this time than Black Friday & Cyber Monday combined.

Celebrate With Luxury

If you are single right now, don't dread the impending holiday season. Get into the spirit of Singles Day instead by buying yourself something luxurious.

Why not? After all, during holidays like Christmas and Valentine's couples are busy lavishing gifts on each other. Why should singles miss out on that kind of fun? Isn't gift giving one of the 5 major Love Languages anyway?

So, go ahead and buy yourself that one amazing item that you've been waiting on purchasing. Think about what amount you might spend on a gift for someone else and then buy yourself that special something instead. We generally don't endorse overtly selfish behaviors; however, there is something incredibly powerful about giving yourself permission to not only enjoy but provide your own bit of luxury.

Treat Yourself with d'aniello

Our favorite store that offers luxury items for men and women is d'aniello Boutique. They have an unbelievable selection of designers like OffWhite and multitude of items from which to shop. From high- end trainers to once-in-a-lifetime bags, d'aniello offers historical brands and new talents with special attention paid to current trends. This Italian-based company brings the refined taste and tailoring that exemplifies European style and makes it available worldwide, including US shoppers.

If you are single currently, maybe one reason is because of your own preference for a higher standard and refusal to accept the mundane. Don't lament that - celebrate it! Buy that name-brand belt or designer pair of shoes and relish the fact that unlike many relationships, they are built to last a lifetime!

Right now d'aniello is offering these amazing coupons to help you save on that Singles Day gift!

5 Best Halloween Costumes (Inspired By Movies & TV of 2019)

Are you anxiously awaiting October 31st or does the mere thought of trying to get the perfect costume fill you with horror? Either way, we've got you covered!

Here are our top 5 picks for Halloween costumes this year, inspired by the great TV and movies we've seen so far in 2019:

1. Stranger Things

We loved the idea of Six as a costume last year, but after Season 3 we've found all kinds of character inspiration. Dustin, Steve, and Jim all have easily identifiable costumes from the most recent season, which you can get at Spirit Halloween right now. Our favorite part? All of these costumes are crazy comfortable and require no face painting. Use these coupons through the end of September and get 20% off 1 item.

Need a budget version? Channel Billy Hargrove with a pair of red lifeguard trunks, swim whistle and bad wig - and you're all set!

2. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel will be huge this year, thanks to this new dynamic female superhero. This full-length costume is sure to empower any kids looking to fit into the the Marvel Universe this Halloween. It's also an absolute steal at Wholesale Halloween Costumes right now, so don't wait to order yours today!

3. Aladdin

The big blue genie is back! That means kids and adults alike will be rocking some pretty great versions of Jasmine and Aladdin. For those willing to paint themselves in blue, the Genie makes a super fun costume as well. Halloween Express has options for the whole family and right now you can get up to 30% off your purchase with this coupon.

4.Toy Story


Another family favorite, Toy Story, also had a new movie that came out this year. It's also another opportunity to dress fairly comfortably for the night, which is why we love these costumes. For those who love crafting and creating their costume, watch the video above for a tutorial on getting a No Sew Jessie costume in time for the big night.

5. Pokemon

Finally, we predict Pokemon will be HUGE again this year for Halloween costumes, thanks to Ryan Reynold's Detective Pikachu movie earlier this year. Get what you need from Amazon, and don't forget your coupon codes!

Don’t Miss Last of Summer Sales

Anyone else struggling through the end of summer? Maybe it's from the recent heat waves rippling throughout the country, but our brains are a little frazzled these days. Summer is practically over and back to school is already here and we are just starting to to get organized again.

As every frugal shopper knows, retail is all about mark-up. That means when you shop for summer items at the end of season you get deep discounts. That winds up saving you money in the long run because you aren't paying full price on items you need. Or want - because let's be honest sometimes a sale is the only time you'll buy that big-ticket item you've had your eye on all season.

Here are some of the best end of season sales to hit right now that can actually help you jump start your fall season. Sure, Labor Day is around the corner, but if you wait too long you'll find inventory low and picked-over.

Here's What To Buy

As always, approaching shopping with a plan will save you the most money. Start by knowing WHAT to buy during an end of summer sale. For August the best deals are on the following:

  • Back to school supplies - Sales are everywhere for back to school supplies. Load up, stock up and save money because rarely will you find better deals
  • Outdoor everything - From patio furniture to garden supplies, anything and everything outdoor related will be at it's lowest price over the next couple of weeks. These coupons will also help.
    Bonus - If you are organized enough to plan your Fall Break adventure, you may be able to scoop up amazing deals on hiking, camping, or outdoor gear too! Not only will you save on a trip, but you will have this stuff to look forward to next spring again too.
  • Wine - September is traditionally when vineyards harvest grapes, which makes wine cheaper in August to clear out inventory. Great news for mom and dad as back to school stress may just mean make that glass of wine even more enjoyable this time of year.
  • Summer clothes - Sure, you may be fantasizing about tweed and wool, but chances are good the weather isn't there yet. Take advantage of summer clearance sales on clothes and fill your cart with t-shirts, jeans, and other staples that are all-season.

Here's What To Skip

Just because things stores are clearing out inventory, doesn't mean everything is a good deal right now. Remember that Labor Day sales are around the corner and will present better opportunities on some items. We don't recommend buying:

  • Electronics: In general, you will almost always be better off catching a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal on laptops, phones, televisions and other electronics.
  • Appliances - Okay, really we just mean hold off until Labor Day, when appliances are found at DEEP discounts.
  • Fall/Winter Clothing - It's hard not to snap up a cute coat or new pair of boots, but truly you will get so much more for your money if you can shop your closet now and wait until next month.

Now that August is nearly behind us, be sure you take advantage of the lowest prices of the year for certain items. And of coarse, get ready for Labor Day when you can find even more sales for fall items.

Why Everyone Loves Nest Bedding

Have you been paying attention to the mattress industry lately? Just kidding - most of us aren't noticing that sort of thing until we need it. That's part of the reason we became so intrigued by Nest Bedding. Over the past few months, they seemed to suddenly show up everywhere we looked: blogs, reviews, friends and family conversations. We decided to investigate a bit more and learned a lot about this company, their products and why it seems like just about everyone loves nest bedding.

The Company

There are a number of reasons to like this company. Let's start with the fact they are family owned. As people who love to support small businesses, we adore that they opened in 2011 with the mission to offer organic sheets, natural and certified mattresses and bedding without pushy sales. As the company says, these products are offered by "just darn nice, well-trained humans."

Also, Nest Bedding sells American made products - at great prices. They make it easy to support even more small business owners with this model. This doesn't mean sacrificing quality in any way either. Their products are unique and high-quality, just more affordable than so many of their competitors. They are a wonderful example of going green and staying within a reasonable budget.

Finally, and this one is big for us: Nest Bedding has excellent customer service. They have thousands of verified reviews from users who give praise to their experiences with the company. They also have some stores in the US, which means clients can come try out a mattress in person or deal directly with live person if they so desire.

The Products

As stated above, Nest Bedding strives to bring eco-friendly, USA made products to customers at price points lower than most online retailers. These are the 3 main products that people can't get enough of:

  • Mattresses: Nest offers mattresses in 3 different material types which are coil spring, memory foam and latex. This is what allows greater price point range for the mattresses, with their top-selling Love & Sleep Mattress starting at just $499
  • Bedding - Made from earth-friendly fabrics like tencel, bamboo, cotton and wool these breathable bedding choices are luxurious and natural without costing ab absolute fortune.
  • Furniture - Nest also sells supportive, strong steel platforms and solid hardwood, sustainable platform beds sized for their mattresses.

Why Customers Love Them

Nest Bedding seems to have really figured out what people want in a retail experience: quality products at reasonable prices combined with choice and a highly enjoyable customer experience. Sounds simple, right? Maybe it is, but since so few companies are doing it, Nest Bedding really stands out from other mattress sellers. Apparently, this winning combo is resonating too as they have almost 90% of their reviews at 5/5 stars.

So, if you aren't sleeping well at night, maybe it's time to check what you are laying on first. Maybe it's time for a new mattress and/or more comfortable bedding. Right now, we have Nest Bedding coupons for up to $300 off and free shipping on select models.

5 Best Mother’s Day Gifts For $20 or Less

When you have a mom who shines you want to let her know just how special she is on Mother's Day. Thankfully, that can be super easy to do even on a budget.

Here's all you need to show your love and make her feel extra special this year...

1. Anything cozy or relaxing

The world is changing and dads are more involved and helpful than ever. Still, moms across the country tackle the majority of household chores, childcare duties and operations within running a home. That's why most moms will always appreciate anything cozy or relaxing. Try any of these and you can't go wrong:

  • Pajamas from Target (like the ones above) are well known and well-loved. Also, they can cost less than $20 on sale.
  • Soft socks or fuzzy slippers also fit the bill
  • Try one of Amazon's amazing shawl wraps - a huge selection of high-rated ones that come in as low as $13.49

2. Anything decadent

Know what moms tend to do most? Put others before themselves. Show mom how good it can feel to indulge in something special instead.

  • Chocolate - gourmet chocolate is a delicious treat that's hard to beat. For under $20 you can grab a single bar or a few truffles and know that you've made the right choice.
  • Coffee - similarly, a great cup of coffee is hard to beat. Why not get a premium bag of coffee she can use all week or use discounts to get her a fancy milk frothing wand or french press?

3. Wine

How about getting mom a bottle of wine she can use to unwind the next time she needs to? At there's a list of over 90 wines that are top rated and under $20. We'd say that's a win-win for everyone.

4. Flowers

Flowers are always right for mom. They are gorgeous, smell wonderful and immediately create a sense of beauty in any room. Bouquets can be expensive, but even a small selection from the local grocery store can look stunning.

If you mother lives farther away and you don't mind going over the $20 limit, these stores can help you send something truly stunning her way.

5. Perfume

There is nothing like the scent that reminds you of your mom. No matter what age or where you are in the world, one whiff of your mother's favorite perfume will immediately send you back to child hood and the safety of her warm embrace. Go ahead and help her restock or find a new way to use it - pocket sized rollers for travel, soap, lotion, etc.

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