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Best shower wall tiles for your home renovation

Choosing bathroom wall tiles for your home renovation is enjoyable but it also can be a little overwhelming especially with the amount of design to choose from. Should you go for something dark or light? Big or small? Shiny or Matte? Solid color or something with pattern? The choices are endless. It can be stressful especially if you are indecisive because you're constantly asking yourself if you're making the right choice. After all, it is something you'll see everyday that's why it is understandable because the wall tile you choose can make or break the design of your bathroom. Shower wall tiles set the tone or vibe for the look you are going for and it is the first thing that is noticeable inside the shower.

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing wall tiles for your home renovation:

Tile Size

Generally, you can base the tile size you're getting with the size of your bathroom so that it compliments the room.

For smaller bathrooms, longer tiles, something like a subway tile, is helpful in making a place look wider than it actually is when placed horizontally. By using the same tile but laying it out vertically, can make a room look taller.

Best shower tiles for smaller bathrooms:

  • Cloe 2.5"x 8" wall tile in white
  • Traditions 4" x 10" wall tile in ice white
  • Makoto 2" x 10" matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Shoji White


Using lighter colors can also make the bathroom bigger. If there is no window, light colored tiles can help it look brighter. Using dark tiles for smaller rooms can make it look and feel tight and suffocating.

But don't avoid dark colors completely. Dark tiles can be used to add a sense of depth to a space.


Patterns can really make a wall more visually appealing. It adds character to the bathroom. Patterned tiles can also be used as an accent when used with plain tiles.

However, using busy patterns all over the bathroom walls should also be avoided if you have a small bathroom. It's okay to use it as a backsplash or on just one side of the walls but keep the rest plain.


The material used also affects the texture of the shower wall which is the tactile quality of the tiles.

The material of the shower wall tile affects how you will clean your shower walls. There are two categories to choose from: natural stone and manmade tiles. Natural stone has great characteristics but it has high care requirements and is also harder to clean because of its natural pits, dips and crevices. You also need to seal it for protection and to maintain its quality. On the other hand, manmade tiles are great for home renovations on a budget and they are also easy to maintain and clean. However, manmade tiles lack the uniqueness natural stone has.

Natural stone shower tiles:

Marble has always been a timeless choice for interior design. It has characteristics that will make a room more luxe and sophisticated. There are also different colors and patterns to choose from.

Best marble shower tiles:

  • White Carrara 12" x 24" floor and wall tile
  • Calacatta 3" x 16" floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 1" x 1" floor and wall mosaic

Limestone is softer than other natural stones so it can be scratched.

Best limestone shower tiles:

  • Jura grey 1"by1" floor and wall mosaic
  • Jura grey 24"x24" floor and wall tile
  • Jura beige 18"18" floor and wall tile

Granite is very dense and robust. It is highly resistant to damages and any signs of wear.

Best granite shower tiles:

  • Absolute black 3" x 12" floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 12" x 24" floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 1" x 1" wall mosaic

Manmade shower tiles:

Ceramic Tiles are affordable and easy to maintain but isn't as durable as porcelain tiles. However, a bathroom isn't a high traffic area making it still a viable choice for a shower tile.

Best ceramic shower tiles:

  • Traditions 3"x6" wall tile in ice white
  • Makato 2"x10" matte ceramic wall tile in kumo grey
  • Grace 4"x12" wall tile in bianco

Porcelain Tiles are denser than ceramic. It extremely durable and easy to clean.

Best porcelain shower tiles:

  • Allora 8.5" x 10" floor and wall tile in solid black
  • Allora 8.5" x 10" decorative tile in telaio
  • Vivace 4" x 4" decorative tile in rice motif
  • Tesoro 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in white

Glass Tiles are versatile, durable, and easy to clean.

Best glass shower tiles:

  • Hamptons 3" x 6" wall tile in white linen
  • Hamptons 4" x 12" wall tile in surf
  • Verve 6" x 20" wall tile in tinsel grey


Finishes affects the visual quality of the tile. There are also two categories for finishes. The first one being stone and the second one being ceramic and porcelain.

Choosing what finish you want to use will depend on what look you are going for. Are you going for a more natural look, contemporary, modern, or rustic?


Polished finish tiles go under a series of polishing wheels with increasing finer pads using water and polishing compound to assist the process. The result makes a smooth and shiny tile that is perfect for design that wants the feeling of luxury and glamour.

Best polished finish tiles:

  • Calcatta 12" x 12 floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 18" x 18" flooar and wall tile
  • Absolute black 3" x 6" wall tile.

Honed finish tiles go through the same process as polished but goes through a fewer number of wheels. The results makes a smooth matte finish. Honed finish is very casual looking and it reflects very little light that which is perfect for those who wants to go fo a contemporary design

Best honed finish tiles:

  • Metro 2.0 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in greensky
  • Urban 2.9 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in raven black
  • Metro 2.0 2" x 2" floor and wall mosaic in acadia

Tumbled finish tiles are made by putting the tiles into a large drum filled with aggregate and then it is shaken. The aggregate wears down the surface of the stone. The result gives it a rough surface and more round edges. Tumbled finish is perfect for a more rustic looking design.

Best tumbled finish tile:

  • Absolute black 4" x 4" floor and wall tile.

Ceramic and porcelain

Matte finish tiles are covered with a non shiny glaze that is applied with an ink jet machine or in a waterfall stream glazing method. The results makes a flat finish that does not reflect light. This is also perfect for a contemporary look.

Best matte finish tiles:

  • Allora 7.5"x 12.75" floor and wall tile in solid black.
  • 360 3/4" x 3/4" floor and wall mosaic in white matte
  • Makoto 10" x 11.5" Hexagon Matte Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile in Kumo Grey

Gloss finish can be mistaken with a polished finish but it is made extremely different. Gloss finish tiles are created with a glossy glaze instead of a polishing wheel process.

Best gloss finish tiles:

  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in bianco
  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in sabia
  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in grigio

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How to clean marble floors for starters

Marble has always been a timeless choice for flooring. There's something about marble floors that makes a house look and feel more beautiful, luxe, elegant, and sophisticated. It elevates and enhances any room and upgrades the look and quality of the space. Marble has a wide variety of colors and it can also differ from the patterns of the veins. There are also different textures and finishes. The right marble used can really complement your home. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, marble is an incredibly durable material. It is actually resistant to any scratches and is hard to damage. It is long-lasting; which is something you should want as flooring for your home. It is beneficial for homeowners to have durable floors as it doesn't decrease the value of the house and repairs will not be a problem you have to think of.


Although marble is scratch resistant and is not easily shattered, it is prone to stains and etches. A marble is a natural stone and it may delicate to some substances. If you have marble floors or planning to have one installed at your house, it is important that you know how to take care of it in order to maintain it and keep it clean.

In order to avoid stains, familiarize yourself with what to look out for. Here are the type of stains that can impact marble:

  • Oil-based stains - This can be caused by cooking oil, grease, milk, butter, hand lotion, cosmetics, cream, etc. This kind of stain will appear to be light brown or yellow in color.
  • Organic stains - This is one of the most common on marble surfaces. This type of stain can be caused by coffee, tea, mustard, ketchup, etc.
  • Rust stains - This can be caused by nails, screws, flower pots, cans, and metal furniture.
  • Water stains - This type of stain is a result of water being left too long or from water buildup. The most common scenario is standing water in bathrooms.
  • Mold stains - This is usually found in bathrooms.
  • Ink stains - This stain is usually water or alcohol-based like ink from a pen, markers or highlighters. Wine can also cause ink stains.
  • Etch marks - This isn't really a stain because it is not discoloration, it is dulling. An etch the effect of the reaction of an acid with calcium carbonate. It eats a tiny bit of the marble's surface. Etch marks are the dull spots you may see on marbles.
  • Paint Marks - This can be due to a renovation or for whatever reason for having paint around. You have to be careful with paint around the marble. Although minor paint marks can easily be removed by lacquer thinner.


For daily cleaning, you can mop the floor with soap and water for routine maintenance. Although keep in mind that before mopping it is important that you remove any dust and dirt on the floors first so that you do not damage the marble. It is best to do this with a dust mop as it is soft and it won't be abrasive on the surface. It is also advisable that if you can, clean up, wipe or mop any spill that can stain as soon as possible. Do not let any of the substances that are listed above sit too long on marble floors as it might be harder to remove. You can clean up spills with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth or if you don't have any, a paper towel will do. After blotting and making sure that the liquid spilled is absorbed. Use your soap and water cleaner or any mild cleaner to rinse the spot where the spill was thorough. And then wipe the area again with a dry soft cloth.

For organic food stains, which is something you might encounter more often compared to other stains, it is suggested to use a cleaning solution that consists of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of ammonia.

For oil-based stains use a liquid cleanser that contains household detergent, mineral spirits or acetone. A poultice can also be used to yield more satisfactory results.

For etching marks, rust stains, and water stains, buff your marble floor with dry #0000 steel wool. However, if the etch marks also have stains remove the stains first. A poultice is a good cleaner to remove the stains. If it doesn't go away it's probably really deep and you might have to call a professional for help.

For ink stains and paint stains, smaller and minor stains can be removed by a lacquer thinner but harder to remover or larger stains may be removed by using a poultice. The poultice will soak up pigments from the stain within a couple of days. If it is not removed, a commercial heavy liquid paint stripper might work but it is hard to work with as you may cause etching not used correctly. Don't forget to thoroughly wash the area with warm water and dry the floor after using the cleaners.


A poultice is used to draw out stains in order to clean marble floors. It is a liquid cleaner that has the same consistency as peanut butter.

Knowing how to make poultice will be extremely useful or helpful if you have marble floors so that you can make sure that you have clean marble floors. Here is how to make a poultice and it is really easy to do: Combine the solvent with water or baking soda. Depending on what the specific stain is, the solvent can be 6 percent hydrogen peroxide, mineral spirits, etc.

Poultice works by penetrating down into the marble and by leaving it to dry it will eventually pull the stain out of the marble. This is easily the best cleaner to use for cleaning marble.

Generally, this is how you use a marble poultice on marble floors.

  1. Wet the stained area with clean water.
  2. Spread a thin layer of the poultice on the marble floor with a wood or plastic spatula. Around 1/4-1/2 inch over the affected area.
  3. Cover with plastic wrap or tape the poultice in place
  4. Let it sit for 1 to 2 days so that it can dry out completely.
  5. When the paste is fully dry, soak a cloth in warm water with soap and use that to wipe away the paste.
  6. Rinse it with clean water and buff dry with a microfiber cloth.
  7. Repeat the process if necessary.


The first thing that you should take note of is to avoid tough cleaning solutions or harsh cleaners. Using the wrong cleaner might damage the marble even more. Being a natural stone, marble is highly sensitive to acid. So cleaners or any cleaning solution that has acidic content should not be used.

Here are more tips:

  • Do not mix ammonia with bleach because the combination creates toxic and lethal gas.
  • Do not use acetone on light marble.
  • Do not let wet marble air dry. It will only cause water spots.

Do not panic if you can't clean marble on the first try. Re-applying and waiting will do the thing.


Sealing marble will prevent it from getting any stains. The seal will cover or close up the pores which will prevent liquid or stain to pass through. However, the seal will not last forever and you may have to reapply it once every few months.

Sealing marble is not a complicated process. Make sure to first clean the surface you will be putting the coat on and then you can apply the sealer. How you apply it may depend on the product you have. Some may be applied with a brush or using a spray. After applying the sealer, wait for 15 minutes. Check first if the sealer has been absorbed before applying an additional coat. If there is any excess, wipe it off and then let the marble dry for 24 hours.

To get the best marble for your home, head over to Bedrosians Tile & Stone and get discounts!

20 most comfortable clogs for any kind of work

Since the '70s, clogs have been a popular and staple shoe for many, especially women. If you are on the younger side of the generation you probably don't know or have not heard of the famous work shoe; the clogs. Since styles and trends change every season, the clogs have not made a comeback. This year, more and more people have started wearing them again. Not only in the older generation but the younger generation as well. But what is a clog and what is its purpose? Many find the clog to be an acquired taste as some people also do not find the design to be attractive.

Clogs are known to be easy and accessible due to the reason that you can just slip them on because of the open back design. Traditionally, a clog is made out of a leather top and wooden soles. Clogs were originally inspired by dutch shoes with a slightly upturned and rounded design. But since it is used for many different reasons and due to modernization, clogs were invented. Designs such as a rubber sole, a slip-resistant sole, a rubber outsole, or clogs with memory foam are also available in the market today.

Because clogs are modernized to fit today's styles, there are so many types that are designed not only as work shoes, but also worn for arch support, slip resistance, or even just for comfort and even style. Clogs have a very simple design but have different styles such as:

  • Classic Strapless Clogs - These clogs have an open back and a simple heel. They do not come with a strap which helps in slipping their foot in comfortably.
  • Boot Clogs - Boot clogs have the look of a boot due to its ankle-high uppers but the feel of a clog due to the wooden sole. Many use these kind of clogs during the winter.
  • Wedge Clogs -The Wedge clogs are not only for work but also for style! This style is the most popular with women. Not only is this a comfortable work shoe, it is also a walking shoe that will keep your feet stylish but also comfortable for long hours during work.
  • Strappy Clogs - Another favorite women s shoes, that have a silhouette of a clog but the style of a heel. These are the best shoes to wear for comfort; an open toe design to help your feet all day with being exposed.
  • Clog Sandals - The same silhouette from a clog but an absolute great summer shoe amazing for walking. An everyday comfort shoe that will keep your feet dry during the summer!
  • Clog Shoes - The most traditional among all the clogs, the clog shoe is the typical shoes with lacing and a flat base. Their wooden soles and leather uppers are easy to clean and have high quality. This is the most recommended clog as it is a clog fit for both men or women

The Best Clogs and Where to Buy Them

Clogs are everywhere! Now that they're in style this season, everyone wants a pair for themselves. So many styles in different materials depending on purpose and preference, we totally understand how you would feel overwhelmed! Not only that, buying comfortable clogs for work might a bit pricey. There are many sites that offer coupon codes, but most if not all are just a scam and don't actually work. Luckily, we have here a list of our best clog shoes picks and where to buy them as well as our recommended site to get the best coupons! With Select Aware, you can get so many discounts and coupon codes from your favorite online stores such as Born Shoes,, and Korkease!

Born Shoes

  1. The Avoca - Available in plain black, brown, and a gorgeous navy blue, the Avoca is a classic strapless clog made with full-grain leather or wool upper and a rubber outsole. This clog is great as work shoes as it will keep your feet from any exposure.
  2. The Bandy - Another classic strapless clog, the Bandy comes in 4 colors: black, brown, gray and a lighter shade of brown! This clog has a soft hand-finished textured leather upper and has a breathable soft fabric suede lining.
  3. The Toby Duo - The Toby Duo is a non-slip clog that will surely be great or walking. Its high traction flexible light-weighted rubber outsole is great for slippery surfaces.
  4. The Bandy - This clog is definitely a show stopper! With a beautiful woven hand-dyed fabric in a gorgeous tribal pattern, this clog is comfortable but also really great for outfits that are simple.
  5. The Bailie - Another style stopper, the Bailie has a very earthy and natural look brought by the gorgeous tribal patterns. The best thing is that it fits in more outfits due to the earth tones in this pair!


  1. The Niseda - A Korkease fall favorite, the Niseda is a clog with an oxford silhouette. It is offered in full-grain leather or a combination of leather depending on your preference and comes in a sleek black and brown color.
  2. The Para - The Para is a modern-day classic slip-on clog that is completely wrapped in leather for a contemporary sleek look awesome for everyday wear.
  3. The Sagano - Want a little height to your work clogs? Wear the Sagano for a little bit of flair into your outfit! Comes in so many colors and designs such as black, gray, camel, brown, and a fierce giraffe pattern.

  1. Birkenstock Buckley Moc Toe Clog - A classic clog brand, the Birkenstock Moc Toe Clog is a classic leather clog that will definitely last long due to its amazing quality.
  2. Easy Spirit Traveltime Slip-on - Built for women, this clog is great for exercising! If you want a clog that is a great alternative to running shoes, this is for you!
  3. Crocs Classic Clog - Another modern day clog classic, the crocs classic clog is good worn for any age, as well as any kind of work. They come in hundreds of colors and the privilege of customizing your very own pair with jibits!
  4. Dansko Professional Clog - Professionalism means having a pair of comfortable shoes that will last you long shifts during work. With this clog, you will definitely look professional and comfy at the same time
  5. Skechers D'lites Bright Sky Sneaker Clog - another running shoe alternative, these clogs are definitely a crowd favorite. With its slip resistant sole, your will surely enjoy jogging in comfort.

These are our absolute favorite clog picks this season. But, if you are still hesitant to purchase a pair and can't pick, here are more clogs that we think you would still enjoy:

  1. Dansko Brenna Closed Back Clog
  2. Dansko Patti Clog
  3. SAS Clog
  4. Dansko Abbie Clog
  5. Naot Lodos Clog
  6. Dansko LT Pro Closed Back Clog
  7. Crocs Kids Classic Clog

Want to buy a new pair of clogs? Head on over to Born Shoes and make sure you use their Born Shoes promo code.

Where to buy wide calf boots

Out with the old, and in with the new! Fall is almost over and winter is upon us. A new season means a new set of trends. Winter is all about comfort this year; sweat sets, cozy and furry jackets and coats, fuzzy sucks, and most importantly: boots! Boots, no matter style is in during the winter season. Women of all shapes and sizes cannot go out without the perfect boot- especially this winter season. Whether it's just walking down the street or going horseback riding during this holiday season, boots, such as knee-high or ankle boots are essential in any woman's closet.

This year, wide calf boots are going back in style. Not only is it comfy and cozy for the winter, it is also a great shoe for any fit. It can make any outfit look so much better! Women have different preferences when it comes to boots, but sometimes, it all boils down to the brand, color, and most importantly- size. Knee boots are said to be so much more difficult to order online. Our calves are built differently, and our shoe size sometimes doesn't match our calf size. If you are paying a high price for a wide calf boot, it is best to know a few things before purchasing. In this article, you will know the different types of wide calf boots, how to measure your calf, and the best brand to buy the perfect riding or knee boot at the best price!

Types of Wide Calf Boots

You might be surprised by the various designs and as well as the current style being offered in the market when it comes to wide calf boots. These boots differ in size, and height. Unlike ankle boots, wide calf boots are higher in length, so these are either offered in styles such as thigh-high, or a shorter length depending on your preference. The most common type of wide calf boots that are purchased by women is those with a heel to give that extra height. Not to worry, It is also perfect for walking, and is absolutely comfortable. Before you decide on purchasing the shoe or boot of your choice, pay extra attention to the new and exclusive in-store boots that are best for women, especially you! These are categorized into 4 types:

  • Wide Calf Boots
  • Extra Wide Calf Boots
  • Super Wide Calf Boots
  • Super Plus Wide Calf Boots

How to Choose the Correct Wide Calf Boots

Picking the right wide calf boot can be difficult, especially when you're shopping online. Ordering the wrong size can be a pain, shipping it back and asking for a replacement is hard in of itself, and you wouldn't want to go through that. Which is why it is important to know that these type of boots have different sizing or variations depending on the material, so it is best to look for product details before purchasing. There are so many tips that one should take note of when buying boots online. Here are a few tips that might help you choose and purchase the right wide calf boot for you:

  • Identify your measurements - When purchasing anything online, it is best to find your measurements, especially clothing or shoes. With wide calf boots, make sure to take your calf measurement. In order to do this, you must ensure that your leg is straight. Then, using a tape measure, measure the circumference, specifically the widest part of your calf.
  • Look for the right material- If you are on the more voluptuous side of the sizing chart, knowing the right materials that stretch are important. We find that wide calf boots with elastic gussets around the top of the boot fit best for those that have a wider calf.
  • Double check product details - The best tip is to always read before your purchase. Make sure to check the right measurements, as this can be an element to a bad purchase. Not all boots have the same "standard sizing", it might feel tight on your calf or ankle. This might cause complications in the future, especially boots that come with a heel. So shop wisely, and read every detail.
  • Compare size charts - If product details don't help in making your shoe purchase, compare different size charts from other brands. Here is another thing you should take note of: not everyone with wide calves have a wide foot, and it goes the other way around as well.
  • Consult a good cobbler - If you don't want to go through the hassle of sending back your boots, we advise that you visit a good cobbler that can adjust or tweak your boots to your right size.

How to Measure Your Calves

Now that you've got tips and tricks right up your sleeve, you might want to measure your calves for a better fit. You wouldn't want a shoe that doesn't feel as nice and a snug, especially when you're paying so much money, right? Don't settle for a brand that offers knee high boots, calf boots or riding boots that don't fit well.

Steps to Measure You Calves:

  1. Identify the largest part of your calf.
  2. Measure the largest part of your calf in inches.
  3. Measure both of your calves. This is because your calves might be larger than the other.

Where to Buy Wide Calf Boots

You've got your tips and tricks right up your sleeve, and you've also got your measurements on deck. Now that you're ready, it is time to find the right wide calf boots for you. There are so many online stores you can go to that have many offers such as free shipping. But the mystery remains: where will a customer like you find knee boots that will fit your standard when it comes to price, color, fit, and leather quality? Many brands claim that they are offer shoe products such as wide calf boots, extra wide calf boots, knee high boots, a riding boot, and leather boots with good quality. The problem is that branded calf boots although high quality, are offered in a price too steep for an average customer. If you are on a budget but want or have been thinking about buying a pair, sites such as offer coupon codes for your shoe and boot needs. They have a various category of brands exclusive to the site, so it is the perfect way to get good deals! We recommend that you visit their site so that you could see for yourself brands that you love such as Born Shoes, the best shoe store to purchase new and high quality boots that we are you will love! Use a born shoes coupon code from the Select Aware site to receive great deals you won't be able to get in-store. Here are a few wide calf boots that we love from Born Shoes:

  • The Braydon Boot - A riding boot with a simple yet classic silhouette. For only $240.00, the Braydon has full-grain leather and a microfiber and fabric lining. Comfortable for walking, it has a rubber outsole with a small heel height of 1 inch. The perfect boot fro horseback riding, or walking too!
  • The Elbe Boot - On sale for only $160.00, the Elbe boot is the perfect leather shoe for walking and stunting! Only available in black, it is very easy to style with any outfit, and will also give an extra height to make your legs look long!
  • The Audriana Boot - If you are the type to wear louder prints, these boots are definitely for you! Walking in these snake print leather shoes will turn heads in the street as these look absolutely gorgeous on. Not only is the Adriana boot snake print, it also comes in a beautiful black, dark and lighter brown.

10 ways to style flats for work

Working women are so well versed in the world of stilettos and blocked shoes as their staple wear to the office. It’s always nice to be a little “taller” in the office, let’s just say it’s attractive and perhaps empowering and to add a little polish to your ensemble. But nowadays, there are more and more office workers who have learned the art of wearing flats. Fabulous flats wardrobe come in handy and as long as you know the dos and don’ts in wearing women's flats, you are in for an adventure in the fancy and comfy world of flats

1. Rock a pair of work flats with your ankle-length gown 

Fashion does not need to be painful. This is what those who have tried wearing ankle-length gowns and flats have proven. There are office events that you can attend sans painful stilettos. Half gowns can be partnered with the pointy toe including open to slip-on flats. Let your fashion do the talking.

2. Feel free to wear sparkly toe flats to work

If you’re hesitant that flat shoes would only make your office clothes dull and casual, find a sparkly pair of flats to work every day. They’re flashy and shimmering and it makes those who see them happy and you more importantly. It’s a great substitute for heels when they are days you just want to walk without the constant worry of balancing high. Wear sparkly flats with tights or legging so you can still maintain the formal side of your entire look.

3. Add in a dash of color 

Whoever came up with dress codes that are strictly heel-wearing obviously had not dealt with recurring aches and blisters women get from wearing nerve-wracking heels. Let’s overcome traditional dress standards and start wearing flats to work. You can wear any color of flats that you want and they can still end up looking professional and you, feeling the best. Ballet flats are also perfect

4. Have you joined the bandwagon of mules plus overcoat? 

If you haven’t, now is the time. People in recent years have turned to mules-wearing people.  And a lot of you are so relieved this change has happened. Mules hybrid has the best features of all the best toe flats. They can be made in pointy toe, they are made available as slippers, flip-flops and they can be formal when you pair them with the right apparel. It's the best thing that could happen to all those going to work everyday. You can also get yourself slim or wide trousers to pair with your flats. Wide leg pants are trendy but they are more inclined to match with heels. Fitter and slim pants go very well with flats. 

5. Take advantage of pointy-toe metallic toe flats 

If you are a tower-like Karlie Kloss who is 6 feet tall, we can’t really see the reason why women s flats are not allowed everywhere. But you don’t need to be as tall as her just to be able to have the same kind of cute black metallic flats. Emulate your fashion icon’s way of wearing dresses or trousers that sweep the floor. Love your feet by choosing a fancy metallic comfortable fit of any color that you want, make them pointed toe leather shoe, and flaunt them. Are you a fan of ballet flat? The ones with fantastic colors? Go ahead and spoil your feet for once. Just don't forget that comfort should come first.

6. Go for slip-ons pointed toe that is embroidered and pair them with a colorful coat

Whether you’re a fashion authority or not, you can try wearing embroidered and hand finished black suede flats and coats of various color. It's not enough to settle for anything lesser than this. Be in the company of confident, hardworking people who wear women’ s flats as they rule the corporate world. Don’t be shy when some people call you as one wearing grandmother's shoes because they are worn by fashion icons and they pair their wild flats or mule with an equally dashing black coat or dress. 

7. Sneakers and a suit? Why not!

Heels and wedges are already on their way out, sneakers are in!  Sneaks are not just one for running or walking errands anymore. You can now wear them to work as you pair them with your favorite black coats or black suit. Totally a boss lady!  You are free to have them in colors, sizes, or go for the plain white and black sneakers. Whatever is available in your closet.

8. Wear tees with flats and design your easy look with a blazer

When you are wearing black leather flats then you must know how essential is balancing one's daily ensemble. You can work and still feel comfortable with your chosen clothes but this also means knowing what to put in like a tweed coat or a professional blazer which are available in different styles and sizes.  This look will definitely support your polished look meetings including unplanned dinner dates with your friends after work. Whether you're wearing pointed toe flats or a comfortable, stylish suede mule style, you will still give a good and sophisticated look. Feature your fashion strengths at work.

9. Pair flat touch boots to your girly dress 

This will always be on top of our list and we know women love this too. Imagine frills, pleats, plaids in different sizes - the whole dark academia look but bring it to work. And wear shoes in various sizes that are either ankle boots, ballet flat shoe, loafer flat design, or leather combat shoes. The list goes on. You will impress your colleagues of being an old soul but "nobody-can-mess-up-with-you-vibe". Or go preppy. Good ballet flats work wonders with a preppy-style outfit. Just add in a collared shirt and a simple short skirt, and you are ready to go to work with that Ali MacGraw look from the movie Love Story. You will see these items available in your closet if you take a closer look. It’s a little school girl if you think but if you do it appropriately you can still finish with that perfect corporate-looking doll up. Leave your socks at home. You may flash some ankle as this tip helps highlight that part of your leg. Ballet flats can highlight your ankle. Besides, most socks feel bulky in your shoe.

10. Lastly, loafers

Loafers (and don't forget pointed toe oxfords) are still flats available on the Born Shoes website and can still give mules a run for its money. Not that they need to compete since women just need to know which flat works well with which clothing items. Find a pair of leather loafers that will give you the time of your life. It doesn't have to be the formal-looking loafers but you can be playful and choose the cute soft ones with foam. Born Shoes is generous with their line up of flat shoes for women.  Born shoes promo codes are available on our website. Get a chance to have a free shipping coupon or discount on select styles. All rights reserved.


Wearing flats don’t have to be embarrassing or boring. They are now what most women are wearing day and night. Just be updated for the latest things you can improve on your office clothes and loafer shoes to not repeat your style again and again. Be stylish without forgetting your personality. They should still show through the manner you carry your shoes and dress. Use accessories if necessary. It can be hair accessories without going over the top or a watch or a few pieces of layered necklaces. Comfort and style!

Even during the winter, you can still opt for cropped pants and a blouse once in a while and pair them with your versatile mule or suede flat. Take advantage of Born Shoes promo codes today as they offer free shipping and a discount of up to 50% off - all rights reserved. There are days when you just want to be so simple and laid back and there are also days when you do want to look all made up.

How to style ankle boots for women

Ankle boots have always been synonymous with fall boots, both for men and women. But in this article, we are helping women see the results and the style that you want from head to your trendy ankle booties. 

Living in a pandemic entails you to stay at home and be in your most comfortable house clothes which means you go out every now and then or if it’s necessary for work. Your shipping address has never been this busy. Your email address has not been either and it's a sign that you have been doing your par to stay safe. To get out of the rut of wearing the same pair of shoes, try wearing ankle boots (or booties) with pants and dresses that will brighten up your style and mood! Looking for ideas? We have come up with this tried and tested inspiration on how to style women’s ankle boots to look chick and still comfy and give your feet some break.

What to Wear With Your Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are practical for women whether it’s sunny or you’re wearing the brand in seasons where there is rain. This product does not just give you a new experience and great results - the options are unlimited with the free range of outfits that you can combine this with, both when you are dressing up or down. You should try these shoes even with sweatpants! This shoe brand is perfect with casual ensembles, especially during autumn and winter. 

Are Ankle Boots with Jeans Still In?

Absolutely! These boots and jeans are still such a hit! Ankle boots and jeans are a match made in heaven. It’s still one of the chicest and the most classic at the same time. Bootie is ideal for relaxed events. It means dressing up without really looking like you have exerted effort to dress up. It's the price of wearing this brown or suede beauty. Because of their slim features, they work well with skinny jeans but don’t get me wrong, they look equally fashionable with mom jeans paired with a black or brown blazer - a perfect doll up with ankle boots. What most women do is crop or cuff the pants to show more of the boots! Either you roll up your jeans, roll under your jeans, or tuck your jeans into your booties! Smart tricks!

  • Wearing booties with mom jeans. Go for the skinny brand and high shaft kind of bootie. The distinction of the wide-leg jeans and skinny bootie shaft is a flattering team.
  • Wearing booties with straight leg jeans. Definitely, the closest thing that you can have to a skinny jean, not too narrow around the ankle but straight. Go free style with brown corduroy or plaid jeans as they almost look fabulous in each of them. 
  • Wearing booties with cropped flares. The most challenging kind of jeans to style with ankle bootie even if you check with brand Sam Edelman or another brand Clarks are cropped flares. You are free to unleash your inner designer with this brand of flares. You can try tall, skinny shaft booties which are, by far, the best match!
  • Wearing booties with boot-cut jeans. Boot-cut jeans are resurfacing again these days and always on sale.  Most likely, you will pair this with flares. The shaft really won’t count because you won’t see them so try wearing the pointed toe bootie for your legs to look longer than they already are. Or if you are tall, you can also try the heel height boots as a new of way breaking the trend.

How to Wear Ankle Boots with Dresses and Skirts?

If you pair them perfectly with jeans and you like what you see, wait until you try it on with a dress or your favorite skirt. There are so many out there that could work well with dresses. The shorter your skirt is, the longer a slimmer your legs will appear. Born shoes have several brands and styles to offer that would surely help you get the look that you like. Our website offer at least 16 promo code and these coupons are waiting for you ladies. In this brand your coupons are valid for sale until the end of this year.

If you will wear it for work, try choosing leather boots as other materials like suede would appear too casual. And most of them are waterproof now whether it’s the low shaft, flat heel style, or rounded toe with a bigger ankle opening, there is one that will fit and complete if you want to go dress to kill one day. Even the peep-toe ankle bootie for women are such a hit nowadays!

Let’s put it this way, there are no direct or limited rules for pairing up booties with dresses and skirts. If you’re good at mix and matching clothes, booties will look good with all sorts of dresses.  This will just depend on your preferences and sense of style. You may want to consider wearing them with a tall shaft, the one with a pointed toe, as we have proven them to work well together. So wear those which make you feel most comfortable!

Don’t be scared to try different textures or brand of skirts until you see which pairs best with your leather or studded booties and look for a bag of the same style. 

Wearing ankle bootie with tights - if you have long legs and you love wearing dresses with ankle booties, the solution is to wear those same shoes and add in a pair of tights with the same color. 

This will accentuate and elongate women ‘s legs using the same color of tights.  You can possibly pair booties and tights with tights,  with a bold design of the dress. Take note that the most notable way to be more leg-friendly is through black ankle boots and tights. For maximum effect, and to really make the colors pop, try looking for a vivid dress with black accents, then top the whole look off with more black accessories.

Ankle booties are one of the featured brand collections right now on the Born Shoes website.

These boots are the brand made for walking (be it suede or leather) that's right! Log on to use the promo code for your next Born Shoes purchases and get a discounted price! Get in touch with our customer service. Hurry!

Where to buy the lightest safety shoes

Every working person in the construction industry knows the role of fully protected gear at work. This includes the lightest safety shoes. It is always nice to know you are wearing safe footwear but going home and taking them off is always such a luxury. You probably feel this way if your safety shoes are not 100% comfortable. Why is it important that we also think of comfort and not just safety? What makes safety shoes work?

What are the most comfortable safety shoes?

Safety shoes are intended and specifically made to render protection to your feet. The right pair could shield your feet from heavy objections that could be falling. They add a midsole plate that protects the under sole from unwanted punctures. Considering the type of your work, be sure to get and choose the best pair of safety shoes. Now, what are you supposed to look for when you purchase safety shoes?

Watch out for material and build. Safety shoes are obviously made of various materials including plastic, carbon fiber, and steel. The most comfortable and right boot weight serves an important role in your work environment since you spend more than half of your day wearing them. Look for safety shoes that have high puncture protection. Most shoes now include metals of aluminum, steel, or what they call Kevlar midsoles for versatility and puncture strength.

Durability & Safety. Hardwearing safety shoes can surely give your feet the defense that they need from unwanted hazards. Carolina Footwear and the rest of the other brands continue to work on having boot construction techniques to enhance durability.  

If your job puts you in a difficult situation of having a higher tendency of getting electrocuted, the best way to do is to buy a safety shoe that is equipped with an electrical hazard. These types of shoes feature 100% non-metallic plus non-conductive materials like fiber and rubber. 

Comfort. Of course, it should be everyone’s number one priority. Your toes and feet are sensitive and take all the load of your day’s work. The last you would want to give them is another burden by wearing the wrong kind of shoes.  That’s why choosing the lightest safety shoes is always worth the price. Choose a pair that surely went through ASTM quality.

What are the lightest most comfortable work boots?

You don’t need to fret because you won’t go clueless anymore as you go shoe hunting! It’s important that you take advantage of these features when you wear the lightest and most comfortable workboots!

  • Less foot stress - you leave all your weight to your feet especially if your work requires you to stand for a long period of time. The lightest workboots will make sure your feet are supported to help you lessen fatigue and just concentrate on working. 
  • Better work productivity - Less time to worry about discomfort on your feet means more time to concentrate on your work that needs to meet the deadline and high quality. You will realize you can focus more on work if you are wearing clothes and shoes that do not bother you. 
  • Ensured protection from injury  - the most comfortable shoes especially workboots equalized the protection on your feet and lower back to keep and always give you a new balance. Workboots that have safety steel toe protection consider possible injuries.
  • Having the right kind of foot support - the lightest work boots keep the right stand for your feet while you are working and simply wearing them. Maintaining comfort the whole day will not only make you a happier and calmer person but also prevents painful stresses to your joints and toes.

What is the lightest safety toe material?

There are three kinds of boot caps you can choose from when you want to know the lightest safety toe materials: 


This has gained more following over the years because of its lightweight and resistant design and ensured comfort for consumers. Composite toe is often made with non-metal materials such as carbon fiber, plastic, fiberglass which results in a breathable mesh footbed. Some of them add memory foam, too. And since they don’t certainly include metal, it’s ideal for hardworking people who often go through metal detectors like those you see in airports. 


Steel toe work boots have been used as safety standard protection footwear for more than 80 years. Used for construction and industrial companies, it is the most priced option and we say the most popular when it comes to comfortable work boots. These kinds of materials have the tendency to be heavy because they're steel. They are considered strongest in terms of toe cap protection availability and they are less expensive in terms of price but they end up becoming colder during winter and not ideal for those who are working in the electrical field.


What are the materials that are normally used in making alloy toe shoes? These are titanium, aluminum, and other light materials. They are known to be lighter and their designs. They are lighter compared to steel toe and tend to have a wider toe room which only means they are more expensive in price but not as stern as steel toe. 

What are the most comfortable work shoes?

There are a few features that you need to look for in comfortable work shoes for men and women regardless of your size in stature. Your everyday comfort depends on quality and comfort. It matters when you are working in a rock-solid construction job and those that need that you wear quality gear. Meanwhile, comfort is everything. When your feet are uncomfortable, your work performance suffers and you suffer. We talk about blisters, arch pain, and many other issues. Reebok Work safety shoes also fall under this category since they are lightweight, safety on your feet is ensured, your upper body is protected, and styles that are all safety standard approved.

Fit and comfort matter for your work shoe! Be sure to know exactly your footwear measurements, know which are slip-resistant, and find the proper fit from Carolina to achieve the comfort that is long-lasting. Time to roll and check out our top offers work boots coupon code!

5 signs you need to replace your hiking shoes

Have you had your moment when you felt that it is timeto "replace hiking boot"? Perhaps this is the time to shop for the next best pair of boots for you. Here are our best tips when it comes to knowing exactly the time to buy your Caroline Footwear walking and hiking boots.

When should you replace hiking shoes?

If you see one of two of the signs below happening to your shoes, it is time to seriously consider replacing them:

1. Worn laces can be the first of the earliest signs you need new hiking boots. This only means that they have endured well the rubbing of the tightening then unhooking laces. So if you observe every time you wear your hiking shoes, plan your next trip to Carolina Footwear.

2. If you need to replace your hiking boots because they are showing cracked midsole, then you are on the right track. A cracked midsole or perhaps the compression lines are visible, then they are an indication of your hiking boots’ retirement. Once this becomes dilapidated, they are of no help in providing the support you need for long likes. 

3. Just like what happens to your hiking shoes’ frayed laces, loose eyelets only mean that they have been worn out and can eventually cause you aches and pains. You won’t be able to lace your hiking boots properly if the eyelets are broken. 

4. Check your insoles and ankle support, if they show excessive usage, then it is time for a new pair. Watch out for cracks or misshapen cushioning in your ankle collar.

5. Meantime, don’t forget to give your pair of hiking boots' outsoles at the same level of attention. Worn tread is a sign that you must know since hikers will find it very uncomfortable and not safe to still wear them as you might lose traction needed to stay firm in all terrains. Also, our fifth and most practical tip in knowing when to replace your hiking shoes is once you feel discomfort in various ways then you know you can no longer carry on with this kind of soreness. If you are starting to have blisters, intense posture when you are standing, joint and back pain, consider buying your new pair to prepare yourself for another trail. We are ready with our discount Caroline boots coupons to help you with buying your new pair of shoes!

How long do hiking shoes last?

The general mileage for quality hiking boots is approximately 500-1000 miles or equivalent to 805 to 1610 km. Not bad huh? But we would say don’t depend only on the expected mileage but consider other factors like your terrain, the kind of boots you wear, how you maintain them as well as your weight. These variables all play important roles in determining how long will shoes last.

Those who are high-mileage hikers who take this hobby seriously but don’t take time to clean or dry their shoes after each trip will find that there will be more wear and tear.  Caroline footwear has the best, most authentic hiking and trail shoes and they are all available on the website. Find what suits your character and strength as a hiker when you need to replace the ones you have.

How do you tell when boots are worn out?

You may ask the same series of questions as to when to know the signs and when to replace and need new hiking boots:

How long have you had your hiking boots?

How used are the treads of your old hiking boot?

How worn are the soles or midsole (particularly under the heels of your shoes?)

Is the heel counter if it’s broken down?

Are there any stitches that have come loose?

Are your new pair of shoes losing their original form?

Are the insoles malfunctioning? 

Have you noticed if there is pain or discomfort when you a pair of hiking boots lately? 

Now, what do you if you have confirmed that you need new hiking boots? It’s time to go shopping! Seriously, you can consider having your hiking shoes repaired since high-end shoes can be resoled by a cobbler. This will help you save more money. Most of Caroline footwear material will have their outsole of the shoe and the straps repairable. As long as the sole is repaired before issues get into the cork. 

If it’s really the end of the road for your pair, you can look into friendly steps to dispose of your shoes and not just put them in the garbage that goes to a landfill.  There are many brands nowadays that collect used and shoes for replacement and they turn them out into something useful again like surfaces for courts and playgrounds. 

Also, the American Textile Recycling Service encourages everyone to put their used and shoes in their bins instead of somewhere else. If these are both not possible, get in contact with your local recycling unit and inquire if they are accepting hiking shoes or shoes in general or guide you to a place that does before buying a new pair of hiking shoes.

You can take care of your feet by making sure they are wearing comfortable boots and safety boots. It’s difficult to let go of your personal things especially if they are your favorite hiking pair but we assure you you will overcome this the moment you try on again a new comfortable pair of boots!

What is the difference between running and hiking shoes?

Regular running or trail running is almost the same as the regular running that you would do except that trail running is done off-road instead of the typical trail you would enjoy your personal time into. On the other hand, when you say hiking, it’s the same as your regular walking activity except it is done off-road again and you can hike for as long as you want. Now that we see particularly where we draw the fine line - the pair of running and hiking shoes are different. Both activities, although very similar, have different features. 

Running shoes are rugged to protect feet but light to allow fast movements. This is the same reason why running shoes focus their weight on the soles and make the upper part very light for optimal usage. An ideal running shoe should be:

  • Breathable for the upper part material
  • Rough and grippy soles (just like grippy tires)
  • Should have low to zero heels to toe drop feature
  • Should have a perfect fit on heels and spacious toe box

Hiking shoes feature more protection for your feet and Carolina Footwear makes sure they have durable materials to defy dirt and moisture for a long period of time. 

  • Upper materials should be waterproof
  • Flexible traction
  • Stiff midsoles and thick cushions are the keys to successful hiking shoes
  • Ankle protection should be a priority and coverage

Can you interchange them? There are circumstances when you can wear one instead of the other. Those of you who hike may choose trail running shoes because they are lightweight. 

Be smarter than possible wear and tear of your old boots. It is time to replace your new pair of hiking boots! Don't forget to visit our website for the perfect partner discount Carolina boots coupons so you can get a new pair of boots at a lower price!

How to clean leather work boots safely

Don't we all need to carve out a time to take care and clean leather work boots to make them last longer? For those leather work boots enthusiasts, owning a pair is definitely an exciting treat! Knowing how these boots give your feet the protection and care they need at work or anytime you use them, it is right to learn a thing or two about maintaining and cleaning leather work boots without needing to bring it to a cleaning center but just using most of your household items.

You can get messy with them but that’s all part of the game. If you’re always dealing with cleaning them, you would find out tips effective as we will help you find practical and convenient techniques for your leather work boots.

Preparing to Clean your Boots

Whether it's your Carolina Waterproof 4x4 Hiker that needs cleaning. Your leather boots need preparation before wearing them. Some of them need braking in the period, some don’t require them anymore, we recommend you still do the dry run by walking around your backyard for a few hours before using them to your job location. If your boots are not waterproof, you can use a waterproofing agent and allow it time to work. Once you’re on the job, your boots always have the tendency to absorb dirt, oil, and water that can stain the materials. Cleaning it often and doing it right saves you the dime and time.

Getting Rid of Stains on Your Leather Work Boo

You can always opt for professional-grade stain removers especially made for leathers or improvise by using household items. Unless it is too heavy of a stain and you’re not comfortable cleaning it on your own, then you can always ask for professional assistance. Otherwise, you can use household products to do it yourself.

Consider these simple tips on how to remove stains on either one of the hundreds of Carolina Footwear designs that you own: 

  1. If it’s leather boots water spots - You can easily re-moisten the area also with water and just give it time to air dry. If it's inside of your boots, let them dry! just make sure that they are placed in a dry place where air can reach even the interior of your boots. Air dry is key!
  2. Unknown dark spots -  Combine lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply the paste into the specific area of your leather boots where you see any hint of stains and then clean it using a dry cloth or damp cloth. If you can’t still remove it after this step, apply just by dabbing a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol over the spot. 
  3. If you’re dealing with road salt stains - Start by blotting them with a soft, dry cloth dipped in water and vinegar to remove either grease or road salt.

Care for Your Clean Leather Work Boots Even While You Sleep

Another lucrative part of owning leather work boots is storing them the right way. If you want them clean and keep them from smelling stale, place your leather near or on cedar shoe trees as this is the most compatible material for shoe trees. It can absorb moisture and it neutralizes smells and keep the ones that are pleasant. It does more! It smoothens out the insoles and lining of your leather work boots without disfiguring the shape.

Want to know the best pair of work boots for you? Check out our Carolina boots coupon code!

These DIY cleaning materials may be well known but these are still definitely most proven to work:

Baking Soda. Yup! It’s everyone’s secret to maintaining a clean modern society. We are not excepted to believing this to remain truthful until today. To make use of this cleaning item, sprinkle some of this into the specific spot of the work boot where you see dirt or stains. Use a piece of cloth to rub it to the area where you previously applied baking soda. Gently rub not to damage the leather then leave it overnight. This will make the baking soda absorb the stains and dirt and giving it the pampering it also needs. 

Saddle Soap. This is perfect for cleaning your leather boots which have accumulated soil from work or by simply walking. Even if it doesn’t need breaking in, walk around the house for several hours just to get the hang of it and also to prep your boots to work properly prior to officially using it outside.  By wiping the dirt off your boots using a nylon brush. Also, dampen a small piece of clothing to the affected area.  Blow drying your boots is not recommended instead dry it naturally. 

You may also use regular soap to clean leather boots with the help of a dry cloth. Besides the saddle soap, you can also find mild shampoo useful. Apart from the saddle soap, you might also find a mild shampoo helpful. Make this as part of your routine every 2-3 months to make sure your insoles are fully working and spick and span!

Hair Conditioner. Apparently, it’s not just for the hair, you can also clean your boots with a hair conditioner. Without the hassle of cleaning, you can expect this to do its job without too much effort mainly due to its fantastic wax properties that offer impressive and efficient help to your leather boot. As naturally, it also moisturized the details to maintain the mint condition of your Carolina Footwear. You don’t need to spend on expensive and separate leather conditioner. Use the one you have. It’s cost-effective and it will save the job. 

Talcum Powder. You will find it impressive once you start using talcum powder on your work boot. Do you have one at home? Use this to your advantage. Pour some powder into the greased surfaces. Talcum powder is organic and has no negative implications for your shoes. It’s grease absorbent. Use this to remove stains and grease. Use an old soft brush to clean the leather boot. Once you have washed the powder that you have applied, follow it with a soft brush. Use talcum powder or cornstarch (but take note, the latter is less effective). 

Dish Soap. If you don’t have options to use any of the above (very unlikely) you can always resort to using dish soap to do the job of cleaning your work boot. This is very easy to use as it is always present at home. Before using the dish soap, remove its laces out and apply the soap directly to the surface of your boot to remove the dirt. Rub the specific spot by using a small towel. Just remember to do this in a gentle manner to avoid any scratches or damage to your shoes. After this step, you can wash with plain water to remove all residue of dirt or oil left into the work boots.

Your leather work boots are there to keep your warm, dry, and they make your work easier. It’s as simple as the golden rule, take care of your boots, and your leather boots will continue to do its purpose for you. work boots help keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. When you take care of your work boots, your work boots will continue to take care of you. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or neutral cream to take care of your Carolina footwear, be this for your work boots or just hiking boots.


Now that you know how to clean your leather work boots, it will be more exciting for you to check for items that are available in your kitchen or garage area and find out what can help you and your work boots. This will retain the good condition of your leather boots and you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

Do you like what you just read? Grab our Carolina boots coupon code today!

Benefits of wearing a steel toe engineer boot

There are many great reasons why you should keep on wearing steel toe engineer boots. Whether you are being compliant to a certain law at work or you simply know that strong boots are tough for welt construction without having to sacrifice comfort, you are definitely on the right track. Let's review the benefits of wearing a steel toe engineer boot whether these are made of black full-grain leather upper - An inevitable 5 stars for every engineer boots aficionado.

Let’s get this straight, the very main reason why this was created was for the protection of the toe part from any injury. That’s why you see this used mostly by those who are working in construction companies and also those in the army. You will find the steel toe between the upper and the lining provide a healthy shield from the external physical dangers and at the same time to prepare your toes for a healthy comfortable environment. This safety footwear that preps safety for your sole provide all day is now achievable in many styles - in clogs and sneakers. Engineers are fond of wearing them if they have a site to visit where it is mandatory to wear protective gear. But of course, this is not limited just to the construction industry. 

  • You see this in the kitchen where workers are now being asked to wear steel toe shoes for safety
  • Delivery guys are comfortable (though some are heavy) with this hardware
  • Workhouse job
  • Supermarket workers are also wearing these color black, made in the USA, engineer boots shoes
  • Mechanics

Here is where Carolina Footwear comes in. The main goal is to provide the right market for people with footwear that is 100% effective. Carolina Footwear understands what you need: your job requirements, the design that you want. So they work on the steel toe materials that fit your job requirements acquiring specific designs and state of the art techniques and patented technologies. You are used to seeing them in “work” places like steel mills but you know you also want them to be flexible and use them in any normal place like street restaurants, amusement parks - name it. And Carolina boots have made it possible for everyone since the public can now access this footwear where style can be move novel. That is why we offer a Carolina Footwear coupon code for everyone and you are first to know.

  • First on our list of benefits is you will be compliant with the law (as mentioned above). This has something to do with your job safety and health administration and protective gear such as this, whether made in USA or in other countries that require similar labor laws tell you to protect yourself from the danger of falling debris or any sharp objects. These engineer boots also protect you from electrical risks.
  • Engineer boots are tough. These men s engineer boots can endure up to 75 pounds of weight. This kind of pressure is similar to a heavy object dropped as far as three yards. These steel toe shoes are made from tough rubber sole provide the strength to withstand difficult weather factors. These shoes provide a healthy comfortable feel and peace of mind since you are assured that your feet are fully protected.
  • These rugged versatile boot pairs are certainly comfortable. We all know these are sturdy footwear but they don't forget comfort. This steel-toe boot footwear comes in different styles and designs. The steel toe engineer comes with a soft inner layer that ensures your comfort. To further enhance the comfort of your footwear that is Made in USA, you need to choose the right size of the boot. You should also choose a boot that is long enough and a pair that shows you the product details. Steel toe should perfectly match the durability of a pair of boots with shovel friendly steel shank. Now, a steel shank welt construction is not the same as a steel toe. Shanks serve as protection to the underside of your boot and shield you from punctures. They are a bit lighter than steel toe engineer.
  • Engineer boot allows you to wear it past your ankles. It allows you to wear socks made for steel toe boots. These are socks that give you maximum comfort that is ergonomically made to provide you with maximum comfort when wearing the safety engineer boot.
  • Carolina toe engineer safety toe boots reduce stress/fatigue. When you are working in an industrial or construction company, this demands standing for a long period of time and this sometimes brings so much fatigue to your feet. Carolina boots provide all-day support. These shoes come with bridged support and enough cushioning that lessens the weight on your muscles.
  • Carolina steel toe engineer can go rugged, supple, and comfortable. Its shovel-friendly steel shank and tough rubber plus strong rubber sole offer support that can last you long hours, just the right support while a Poron permafrost footbed and a soft Cambrelle lined vamp Poron provide a healthy, comfortable environment for your foot. Now that’s the kind of teamwork we are looking for! 
  • Last in our list but definitely not least - fashionable. Nowadays, comfort and style are a must. Steel toe boots are available in various designs that are not heavy on the eyes. The steel toe puncture resisting rubber boot is a non-metallic shank and made with vulcanized rubber construction but oh boy do they still look so posh when you wear them.  It always pays to spend time and perhaps call customer service to ask for the pair that will be 5 stars for you.

Visit our website to see the complete Carolina Footwear coupon code and add to cart what you can surely get for your money's worth- a good price that you can add to your cart today!

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