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Why We Prefer Craghoppers For Our Outdoor Adventure Needs

We've spent years planning frugally, creating Excel spreadsheets for finances, and trying every money saving tip we could get our hands on. We don't say this to brag, it simply means we have a lot of experience and data to draw on now. That's why we can safely say our best budget hack has been to simply do more outdoors.

Granted, there are many opportunities to spend money on outdoor adventures. However, you also don't have to spend a dime. If you own a pair of decent shoes, you can literally walk outside just about anywhere. While this was once something we took for granted, the pandemic of the past year has made us appreciate every single chance we've had to get out of the house.

As things begin to open up more, we find our love for the outdoors has only grown. Yes, we look forward to dining at our favorite restaurants again, but what we are already planning are more outdoor activities.

Here's why we plan to shop Craghoppers for our adventures.

Craghoppers Provides Quality Items

If you are new to outdoor adventures, perhaps you can borrow items from a buddy or pick up some gear second-hand. If those are not options, don't buy something cheaply made just because it saves you money! Buying an inexpensive swimsuit that you plan to lay out in all summer is probably fine. Dealing with blisters after hiking, leaks in flimsy tents, or roasting in clothing that is not breathable is misery. Trust us on this. You'll probably wind up buying the nicer item anyway, and that means your original purchase is wasted money.

Quality outdoor gear should last you years, not a single season. Craghoppers has already stood the test of time, providing first-rate clothing and accessories since 1965. The company's clothing has a reputation for strong, durable fabrics that will outlast most other brands. For example, their pants are even Guaranteed for Life!

Craghoppers Practices Sustainability

Another reason we support Craghoppers is because they support our environment. They take care to practice sustainability without compromising on technology or comfort. We were even more excited to read on the site, "Sustainability has always been at our core, but from last fall 70% of our products are made from ALL RECYCLED MATERIALS." In our opinion, that's a truly solid commitment to keeping our planet in mind.

Other ways the company puts this into practice:

  • Better Cotton Initiative
  • Bluesign System Partner
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • No Animal Products
  • Reducing Packaging by 50%

As a family who has fallen head over heels for the great outdoors, we are thrilled to find Craghoppers for our clothing and accessory needs. It took us mere minutes to realize that the prices of products is not cheap but incredibly fair given the quality and sustainability efforts of the company. For us, saving the world is far more important than saving a few dollars. That's why we especially proud to offer these incredible Craghoppers coupons!

Winter Deals And Discounts You Don’t Want To Miss

Considering that we are just under a month away from winter's end, we thought it would be the right time to round up the last of this season's deals and discounts.

Winter Clearance Clothes and Accessories

As always, right now is the best opportunity to get the lowest prices possible on clothing and accessories for the end of the season. Perhaps you were left unprepared for last week's shocking winter storm? Those of us in milder climates were certainly scrounging for water proof boots, gloves and pants.

While we may not need the winter-proof gear again this year, we will certainly be glad for it next year! Take advantage of deals like Warehouse sale where you can get up to 75% off right now.

Not looking for blizzard protection? That's ok - nearly all retailers are clearing out the winter inventory to make room for spring. So snag rock bottom prices on boots, coats, sweaters and more right now.

Beauty And Skincare

It's no secret that winter can be hard on skin. Most of us get drier, flakier and all around duller skin this time of year. Thankfully, there are tons of great discounts for beauty and skincare products that can bring your skin back to life.

Check out Ulta's sale section for discounted prices on your favorite products or snag these coupons to save $3.50 on orders $15+.

These Sephora coupon codes are perfect if you aren't quite sure what to try as you get free trial sizes of certain masks, peels, primers, and more with orders over $25.

For even more beauty coupons, click here.

Certification And Testing

Another fantastic purchase for these last few weeks of winter? Online certification or testing at a discount! From high school testing to professional certifications, right now is the best time to take advantage of being stuck indoors and advance your education or career.

Right now Exam Edge has up to 40% off select subjects with these coupons.

It's been a long winter this year, with the pandemic and epic snow storms to boot. Spring really is around the corner, along with its renewed sense of optimism. In the meantime, though, be sure to maximize all the winter deals, discounts, and coupons available because when the season ends, these bargains will too!

Valentine’s Day Guide For Those Together (In The Midst of a Pandemic)

Have you spent the last 11 months working side by side at the kitchen table with your sweetie? Wondering how in the world you are going to going to make Valentine's Day special when you've already had SO MUCH time together?

We understand. Normally, we are huge fans of the Netflix and chill Valentine's Day date, but let's be honest - haven't we been doing that almost every single night for eons now?

Still, we enjoy the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day. So, we created a guide for those who have been around each other way more than normal this year. For those of you apart, we have this guide instead.

Create Your Own Spa Experience

Granted, this requires a buy in from both parties, but why not create a spa-like experience at home? After all, it just requires the right ingredients: candles, music, massage, and some extra pampering.

If your partner tends to skimp when it's their turn to give a massage, go ahead and order a hand massager, like the one above from Relax The Back. We promise, it's worth it!

Enjoy A Concert

One of the hardest things to give up over the past year has been live entertainment. Thankfully, musical artists are still hosting online concerts and events that we can participate in from home.

You can view Billboard's livestream event lineup here. It may require some flexibility as your favorite option may not line up with Valentine's Day...but hey, we've all learned to be flexible these days!

Since the cost of the evening will be far less than a live show, give your Valentine a new set of headphones as well. Though he or she may not use them for the livestream, it could help keep the peace when you're both back at work on Zoom the next day.

Try Something New

A huge challenge of the pandemic is that all novelty seems gone. But it isn't true! We promise, there are many things that you haven't tried yet. You can try a new recipe, new cocktail, new movie, new dance move, new dessert, new Tik Tok trend.

Have you tried a scavenger hunt in your home? Watched the sunrise together? Done a blind taste test? The list is endless once you get started.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what it is, just go for it with gusto and with your partner. After all, it's the novelty of the experience that will keep you close.

If all of this feels overwhelming, we understand that too. That's why we also believe you can't go wrong with chocolate, flowers, or jewelry this year either! Here are some of our best Valentine's Day deals and coupons to help make it a little bit easier to buy something lovely without spending a fortune.

Valentine’s Day Guide – For Those Apart (In The Midst of A Pandemic)

Holidays in the pandemic: causing us both joy at something different to celebrate and anxiety at the amount of work it will take to do so. Is there any chance Valentine's Day can be different?

We know we aren't alone in our pandemic exhaustion. Yet, here we are with another holiday around the corner, meaning we have to take extra time to consider how we plan to celebrate it, especially if hopping on a plane to show up in person is no longer an option.

If you already know what you plan to get or do this year, be sure to take advantage of our Valentine's Day discounts and coupon codes to ease the burden on your budget. For everyone else who's struggling to figure out how to make this Valentine's feel more special than strange, here are a few ideas.

For The Valentines Who Are Apart

If you're not living with or poding up with your valentine this year, it's going to require some extra creativity to make a date or at least to deliver something special. Some ideas:

Make a playlist - Back in the days before Apple and Spotify, people made mix tapes for each other. It was a sign of how much you liked someone to take the time to create a musical selection with their listening preferences in mind. Make one for your sweetie and maybe even plan a Facetime session where you can enjoy it together.

Cook together - What is more romantic than cooking together? Sure, you might be in separate spaces, maybe even separate states but that doesn't mean you can't share time cooking. Or give the gift of an elegant cooking utensil, along with doing an online cooking class at the same time via Sur La Table.

Catch a sunrise or sunset - virtually - How about capturing the sunrise or sunset with each other? The beauty of this idea isn't just in the event itself, though Mother Nature rarely disappoints, but in the planning. Pick one that fits both schedules and then admire the view together.

Send a care package - Go ahead and load up on the Valentine tried and true favorites - chocolate, wine, and cheese and have it delivered it to your valentine. Of course, we are big fans of the gift baskets too, where you can simply choose from your favorite options and rest assured that the best items have already been carefully selected.

Let's be clear - most of us would prefer to spend Valentine's in-person with the ones we love. But if that's not possible, then these ideas can go along way towards creating a special memory. Even better - these aren't just for lovers - use any of the above ideas to celebrate Galentines too!

How will you celebrate this year? Share your ideas with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Top 20 wristbands with a message

During the early 2000's, wristbands were an accessory that was worn by practically everyone. From stacking, to wearing wristbands by theme, to simple and crazy designs, wristbands were "it" and they were worn not only for style but also for purpose. Some of us might think that this trend was cringey or out of style, but it was definitely an iconic accessory that 2000 kids will truly remember. We might not remember most, but there were a handful of wristbands and bracelets that were considered cool. During the time of Claire's, Limited Too, and Hot Topic, they were one of the hottest stores to shop at, from t-shirts to accessories, and most especially wristbands!

Most of our peers including yourself rocked these bracelets on a daily basis- wearing them stacked definitely weighed our arms down, but the different colors, and designs made us unique in our own way. A go-to accessory to every pre-teen or even teen, the wristband trend was an essential in every boy or girl's closet. Since the 2000's are going back in style, wristbands might have a come back. If you wish to stay up to date with the trends of today or you want to start the trend of wearing wristbands again, then knowing the best kinds of wristbands and where to buy ones are essential. Here are the top 20 wristbands with a message that we think you might love:


This store has practically all kinds of wristbands you can every imagine. From rubber bracelets, to silicone bracelets, printed wristbands, custom bracelets, you name it, they have it! With, you can avail a coupon that can give you deals from this exact store!

  1. 3/4" Tyvek Wristbands Solids - these wristbands are made from synthetic paper called DuPont Tyvek. It is water resistant, strong, recyclable and comfortable.
  2. Solid Color Silicone Wristbands - If you are looking for a wristband for long term use, this wristband is for you. It is made from soft, comfortable silicone with a 2mm depth/thickness. This is great for those who want a simple band because these do not have any design. But, if you want to be creative, this is also great for custom silicone wristbands!
  3. Plastic Wristbands Solids - These are made from a flexible and stretch-resistant plastic which are constructed with a one-time use, plastic snap. This wrist bands is great for concerts, or parties that are intended to be cut right after.
  4. Vinyl Wristbands Solids - Looking for the most durable wristband? These are made from 3 layers of vinyl material. Though they are constructed for one time use, this wristband is great for theme parks or sports events that cause a lot of physical action.
  5. 1" Tyvek Wristbands Solids - Like the 3/4" Tyvek Wristband Solids, this wristband is made from synthetic paper called DuPont Tyvek. It is water resistant and comfortable to wear making it perfect for short time wear.
  6. 3/4" Desgin Tyvek Wristbands - Looking for creative that you can custom to your own liking? These wristbands are for you! You can choose a variety of color coat and design. Even better- if you're not into embossed printed bands, this bracelet can easily uphold permanent marker.
  7. 1" Design Tyvek Wristbands - Like the 3/4" Design Tyvek Wristbands, these bands are also great for custom use! Add a message, and customize it to your preferred color too! If you are hesitant to produce printed silicone bands, this is a more eco friendly option as it is made from synthetic paper called DuPont Tyvek.
  8. Vinyl Cash Tag 3 Tab Wristbands - This wristband includes 3 removable stubs. The stubs are numbered and the band is imprinted with the disclaimer "Stubs void detached". These are great ticket alternative used for redemption rides, food, and drink. This band is commonly used in theme parks in the united states.
  9. Tyvek Halloween Edition - This themed wristband is fun for the halloween season! Bands such as Happy Halloween Hands, Spooky Ghosts, Orange Bats, Pumpkin Vines, Everything Pumpkin, are great if you want ink injected custom wristbands for your halloween needs. This product is special and high quality, great for halloween give aways too!
  10. Tyvek Party Edition - Having a party? Consider the Tyvek Red Balloons, or the Tyvek Let's Party bracelet that will give your party for pizzaz and color!

There are so many wristbands that you can purchase nowadays, it can be quite overwhelming. But if you are still having a tough time choosing the right one for you, we have here another list that also make the top 20 best wristband cut. Here are a few that we think might interest you:

  1. Tyvek Animal Edition - What's your favorite animal? The Tyvek Red Penguins, Tyvek Owl, Tyvek 3/4" Penguins, are the cutest you will fin in any store, and the best part? there are so many colors to choose from! Customers love this design the most.
  2. 3/4" Tyvek Golden General Admission - Looking to find wristbands with a message that will surely be used for your DIY movie party? This wristband is great for movie themed events that will surely give off a cinema vibe. Silicone wristbands may be too much for an event such as this so these Tyvek wristbands are perfect!
  3. Yoyony Inspirational Leather Cuff Bracelet - A great gift idea and a powerful bracelet, the Yoyony leather cuff bracelet is not only cute but also includes a message that a friend or loved one might appreciate. This bracelet is unique in its own way due to its high quality and beautiful engraving.
  4. Jewelry Nexus Positive Energy Stretch Wrist Band - Another wristband with a message, this bracelet has a very quirky yet elegant design. Engraved is a statement such as "I love you because" at the front and "You are an incredible mom" at the back for subtlety. A great gift for your lovedo ones as well!
  5. Fanstown Luke Calum Titanium Letter Diamond Wrist band Bracelet - An absolutely luxe product, customers order this bracelet online. It is great for those who are huge fans of the band 5SOS or 5 Seconds of Summer.
  6. Inspirational Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet by Yoyony - a simple engraved bracelet great for everyday use.
  7. Yoyony Silver Stamped Inspirational Bracelet - A great wristband for any occasion with its subtle design and simple message.
  8. Adjustable Cuff Bracelet by Qina C - Another simple but beautifully engraved piece. The best part? it's in gold! Perfect for gold wearers.
  9. Inspirational Positive Energy Stretch Wrist Band by Jewelry Nexus - An engraved message bracelet with a unisex design. Perfect for any gender!
  10. Inspiration Quotes Wristbands by Inkstone - Cute and inspiring silicone bracelets such as this one is great for everyday wear as it is not only durable, but also stylish.

What Everyone Really Needs Under The Christmas Tree This Year

First, let's celebrate making it to December! It's been a long, hard year and it's ok to feel a little exhausted at this point. Anyone else find themselves shopping extra carefully this season to find the perfect gifts to place under the tree?

We think it may be the need to spread extra joy or a stronger desire to demonstrate how much we care about those we love, even when we get to see them less. Whatever the reason, we are searching high and low for the best gifts we possibly can this year.

Believe it or not, we've also found a single theme that can fit pretty much everyone on our list: the great outdoors. Never has the outside looked so good! Whether it's camping, hiking, or just walking around the block we are finding the perfect something for everyone at Craghoppers right now. Of course, we will also be using the deals, discounts and coupons to cut costs as we shop.

About Craghoppers

Craghoppers started with the simple idea of turning a passion for travel into a business. Now, 55 years later, the company is a well-trusted leader for outdoor and adventure clothing and accessories.

They believe in products that are mindfully made, sustainably sourced, and intentional about the impact to the environment.

What We Love For Her

Though we want to become daring outdoor explorers in our near future, our main priorities at the moment are to stay both active and warm as we approach a COVID-winter.

These leggings make a great base layer for winter, or stand alone in the warmer months.

This winter hooded jacket is a bit of a splurge, but thanks to its high quality, we also know it will last forever. Thanks to Thermapro fill and faux fur hood, this jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm for all those walks around the neighborhood or a hike at a national park.

Keeping the budget in mind, this winter hat with microfleece lining and adorable pom-pom is the perfect gift that can ring in under $25 (with coupons).

What We Love For Him

For our fellas this year, we are opting for the relaxed pullover half-zip. Now that most of our guys work from home, this can be worn daily around the house, or under a larger jacket when heading out.

Our guys love a good rain jacket too and this navy one is perfect with its waterproof design and built-in hood. Our favorite feature though? The odor control and ability to pack small.

For a smaller gift that still feels special, this clever tube scarf fits the bill. Not only can it be layered in the winter, but has special Insect Shield® anti-insect treatment and built-in moisture control.

These are just a few of the amazing items we've found at Craghoppers. There are so many more possibilities for every member of your family or for you fun-loving outdoor adventure friends. Be sure to scope out the sale section, where you can save up to 60% off, and definitely don't forget the coupons to save on your purchases!

Find nearby LAX parking

Question: Would you rather park at the airport before taking your flight or is the thought of doing this nearby Long Angeles airport sounds more tempting and reasonable to you? If you’re a semi-resident of the LAX, you know it’s wiser to find the nearest parking near LAX that is cost-effective and won’t give you a hard time with your travel to and from the airport. But why should you never park at the LAX parking spot and go opt for off-airport long term parking as well as short term parking? Let’s find out. 

How much is the parking at LAX?

Some parking in LAX offers a service called “self-park” for $7.95 with no in and out access mainly because of the pandemic. LAX personnel is there to assist you in the airport parking area. Here are some of the regular things to remember:

  • Take note of your drop off date and pick up date in your reservation slip
  • Allow more time since there inevitable road construction at LAX and nearby areas that are happening. 
  • Mostly, reservations are by calendar date. It will be your sole choice which date you’ll pick.
  • There are no considerations or exemptions when it comes to leaving your vehicles until the end of the parking reservation.

But did you know that Way offers lower parking rates? They have the cheapest rate for outdoor LAX parking which starts at $7 per day while indoor parking can be expected to be from $10-$15 per day. So imagine just preparing to pay around $20 for an airport LAX valet parking with a safe and convenient experience.  It's near LAX Those carrying oversized vehicles can use parking at  Economy Lot E for just $12 per day.

Where can I park my car at LAX?

Way is more than happy to assist you as you check out the Central Terminal Area (CTA) parking garages with more than 8000 spaces - this makes them the largest parking areas in Long Angeles airport. The CTA has 8 buildings that are being used as parking and you may want to know that you won’t press for time since they are just opposite the streets from airport terminals. You can park ideally for an hour, long-term,  hourly, long-term, or even overnight parking. Their parking rates are $4/half-hour and $40/day.

What is the best LAX parking?

Besides the CTA airport parking, Way can also assist you with the Economy Lot E arrangement park. They have 2,690 spaces on a "first-come-first-serve" rule. They have $4 Rates are $4/hour and $12/day. Take advantage of the free point to point-free shuttles. Shuttles are available every 15 minutes plus 24-hour accessibility. If you want to be sure where to meet them upon arrival, look for the Los Angeles airport shuttle sign facing the terminal entrance and wait for the shuttle to be taken back to the parking where you left your vehicle.

There are also other ways to maximize your airport parking through the help of Way and as you make use of Way promo code 2020. EV charging is accessible on P-1, P-6, and P-7 CTA parking. There are level III Fast Chargers in P-1 which can charge your vehicle in 20 minutes or less. They set a parking limit of 30 minutes for utilizing Level III charges but the good thing about it is the Parking limit of 30 minutes for use of Level III chargers but electricity can be utilized for free. 

LAX short-term airport parking is also available at all parking lots. Parking rates start at $5 for your first hour then go up to by the hour for $4 every 30 minutes after applicable at all CTA parking buildings. These structures are located near LAX airport terminals, making them the most convenient option for short-term parking.

Meanwhile, LAX is available at all Central Terminal Area parking and Economy Lot E. Take note of the daily maximum rate of $40 considering this is already the most affordable option for long-term parking at Long Angeles airport. There is a myriad of parking choices near Los Angeles International Airport with an average rate of $8 per day. You can count on Economy Lot C and E or check out other nearby parking spots that readily offers free round-trip shuttles to LAX airport parking lots.

Where can I park for free in LAX?

Los Angeles International Airport parking at all Central Terminal Area garages is free for the first 15 minutes. Also, the 24-hour Cell Phone waiting lot is free for 2 hours. This is ideally used by bikers or motorists waiting for their passengers at the Central Terminal Area. This is located on 96th St near the entrance into the LAX airport parking. Just remember that Airport shuttle services are not available at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot.

Now that you know who can help you the next time you're looking for parking at LAX, don't forget to check out all the available Way Promo Code 2020!

20 dos and don’ts for your precious granite counters

Granite is a natural stone that is commonly used as floor or wall tiles or even as countertops. Granite countertops are of high quality and are something worth it to invest in. It is scratch-resistant and really heavy duty and robust. It will take a really long time before it shows some wear and tear. Granite is also heat resistant making it a good option as a kitchen countertop because it is safe near a range or a cooktop or with hot dishes. It is also fairly resistant to any stains.

Aside from its strengths in its attributes. It is also visually appealing. The natural appeal of granite is unlike any other, especially when compared to common slabs. It has a wonderful texture and there are beautiful hues to choose from. Granite countertops can easily complete any home. It can effortlessly complement any design you're going for. Whether it's contemporary, modern, or even something more natural, etc.

Because of its quality and appeal, granite can easily boost a home's value. This will come in handy if you end up selling your house in the future. You don't have to worry about having to fix damages or cover up to wear and tear on your countertops because most likely your granite countertops won't have any. A lot of home buyers also prefer granite counter giving your house a boost above others.

Granite is also fairly priced. It's not as expensive as other natural stone materials. It can also be more affordable when bought in the right place. What makes it worth your money is because you can consider it as an investment. People think they're saving money with a laminated counter but they're actually spending more because while your granite lasts the next 30+ years, other people replace or have their laminated counters repaired at least 3 times already.

If you have a granite countertop or planning to have one installed, it is extremely helpful and important that you know how to clean your granite.

  1. Sealing the countertop can maintain its quality.
  2. Make sure that your granite countertop is sealed correctly so that it does not absorb any liquid that can cause stains like wine, juice, or oil.
  3. The sealant can wear off over time and it is important that you reseal your countertop.
  4. Although granite counters are really durable, make sure you don't drop anything heavy on your countertop. Applying too much weight on one spot can cause granite countertops to crack or break because unlike other countertops, granite countertops are very hard but not flexible.
  5. Use a mild solution of water and soap for cleaning it will remove dirt and grime.
  6. Avoid spilling acidic substances on granite countertops like tomato juice, coffee, or wine.
  7. If you do spill any acidic substance make sure to clean it up immediately.
  8. Blot put spills with a soft cloth like a microfiber cloth.
  9. You can also use a soft sponge to clean your granite countertop.
  10. Do not brush your granite countertop or use anything with rough or abrasive surfaces.
  11. Do not clean your countertop with lemon juice, oils, vinegar, or anything acidic.
  12. Don't use cleaners with ammonia or bleach on granite countertops.
  13. If you need help with deep cleaning or you need to repair your countertop, don't be hesitant to call an expert that provides professional repair and cleaning.
  14. Avoid keeping creams and lotions on your granite countertop. It is less threatening compared to acidic substances but it is still possible for it to stain granite.
  15. Granite is heat resistant but it is advisable to still use trivet pads and mats or hot pads for your pots and pans just for maintenance.
  16. Use coasters under glasses, bottles, and cans. Granite won't etch especially if it is sealed. This is also just a good practice for countertop maintenance.
  17. Use a cutting board when chopping food. Using a cutting board also just to avoid anything that can harm your granite countertop. Even it won't harm your countertop, cutting on granite can dull or damage your knives.
  18. Invest in a good granite cleaner. A quality cleaner can effectively clean or disinfect and protect your granite countertops.
  19. Every once in a while remove or move aside all the items on your countertop so that you can clean the entire surface. by doing this, you will be able to remove dust, debris, hidden dirt, or gunk the collect around your stuff like containers or appliances, etc.
  20. You can use a stone polish to keep your granite brand new looking. This can remove fingerprints or anything that you can't remove during routine cleaning.

Best granite slabs for granite countertops:

All the listed granite slabs are available at Bedrosian Tile & Stone. Get it at a discounted price by using the tile store online coupon code.

Granite has its advantages but it also has its share of disadvantages. Knowing both the advantages and disadvantages can help you decide what slab to get for your countertops.

Here are 5 disadvantages known to granite.

  1. It has to be sealed. And the seal may wear out eventually so it has to be sealed again.
  2. Has to be installed and repaired professionally. This is to keep the warranty on your granite. Also, granite can also be very heavy.
  3. A lot of people use granite now making it very common. If uniqueness is a factor you take in this is something to think about
  4. It can be cracked or chipped if hit or struck by something really heavy. This isn't that much of a deal-breaker since this happens rarely.
  5. Granite can be expensive for most people. It is on the higher end of the scale.

Compared to the advantages. The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages. But if you're still not convinced there are other materials to choose from.

Other natural stone slabs to choose from:

  • Quartz can be an alternative to granite and marble but also has the restrictions granite and marble has.
  • Porcelain slabs can look like granite, marble, wood, linen, or just about any other natural material you could want with none of the care requirements, maintenance issues, and usage restrictions.
  • Marble is a timeless choice for any home because of its appeal and effect to make any house look more beautiful or luxe. However, despite its appearance marble is porous and it is high maintenance.
  • Quartzite is very durable and easy to take care of. It can also look like marble but without its high care requirements.
  • Dolomite has the appearance of marble but it has the durability of granite. It is also easy to clean, relatively affordable, and inexpensive.

These types of materials are also available in Bedrosian Tile & Stone. Make sure you use the tile store online coupon code at the checkout to get amazing deals.

What are the best outdoor tiles for a patio?

Tiles are an excellent surface for outdoor areas such as decks, backyards, and patios because it is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and more stable and permanent. There are various outdoor tiles to choose from. Design isn't the only factor to be considered when choosing tiles as there are different types of outdoor tiles made from different materials. Learning more about the different types of outdoor tiles will help you select the best one for your deck or patio.

Natural Stone Tiles

This is the most commonly used tiles for outdoor areas because its durability is able to withstand the weather in an outdoor environment. Its characteristics and appeal also suit and blends well in an outdoor setting. The only downside is that it can be more expensive than manmade tiles.

There are different types of natural stone tiles to choose from:

Granite tiles are heavy-duty and robust. It is the most durable compared to other tiles in this category. It is can handle any type of weather. Making this the best option if you live in a place where you experience all four seasons.

Best granite tile:

  • Absolute Black 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Absolute Black 18" x 18" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Absolute Black 12" x 12" Floor & Wall Tile

Marble tiles are slightly less hard and more porous, so it needs sealing to help it withstand foot traffic and the weather. However, its unique characteristic makes it a timeless choice. Its classic vein pattern gives a luxe and sophisticated look. Making it the best choice if you're going for a sleek look. There are marbles with a smooth finish but if you're using it as an outdoor tile it is best to choose slip-resistant marble tiles for your patio.

Best marble tile:

  • White Carrara 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Glorious White 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Iceberg White 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile

Slate tilesare a little softer than granite and marble but it's still tough enough to be able to be used for the outdoor area. Slate is very unique. You can never have the same identical tile. Each and every tile vary in color and texture. It really blends well in an urban environment because of its earthy feel which is perfect if you're going for a natural cue vibe. You can choose from tones such as grey, green, brown, tan, and orange.

Best slate tile:

  • Black Pearl 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Andhra Black 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Butterscotch 16" x 16" Floor Tile

Limestone tiles is softer and more porous compared to the first three.. Limestone tiles should also be sealed liked marble tiles because it shows wear easily. It does not withstand all kinds weather like granite as it is prone to cracking during cold winters and is also really slippery when wet which makes it dangerous during rainy days. However, there is a non-slip tumbled version that is perfect for outdoor tile use. Despite its downside, limestone tiles' are still irresistible because of their unique texture. Limestone has a pale color that ranges from white to brown.

Best limestone tile:

  • Jura Beige 18" x 18" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Jura Grey 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Nova Grey 18" x 18" Floor & Wall Tile

Travertine is a kind of limestone that is mostly made up of calcite. Its texture and composition are comparable to limestone but it is slightly softer and more brittle. Travertine tiles are also needed to be sealed before being used outdoors but even when sealed it is still prone to cracking in very cold areas. Not really the best choice if you live in a place where it is cold most of the time. It is also not showing wear through time not being the best option if you will use your outdoor patio a lot. But if you're looking for outdoor tile for a patio or deck with a warm and golden color, travertine has it.

Best travertine tile:

  • Mediterranean Beige Classic 18" x 18" Floor & Wall Tile
  • Desert Rustic Floor & Wall Tile
  • Silver Mist 18" x 18" Floor & Wall Tile

Manmade Tiles

Porcelain tilesaren't just for bathroom walls and floors. There are actually clay-based porcelain tiles that are non-porous, fade-resistant, water-repelling making it very durable. It is easy to maintain because it takes little effort to keep it clean. It is also weather resistant. It can handle heavy rain during the rainy season and will not crack even during the coldest days of winter. Although, it can be slippery when wet. Porcelain tiles with a matte finish can have a little more grip than those with a glossy finish. There are also high-grade slip resistant porcelain tiles which is the safest option for outdoor use. The only downside of high-grade slip resistant porcelain tiles is it can be expensive and a little harder to clean because of its rougher texture.

Aside from its strengths in its attribute. It is also appealing because of the wide range of colors and patterns to chose from. It can also mimic the look of natural stone tiles without having to be as expensive as natural stone tiles.

Best porcelain tile:

  • Allora 8.5" x 10" Floor & Wall Tile in Solid Black
  • Enchante 8" x 8" Floor & Wall Tile in Moderno
  • Allora 8.5" x 10" Decorative Tile in Stella

Ceramic tiles also have a variety of patterns, styles, and colors. Ceramic tile can also be used for outdoor use. However, if you choose to do so, you have to get a ceramic tile with a high porcelain enamel rating. This means that kind of ceramic tile has high durability. Also, make sure you get a tile that does not have a glossy finish so that it will not be slippery when wet.

Best ceramic tile:

  • Dimensions 12" x 24" Floor & Wall Tile in Beige

Concrete tiles aren't just used for commercial purposes. It is actually a good option if you're going for a contemporary or industrial-looking design. It can be used outdoors because it is undeniable resistant to wear and tear. It is fairly durable. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean. The downside is, concrete is porous and it can stain. Just like the other tiles, it has to be sealed and resealed after 2 to 3 years. It is also prone to cracking especially when exposed to cold temperatures which makes it a bad option if you live in the much colder parts of the country. You should avoid concrete if you encounter hail storms, heavy rains, and snowstorms.

Best concrete tile:

  • Remy 8" x 8" Floor & Wall Tile in Darcy
  • Remy 8" x 8" Floor & Wall Tile in Frame
  • Remy 8" x 8" Floor & Wall Tile in Smoke

All the listed tile above is available at Bedrosians Tile & Stone. Save money when you use the tile shop promo code at check out.

Best shower wall tiles for your home renovation

Choosing bathroom wall tiles for your home renovation is enjoyable but it also can be a little overwhelming especially with the amount of design to choose from. Should you go for something dark or light? Big or small? Shiny or Matte? Solid color or something with pattern? The choices are endless. It can be stressful especially if you are indecisive because you're constantly asking yourself if you're making the right choice. After all, it is something you'll see everyday that's why it is understandable because the wall tile you choose can make or break the design of your bathroom. Shower wall tiles set the tone or vibe for the look you are going for and it is the first thing that is noticeable inside the shower.

Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing wall tiles for your home renovation:

Tile Size

Generally, you can base the tile size you're getting with the size of your bathroom so that it compliments the room.

For smaller bathrooms, longer tiles, something like a subway tile, is helpful in making a place look wider than it actually is when placed horizontally. By using the same tile but laying it out vertically, can make a room look taller.

Best shower tiles for smaller bathrooms:

  • Cloe 2.5"x 8" wall tile in white
  • Traditions 4" x 10" wall tile in ice white
  • Makoto 2" x 10" matte Ceramic Wall Tile in Shoji White


Using lighter colors can also make the bathroom bigger. If there is no window, light colored tiles can help it look brighter. Using dark tiles for smaller rooms can make it look and feel tight and suffocating.

But don't avoid dark colors completely. Dark tiles can be used to add a sense of depth to a space.


Patterns can really make a wall more visually appealing. It adds character to the bathroom. Patterned tiles can also be used as an accent when used with plain tiles.

However, using busy patterns all over the bathroom walls should also be avoided if you have a small bathroom. It's okay to use it as a backsplash or on just one side of the walls but keep the rest plain.


The material used also affects the texture of the shower wall which is the tactile quality of the tiles.

The material of the shower wall tile affects how you will clean your shower walls. There are two categories to choose from: natural stone and manmade tiles. Natural stone has great characteristics but it has high care requirements and is also harder to clean because of its natural pits, dips and crevices. You also need to seal it for protection and to maintain its quality. On the other hand, manmade tiles are great for home renovations on a budget and they are also easy to maintain and clean. However, manmade tiles lack the uniqueness natural stone has.

Natural stone shower tiles:

Marble has always been a timeless choice for interior design. It has characteristics that will make a room more luxe and sophisticated. There are also different colors and patterns to choose from.

Best marble shower tiles:

  • White Carrara 12" x 24" floor and wall tile
  • Calacatta 3" x 16" floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 1" x 1" floor and wall mosaic

Limestone is softer than other natural stones so it can be scratched.

Best limestone shower tiles:

  • Jura grey 1"by1" floor and wall mosaic
  • Jura grey 24"x24" floor and wall tile
  • Jura beige 18"18" floor and wall tile

Granite is very dense and robust. It is highly resistant to damages and any signs of wear.

Best granite shower tiles:

  • Absolute black 3" x 12" floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 12" x 24" floor and wall tile
  • Absolute black 1" x 1" wall mosaic

Manmade shower tiles:

Ceramic Tiles are affordable and easy to maintain but isn't as durable as porcelain tiles. However, a bathroom isn't a high traffic area making it still a viable choice for a shower tile.

Best ceramic shower tiles:

  • Traditions 3"x6" wall tile in ice white
  • Makato 2"x10" matte ceramic wall tile in kumo grey
  • Grace 4"x12" wall tile in bianco

Porcelain Tiles are denser than ceramic. It extremely durable and easy to clean.

Best porcelain shower tiles:

  • Allora 8.5" x 10" floor and wall tile in solid black
  • Allora 8.5" x 10" decorative tile in telaio
  • Vivace 4" x 4" decorative tile in rice motif
  • Tesoro 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in white

Glass Tiles are versatile, durable, and easy to clean.

Best glass shower tiles:

  • Hamptons 3" x 6" wall tile in white linen
  • Hamptons 4" x 12" wall tile in surf
  • Verve 6" x 20" wall tile in tinsel grey


Finishes affects the visual quality of the tile. There are also two categories for finishes. The first one being stone and the second one being ceramic and porcelain.

Choosing what finish you want to use will depend on what look you are going for. Are you going for a more natural look, contemporary, modern, or rustic?


Polished finish tiles go under a series of polishing wheels with increasing finer pads using water and polishing compound to assist the process. The result makes a smooth and shiny tile that is perfect for design that wants the feeling of luxury and glamour.

Best polished finish tiles:

  • Calcatta 12" x 12 floor and wall tile
  • Calcatta 18" x 18" flooar and wall tile
  • Absolute black 3" x 6" wall tile.

Honed finish tiles go through the same process as polished but goes through a fewer number of wheels. The results makes a smooth matte finish. Honed finish is very casual looking and it reflects very little light that which is perfect for those who wants to go fo a contemporary design

Best honed finish tiles:

  • Metro 2.0 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in greensky
  • Urban 2.9 12" x 24" floor and wall tile in raven black
  • Metro 2.0 2" x 2" floor and wall mosaic in acadia

Tumbled finish tiles are made by putting the tiles into a large drum filled with aggregate and then it is shaken. The aggregate wears down the surface of the stone. The result gives it a rough surface and more round edges. Tumbled finish is perfect for a more rustic looking design.

Best tumbled finish tile:

  • Absolute black 4" x 4" floor and wall tile.

Ceramic and porcelain

Matte finish tiles are covered with a non shiny glaze that is applied with an ink jet machine or in a waterfall stream glazing method. The results makes a flat finish that does not reflect light. This is also perfect for a contemporary look.

Best matte finish tiles:

  • Allora 7.5"x 12.75" floor and wall tile in solid black.
  • 360 3/4" x 3/4" floor and wall mosaic in white matte
  • Makoto 10" x 11.5" Hexagon Matte Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile in Kumo Grey

Gloss finish can be mistaken with a polished finish but it is made extremely different. Gloss finish tiles are created with a glossy glaze instead of a polishing wheel process.

Best gloss finish tiles:

  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in bianco
  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in sabia
  • Grace 4" x 12" wall tile in grigio

All the listed tile recommendations above can be found at Bedrosians Tile & Stone. Get these amazing tiles for a huge discount with the tile com promo code.

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