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New Year’s resolutions are so easily broken, and yet I can never resist the urge to set just a couple each year. I am one of those people that gets a wee bit inspired and optimistic about the promise of a new year and the capacity for change. I will also admit that getting organized is pretty much always on the list. This time, I knew I would need a plan. I wanted some type of accountability and/or direction since I tend to think about getting organized a lot more than actually doing anything about it. 

The January Cure

So, I signed up for  Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. It’s a free, annual event, open to all who sign up. Each day this month, I will receive an email with a task on it to help me achieve my goal of a cleaner, more organized home. By breaking things down daily, it removes that overwhelming feeling I can get when I look at all the things that need attention in my home.

Be sure to sign up now if you want to join in – it’s not too late! Several staff members and other bloggers are posting daily to keep everyone motivated and to share inspiration.

The First Task

I admit I actually woke up with a bit of trepidation about this endeavor. I started to wonder if maybe I was expecting too much and doubted my own commitment. Imagine my joy then when I opened my email and discovered that the first assignment was merely to make a list! How wonderfully clever. After all, lists are how I learned to make menus and save money at the grocery store and get my family on an (almost) monthly budget.

The list involved going through the house and writing down all the things I needed to do in each room. Okay, so I had to stop myself from adding things like – tear out walls and put in custom marble. That’s not going to actually happen this month (or anytime soon). The idea is not get it all done anyway, but rather to look at my house in full and identify where there is room for improvement.

I was able to address the maintenance and organizational items that I avoid. In every single room, I found projects that would make me not only feel more “together” but would boost how I feel about my home if even half were accomplished.


Obviously, there are A LOT of changes I would like to make if given free reign with no money restrictions and an unlimited budget. Coming off the holidays though – let’s just say that money will be very limited for this particular month. So, my big goals (though I broke them down by room for the task) fall into 3 main areas:

  • Clutter – We’ve got knick knack and whatnots all over the place. It must go away!
  • Organization – When we moved in a year ago, we threw everything into a closet or drawer and called it a day. Currently, we spend a lot of time looking for things because nothing has a real “home”.
  • Lighting – I have to watch it because this area gets expensive. However, we have at least 4 lighting “situations” that I feel we can change for very little cost.

So, that’s my breakdown. I will post each week with pictures and a synopsis of how the January Cure is working out for our household. Stay tuned to see if we make it (and stay within budget)!

Oh, and here are some inspiration pics in the meantime:

Emmerson Fry Pantry

Emmerson Fry Pantry

Organized Entry

Organized Entry