New Year’s Eve is one giant celebration. It’s almost impossible not to feel exhilarated by both a  reflection of the past and the optimism of the upcoming year. Unlike most holidays, we have no traditions for New Year’s Eve. We’ve spent it in a variety of ways: big parties, small gatherings, at home with kids. You name it, we’ve done it. Part of the reason I think we’re undecided on how best to spend it is because it’s one holiday where it feels really fun to mix up what you do each year. We’re still unsure of our plans for this year, and so, in an effort to reach a decision, I present the great New Year’s Eve debate: staying in vs. going out.

Staying In

  1. Safety – Well, let’s just go ahead and put safety at the top of the list for this option. Getting out on the road with a bunch of other party people makes this mom more than a little nervous.  Why chance it when you could remain snug and safe at home?
  2. Comfort – In a minute, I will give the exact opposite reason for going out, but still…The holidays are often stressful. Sometimes we are wiped out and just want to be relaxed and comfortable by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. Is that so bad?
  3. Family Time – We’ve also had a few games nights with the kids and it’s a terrific way to spend New Year’s Eve. We discuss our highs and lows from the past year and set our new goals for the next year. It’s pretty fun to ask kids what they hope will happen in the next year. It’s certainly not about losing weight or making more money!

Going Out

  1. Fun – I know that sounds simplistic, but the energy level of everyone on New Year’s Eve is quite contagious. Once I had the opportunity to spend it in another country and it was incredible to laugh and cheer and ring in the new year with compete strangers!
  2. Fancy – So, sometimes it’s wonderful to get all decked out and impress your date for the night. New Year’s is one of those holidays where you can get away with some pretty format attire for no good reason. Why not break out your most glamorous outfit and go all out?
  3. Memories – Big holiday celebrations tend to stand out for us over time. It’s good to mix in a few grand New Year’s Eve parties ever now and then to remember for years to come.

New Year’s will be fantastic whichever way we decide to spend it, whether it’s at home on the couch in our pajamas with bowls of ice cream and a movie-a-thon, or out on the town with friends, dressed to the nines. This year, we may even try to incorporate  some new traditions on New Year’s Day, like eating black-eyed peas for good luck. If you have fun traditions for us to consider, please let me know!

If you’re still undecided on how to spend your New Year’s Eve, here’s an interesting read on New Year’s traditions from around the world. It may prove a little bit of inspiration for your holiday celebration