The OSIM uHarmony is a new full-body massage chair that began shipping this week from and became available in select Brookstone stores throughout the country. If some of you are not familiar with OSIM, they manufacturer products aimed towards healthy living, and most of their products are massage-related. As with many OSIM Massage Chairs, the uHarmony combines the massage experience with music. There are speakers that are actually built-in to the chair so you don’t have to wear any headphones. In addition to the musical-massaging experience, the uHarmony adds heat therapy to deepen the effects of the massage.

You’ll also find many of the standards of OSIM massage chairs, such as programmable massage programs and a neat LCD remote that shows you where you are being massaged. In case you didn’t know already! OSIM has a long-line of massage chairs with different features, you can find the entire line offered by Brookstone here. Like the rest of Brookstone’s OSIM massage chairs, the OSIM uHarmony comes with free shipping! This is a very valuable discount when you are ordering a large item. Many online stores will charge you hundreds of dollars for shipping that you don’t find out about until you are ready to check out. Initial reviews of the OSIM uHarmony are very favorable as OSIM makes high-quality products. You can find more about the price for the OSIM uHarmony and all the coupons you can use with at the OSIM uHarmony Coupon Comparison page. Stay savvy, shoppers.