Tea tree creamsMany shoppers are making the switch to organic products to avoid being exposed to potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily. The focus on natural ingredients is most often directed toward food products, with a blind eye taken to the goods we consume in other ways. Cosmetics and other personal care items should no doubt be treated to the same inspection given to other products that are introduced to the body.

Concerns over Traditional Ingredients

What a number of people are unaware of is that the FDA does not approve ingredients used in cosmetic products, except for color additives, before they hit the market. That is not to say that there aren’t restrictions put on some ingredients, when using high enough quantities are proven to be dangerous. The majority of regulations imposed by the FDA regarding cosmetics affect the labeling of products, requiring customers to keep themselves informed. Below are a few examples of cosmetic ingredients that have caused concern.

Formaldehyde is a chemical which has been found, in small amounts, as a preservative in a number of products including nail polish, body wash, and hair care items. Exposure to high concentrations of formaldehyde has been known to cause cancer, and although low concentrations may cause skin irritation, short-term exposure is not likely to cause any significant problems.

Phthalates are a common ingredient in a wide array of products, yet it is often unlisted since it is used as part of a fragrance. Unsettling information has come to light over the negative effects that phthalates may have on pregnant women and the development of unborn children.

Parabens have caused a big hype over its possible link with breast cancer. Some brands have reacted to public outcry by avoiding the use of this preservative, and changing their labels accordingly. Other companies continue to use it and claim that there is no proven link with cancer.

More information on the potential toxicity of frequently used ingredients is available online. Medical websites are the best places to begin your search.

Know your Labels

Companies can make the claim that their products are “natural” when only one or two ingredients out of a hundred fit that term. To be certain that a product is not making false claims, check the label to see if it is USDA certified organic. The most important thing you can do when shopping for pure cosmetics is to check the ingredient list. You can find detailed information on the elements within your merchandise by looking them up on websites like this one.

A growing number of people are worried that there is not enough information on the effects of using small amounts of artificial preservatives and dyes over a long period of time. Your skin is your largest organ and is used as a shield for the rest of your body. There are obvious reasons to be concerned about toxic substances in the creams and powders which are applied directly to your skin and absorbed. Think about going organic if you have sensitive skin or would just like to have a better understanding of the products you use.

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