We should probably go ahead and add a subtitle to this week’s post – Epic Fail. Sigh.  Last week, I felt pretty good about my results with the January Cure. This week, however, I just was not able to stay on top of it.

Oh, sure I have reasons and some of them are pretty valid. Yet, isn’t this always the way with resolutions? We start off so motivated that nothing could stand in the way and within a couple of weeks if we aren’t careful, poof – the motivation has magically disappeared, and we are back to where we were in the first place.

Here are a few of the reasons why OTHER people may be in the same boat as me by mid-January. Anyway, here are this week’s spotty results.

Day 6

This one was fairly easy. I was just tasked with finding a piece of art that I had not yet framed. Since we have a downstairs bathroom with giant, blank walls I thought I should look for a piece of art that would fit that space.  Remember though, we are on a BUDGET right now. How was I going to find a large piece of art on the cheap? Thankfully, I remembered a post that Sugar Bee Crafts had done on getting huge black & white pictures mounted on foam board for a total of $13. Bingo! I found a picture that I thought would work in b&w:


And $15 later, I was thrilled with the final product:


Still a lot of blank wall in there, but this photo filled it up nicely. So far, so good.

Day 7

Here’s where it all fell apart. this was a weekend assignment where I was to tackle cleaning the kitchen, organizing it, and making a meal. I did make this incredible meal and I cleaned out exactly one drawer, using my new MadeSmart kitchen organizers from Wayfair. It was incredible, it felt wonderful and I loved it so much…that I promptly left my kitchen alone for the rest of the weekend.  oops.

Before After

 Days 8 & 9

Okay, nothing happened on these. Not one thing. Full disclosure: I didn’t even open the emails the past couple of days.

I was feeling rather down and beating myself up a bit until I remembered that falling off for a couple of days does NOT have to de-rail me completely from my goal. So, I am committing again to catching up and delivering the results of my new efforts for the January Cure next week. And in the meantime, I will be reading a lot of motivational quotes such as this one:

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to to get started to be great. -Les Brown