We have some results to share after the first round of assignments from the Apartment Therapy January Cure.  Honestly, I faltered a bit. I missed a day and had to do make it up the next go around, but even that wasn’t so bad. What makes this whole process so wonderful is how easy it is to accomplish by just doing the single task assigned! So, ready to see how we stacked up?

Last week I shared with you about Day 1. That left me motivated and excited about things. Then again, making a list of things I want to do is never difficult and always makes me feel like I am an efficient person.  Moving on…

Day 2

The assignment for Day 2 was Weekend Chores. It was basically 3 tasks in one: buy flowers, clean floors and stock up on green cleaners. Oh, and by clean floors – they meant ALL of the floors.

  • Flowers –  Just like AT promised, this simple act was like a gift to myself. The beauty of fresh flowers is undeniable isn’t it? This yellow mums up top were some of what I bought. I went ahead and picked up some single stems to place throughout the house so I could see flowers everywhere.
  • Floors – This was the task I dreaded. Having had a large family gathering for the holidays, my floors were trashed. What I didn’t realize though was how incredibly uplifted I felt after they were are all clean again! It also reminded me of the things I like about each room in my house.
  • Green Cleaner – Since we are trying to be both green and frugal, I remembered the post that Ruth from Living Well Spending Less had done with receipts on making your own household cleaners. Love, love, love being able to use these and cut out the cost of several store bought cleaners.

Day 3 & 4


So, obviously Day 3 is the one I skipped and then had to combine. Day 3 just required me to sit in a room for 10 minutes to get a fresh perspective on it. I was not supposed to move furniture or clean or anything else. So, I sat in our bedroom, which to me feels dark and cave-like and tried to visualize how it could improve. I got overwhelmed quickly – it seemed like a lot of money was needed to improve things. However, since we are doing the cure frugally, I had to pick which things would be the most bang for the buck and let the rest go.

On Day 4, it was back to a tangible task: Create An Outbox. This is an area that can get messy, where I place things for up to a week in order to decide their fate. I picked the closet closest to the front door. The coats hanging in there – they aren’t even the ones that get used. They just live in that closet, taking up space. The stuff on top – yes, I use that for my Physique 57 workout.  Anyway, I am excited to see what else lands in the Outbox and how it can help eventually organize my house.

Day 5

Day 5 was the real deal – time to pick a project from my original list and start the prep work for how to accomplish it. Well, my pantry is the absolutely what I want to tackle. I know that the Emerson Fry pantry is a bit unattainable with my budget and actual pantry space. However, just look at this one from Shanty 2 Chic:

organized Pantry

Oh, be still my organized little heart. And they list out which products they used to help achieve this. I can’t wait to dive in and create my own version!

Get ready for some afters later…because THIS is what the before is like


Granted, the layout is not exactly the same, but the first step for us is to remove those ridiculous doors.

Can you tell I am excited? I feel like this will be a huge step in organizing within our household.  Please share any tips you might have on pantry organization! Also – if  you have more green cleaner options, we are always looking for new possibilities.

Stay tuned for next week as we continue with the January Cure or follow us on Twitter as we will be talking about it there too!

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