Oh my, we are almost to the end of the January Cure challenge! What an event it has been too. There have been ups and downs as I’ve attempted to tackle this inspiring organizational front on my home. However, now the finish line is in sight {and I may be on the floor by the end} but I am going to see it through! Let’s look at how week four turned out overall.¬†

Day 14

The task for Day 14 was to tackle cord clutter. Well, one advantage of having a bit of OCD in one’s blood is that things like cords make you CRAZY. Thus, we embraced wireless everything pretty early on. If you have not done this yet, go right now to TigerDirect and order a wireless keyboard and mouse. Then, get your charging station organized (or tucked into a drawer) and you are all set.

Day 15

Time to clean out the bathroom vanities. Again, this another area where I tend to keep things neat. I am not a fan of under the sink storage anyway, so we keep it to the bare minimum. Instead of showing you pictures of my organized bathroom cabinets, I thoughtI would share this gorgeous shower instead. A bathroom remodel is in my (faraway) future and I’ll take this please, complete with those wood storage bowls.

Day 16

It was organize your media time. Since our “built-ins” are in a highly visible front room, we have to stay on top of this one. We cleaned up a bit and rearranged to make it all lovely, like so:

library shelves

You can tell the bottom shelf still needs some attention and those National Geographics are bound to pile up quickly if we continue to save them all. Personally, I find organizing my bookshelf challenging as I want the books to be there, but in an attractive manner. This post from Design Sponge is useful if you share this dilemma.

Day 17

Another weekend project, which meant several tasks at once. The flowers (always), going through the outbox, cleaning the living room, and looking at lighting. Buying fresh flowers each week has become such an uplifting treat for myself. I certainly hope I stick with this habit after January! Cleaning my living room was boring, but necessary. I have to be careful though because sometimes when I clean I want to rearrange, which can take hours of moving things around only to put them right back where they were originally.

The outbox was rather exciting. We got rid of or moved everything in it to a new home. We decided to turn the whole closet into a little landing strip for the kids. They now have a specific spot, right by the front door, to drop off coats, backpacks, umbrellas, hats and shoes.

Also, looking at lighting was fun. Sure, overhead lights can be extravagant and expensive. However, one of the cheapest ways to add a splash or change it up is to swap out a lampshade. Target has some of the cutest ones for under $20 too! We picked up a couple online, and I can used my coupon for them, which also made me very happy. And we replaced a hall light with a very inexpensive drop light kit from Home Depot. I love all the color it has and the employees there are so wonderful about explaining installation tips!


Okay, so I am worn out now. How about you? Have you stuck with your January Cure? I am excited to finish strong and post my “big” project, which is the pantry make-over. Only a few more days to go!