Have you waited until the (almost) last minute to find your Halloween costume this year? Never fear! We’ve got some solid advice around both how to save on and how to DIY your Halloween costume this time.

Be flexible and creative – The more wiggle room you allow for flexibility and creativity the better chance you have of finding a great costume on the cheap. In other words, if you absolutely have to be Wonder Woman with all the brand-friendly gear, prepare to pay premium prices. However, if you open it up to chance, you may just find a great deal on a different costume – like this Cinderella costume for only $13.50!

Shop NOW – You still have plenty of time to take advantage of free shipping offers , as well as special deals (lots of 20% off coupons right now!). But act within the next week or you may be cutting it too close on delivery.

Wait ‘til the last minute – So, this is a risky move but waiting until the actual day of Halloween means costumes are already being marked down significantly. Of course, many things are already picked over too. It’s a gamble, but could potentially mean scoring big on a cool costume that would normally be too expensive.

Social media – Readers of this blog know my love for social media sites to grab great gear. Neighborhood community apps, Facebook, and Instagram are all excellent places to scour for gently used costumes.

Shop your closet – I recently asked my spouse if it was sad or just odd that for the past couple of Halloweens we’ve managed to make costumes from items in our own closet. Throw open your closet doors, put on your thinking cap and dig around to see what treasures you can find.

Trade – Another favorite tactic is to barter. Check in with families who have kids older than yours and see if they have a costume chest they’d be willing to let your family go through. Offer to reciprocate and you may just find yourself with a killer costume that cost nothing

Still not sure that you can throw something together quickly that will work? Here’s some inspiration for you on last minute costumes. Going as a group? This post should give you plenty of options.

Just remember – unless you are entering a costume contest, most costumes can be thrown together fairly organically and tend to look better than you think!