When it comes to traveling, one issue that people tend to come across is how to get from their home to the airport. You can commute by taking a bus, but that might take some time, or by booking a taxi, but you can’t guarantee availability. If you decide to bring your own vehicle, you will have to consider parking it long term near the airport.

What does long term parking mean?

Essentially, long term parking means parking your vehicle for more than a day. If you have no other way to travel to the airport other than your own personal vehicle, and you don’t have anyone to drive for you, then you will need to park your vehicle near the airport. This means if you are flying out for longer than a few hours, you will be parking long term at the airport parking.

If you live in Washington, D. C., you will probably be flying out of Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD). IAD airport is located only 33 miles west of downtown Washington D. C.

The Washington Dulles Airport has several parking options for short term and long term parking. They have different parking rates as well, specifically for valet parking, garage parking, economy parking, and terminal parking. For the terminal parking, they allow both daily parking and parking per hour. Both the garage parking and economy parking lots are separate from the terminal building but Dulles Airport has a shuttle bus to help you get around. Garages 1 and 2, which have electric vehicle charging stations, are right beside the terminal but the economy lot is a bit further but still near Dulles Airport. As you can see IAD airport parking is very convenient and definitely better than trying to find hotel parking near IAD.

How much is parking at Washington Dulles International Airport?

Dulles Airport has different long term and short term parking rates for its airport parking, depending on how and where you are going to park. Although, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the Dulles Airport parking options are currently closed; specifically, the valet parking, Garage 2, and the economy parking lot. Currently, Garage 1 parking is discounted at only $10 per day and $6 per hour, which are the economy lot rates. On a regular day, Garages 1 and 2 cost $17 per day. IAD Terminal parking costs $20 per day from the regular $25 per day.

If you are at Dulles airport to pick up an arriving passenger, you may consider the Cell Phone Lot. The Cell Phone Lot was specifically designed for people who are only at IAD to fetch an arriving passenger; waiting at the curb for too long may result in a parking ticker and/or towing. This lot can be used free of charge but only up to one hour.

How do I get to the Cell Phone Lot?

To reach the Cell Phone Lot, from Dulles Access Highway or the Dulles Toll Road, stay on the right lane and take the SERVICES exit (The Marriot Lake should be on your right). Bear right onto Aviation drive. Stay on the right lane until you reach the Aviation Drive and Autopilot Drive intersection. Take a right and the Cell Phone Lot entrance should be on your right.

How do I save money on Dulles Long Term Parking?

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