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Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, once said, “Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” As winter packs its bags to go, spring readies to arrive. In celebration of spring, many of us undertake the yearly challenge of spring-cleaning. Whether it’s to welcome the coming season or to take advantage of the warming and lengthening days, spring-cleaning is as much a ritual as it is an act of cleanliness. Here are a few ways to make your foray into de-cluttering or organizing your home as easy and effective as possible.

Update Your Appliances

If your vacuum, mop, or washing machine is on the fritz, now is the time to think about upgrading. There are many great sales this time of year, and coupons to help ease the cost of buying a new appliance. If you dread to clean because your vacuum is on its last legs, your mop mopes instead of wipes, or your washing machine isn’t removing dirt – make it easier on yourself and look into a timely, cost-efficient upgrade! Sears is in the midst of their Home Sale and you can save big bucks with a coupon: click here

Use a Checklist

It’s easy to rush into cleaning, but if you take the time to make a list of cleaning supplies, areas of the rooms you really want to target (i.e. cleaning out closets, de-cluttering under sinks, touching up trim or polishing ceiling fans), and products needed – you will have a road map to follow. When there’s a straight path, it’s hard to get lost (or overwhelmed)! Here’s a helpful checklist already made for you from Martha Stewart’s website: click here


It’s easy to clutter a home. While most of us don’t qualify for hoarders, we may find we hang onto items we don’t really need. Use the 12-month rule: if you haven’t used an item in a year, do you really need to keep it? Donate the excess items to your local Goodwill, or host a community yard sale! For the clutter you do want to keep, consider using containers to store efficiently. Label your containers based on goods inside (such as kitchen cleaning supplies or winter gloves) then store under beds, sinks, or in closets. Stack so you can easily access the items, and you will be surprised at how great an organized closet or attic will feel!

Make it a Family Affair

While not the traditional bonding activity, spring-cleaning doesn’t have to be a one-man or one-woman show. Kids can have fun labeling containers, working for a reward, or dancing to the beat. Music inspires movement, so be sure to keep a steady flow of great songs to sing and dance along to as you clean. You never know, it might inspire a family dance off or Harlem shake! See the Miami Heat Harlem Shake: click here

Get Inspired

Spring-cleaning is also a great time to find inspiration for changing the mood to your home. As you clean, consider what you want each space to say about you and your family. If you find it doesn’t quite achieve the aesthetic you’re hoping – consider new pillows, throws, or images for the walls. There are simple and affordable ways to spruce up your home, and after all the work you’ve done to get it clean, you surely deserve to treat yourself right! Upgrade your look for less from our home décor stores: click here

Spring-cleaning is a chore, but it’s also a reward. An attitude of gratitude can go a long way, but so can a little organization, making the job a family affair, and giving yourself an incentive. As Agatha Christie once said, “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” You never know what you’ll discover when cleaning your house, or where spring-cleaning will lead!

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