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The bubble tea (or boba tea on the west coast) craze is not going anywhere anytime soon, but did you know there’s a new and dynamic way to enjoy your bubble tea? Yes, you don’t always have to go for the basic tapioca pearls as toppings for your drink. Take your bubble tea to the next level with popping boba.

What is popping boba?

Popping boba (or bursting boba) is a new and popular topping for bubble tea, frozen yogurt, and other drinks. Available in various flavors, this unique boba is filled with real fruit juice that pops in your mouth. With this special bursting boba, you can enjoy a popping sensation in your mouth, which is way better than munching on basic pearls. This popping way of enjoying boba tea is a fun way for a little oomph in your beverage. Warning: popping boba may cause a case of popping addiction.

What are the most popular bursting boba flavors?

Among the most popular flavors for popping or bursting boba is mango, kiwi, strawberry, and passion fruit. You can also enjoy it with other pearls. This topping takes your drinks (or yogurt) to the next level as it adds a fruity flavor. Serve with ice, and you’re popping and ready to go.

What is popping boba made of?

Popping boba or bursting boba is made through the wonders of molecular gastronomy. Molecular gastronomy is a subdiscipline of food science that seeks to investigate the physical and chemical transformations of ingredients that occur in cooking.

For flavored liquids like fruit juices that don’t contain any calcium, the liquid is mixed with a tiny quantity of powdered sodium alginate, then dripped into a bowl filled with a cold solution of calcium chloride.

Adapting the same principle as a teaspoonful of water dropped into a bowl of vegetables makes a little bubble of water in oil, each drop of the alginate liquid forms a small sphere in the calcium solution. Thereafter, during a reaction time of a few seconds, the calcium solution causes the outer layer of each sphere to form a thin, flexible skin. The “Popping Boba” balls have then removed the solution, washed in a bowl of good old’ h20, removed from the water, and saved for later use in food or beverages. And that’s how the popping sensation is made.

Is popping boba bad for you?

A typical cup of bubble tea contains about 50 grams of sugar and 400 to 500 calories, primarily because the tapioca or boba pearls are made of sugary ingredients. Because Popping boba is made of fruit juices, it has a lot of sugar as well. It is not recommended for one to drink bubble tea on a daily basis. It is best to enjoy the refreshing drink every once in a while so please don’t binge it every day. In case of any allergic reaction, it’s recommended to please stop consuming the concoction.

Can I buy popping boba?

While making popping boba or bursting boba can be difficult, the good news is that yes, you can shop for bursting boba online. The Lollicup Store offers its customers a lot of drinks and products. Among which is the popular bursting boba. If you shop now, you can score a lot of amazing deals (including a special price for the bestselling mango bursting boba) in their website. In case you’re not sure which product to try, their contact team will help you shop for the popping or bursting boba (and pearls) that’s perfect for your taste. Contact Lollicup Store today, and they will hook you up with all your popping boba needs.

What else can you do with bursting boba?

The great thing about popping boba or bursting boba is that you can enjoy it in different food and drinks as well. Add a bursting flavor to your basic fruit juice or frozen yogurt with this product. You can even combine it with different toppings, because one is not enough, right? Please don’t overflow the cup with toppings though.

If unopened, popping boba can last up to six months. However, once the lid is opened, it remains fresh for up to two weeks provided that it’s stored in the refrigerator.

Where can I buy popping boba pearls?

Lollicup Store has a wide plethora of popping boba for you to enjoy. They offer popular flavors such as kiwi, mango, strawberry, passion fruit, cherry, and even seaweed extract. Their popping boba is made of real fruit juices so it’s healthier than your average popping boba. The store also offers other products related to boba tea such as pearl balls, straws, and tea flavors.

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