There is one little trick to finishing Christmas shopping before December. In fact, we have one tip that could get everything done in a single day.

Do not go into the stores. Really. Do your Christmas shopping online and you will have a far greater chance of getting everything knocked out early. Why? Well, because the stores are set up to tempt you into spending more time there. That’s why when you shop you may start motivated and intentional but you wind up exhausted and with only half your list knocked out. You begin in toys, but get frustrated by the disorder so you wind up in the knick-knack aisle looking at a bunch of little gifts that you would love to receive but have no one to give them to, right? Next thing you know, you’re in the dressing room trying on Holiday party skirts and no one on your list is getting a darn thing.

So, first things first. Decide if you want to participate in Black Friday shopping in the stores. If so, here’s all the highlights and info you need.  

If not, then here are your other tips to getting things done online!

Get a list going

You may not want to label by Naughty and Nice, but chances are you have price points you plan to stay within for your gift recipients.  The list is essential. Just like a good budget, it will keep you focused and on point. Cross off names as you go and if anyone is to receive multiple gifts, keep a tally beside their name to stay within the allocated funds you have in mind. Another possibility for organizing is to group by gift type: electronic, stocking stuffer, gift basket, etc.

Get a plan going

Before you grab your cup of coffee and commence clicking, know exactly which online retailers you want to use. Just like in the physical stores, there are many many distractions online. Be sure you are ready to hit websites efficiently and according to your list. Don’t look at the ads baiting you in your sidebar. Just keep your gaze front and center and stay focused. Prioritize the gifts most likely to sell out and tackle them first. Or if you plan on grabbing online deals during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, pay close attention to any with time limitations. And never, ever forget your coupons!

Keep the finish line in sight

Finishline in street


Okay, so if the #1 tip is to shop online, the second most important is to just keep going. Get it done, people! Be decisive and get more caffeine as needed. Normally, we would tell you to take a break and eat a decent meal or two. But don’t you just want to be done already so you can enjoy the holidays?!!

Any more tips or tricks we should know? Have you tried a strictly online shopping year yet?  Let us know on our Facebook page!