Furnishing Your Dorm RoomAre you just starting college and getting ready to furnish your dorm room? Are style and budget your two main concerns? Here are some tips on how to create a stylish dorm room on a low budget. Making your room cozy and personal will make you less homesick.


There are many affordable and easy DIY dorm projects online. Pinterest.com is one place to get inspiration. Find a style you like, and make a home away from home. Choose furniture carefully so that it’s in harmony with the style in your mind. The color of everything should complement each other. If space is a big concern, search online for “dorm space saver” to find compact and affordable furnishings. Your bedding should also fit with your style, but should be comfortable. Walmart has some of the lowest prices on most dorm items. If you’re looking for a modern look with clean lines, Chiasso is one place to shop. You don’t like how your floor looks? A small rug can take care of that.

You can easily put a personal touch in your room with wall deco. This can make a huge difference on how your room will look. First, check with your resident adviser (RA) to see  what is permitted before altering any wall or furniture. From wall hangings to furniture, Artful Home has a lot to choose from. If you’re into posters, Allposters.com has wide selection.


If you know what you want your dorm room to look like, but you can’t afford it, here are few tips. For small appliances, get in touch with your roommates and decide who buys what. This will save you some cash. But before that, don’t forget to check if they are permitted by your RA. Small appliances like a refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker are necessary but not cheap items. Instead of shopping wherever you see these, first compare prices in stores like Walmart or eBay. Meanwhile always search for online coupons, then decide who has the final lowest price. Also don’t forget to include tax and shipping to the final cost.

If your budget is very low and you don’t want to invest in new items, buying used is the way to go. When I was in college, I often found used items on our campus closet.  The closet would get donations from the community and students moving away, and sell it to new, incoming students at a low price. Check your college website or ask people who work there to see if your campus is offering a similar service. You can also find used or almost new items at a fraction of their full price on CraigsList.

Don’t forget to add little, but important things onto your dorm room shopping list like plastic hooks, clothes hangers, a mirror, an alarm clock, etc. Leaving your home and going to a totally new environment is a big transition. Once you get to campus, you’ll have a lot to do and explore. By getting your dorm room ready ahead of time, you will have an easier start.

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Have a great college experience!