Don’t we all need to carve out a time to take care and clean leather work boots to make them last longer? For those leather work boots enthusiasts, owning a pair is definitely an exciting treat! Knowing how these boots give your feet the protection and care they need at work or anytime you use them, it is right to learn a thing or two about maintaining and cleaning leather work boots without needing to bring it to a cleaning center but just using most of your household items.

You can get messy with them but that’s all part of the game. If you’re always dealing with cleaning them, you would find out tips effective as we will help you find practical and convenient techniques for your leather work boots.

Preparing to Clean your Boots

Whether it’s your Carolina Waterproof 4×4 Hiker that needs cleaning. Your leather boots need preparation before wearing them. Some of them need braking in the period, some don’t require them anymore, we recommend you still do the dry run by walking around your backyard for a few hours before using them to your job location. If your boots are not waterproof, you can use a waterproofing agent and allow it time to work. Once you’re on the job, your boots always have the tendency to absorb dirt, oil, and water that can stain the materials. Cleaning it often and doing it right saves you the dime and time.

Getting Rid of Stains on Your Leather Work Boo

You can always opt for professional-grade stain removers especially made for leathers or improvise by using household items. Unless it is too heavy of a stain and you’re not comfortable cleaning it on your own, then you can always ask for professional assistance. Otherwise, you can use household products to do it yourself.

Consider these simple tips on how to remove stains on either one of the hundreds of Carolina Footwear designs that you own: 

  1. If it’s leather boots water spots – You can easily re-moisten the area also with water and just give it time to air dry. If it’s inside of your boots, let them dry! just make sure that they are placed in a dry place where air can reach even the interior of your boots. Air dry is key!
  2. Unknown dark spots –  Combine lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply the paste into the specific area of your leather boots where you see any hint of stains and then clean it using a dry cloth or damp cloth. If you can’t still remove it after this step, apply just by dabbing a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol over the spot. 
  3. If you’re dealing with road salt stains – Start by blotting them with a soft, dry cloth dipped in water and vinegar to remove either grease or road salt.

Care for Your Clean Leather Work Boots Even While You Sleep

Another lucrative part of owning leather work boots is storing them the right way. If you want them clean and keep them from smelling stale, place your leather near or on cedar shoe trees as this is the most compatible material for shoe trees. It can absorb moisture and it neutralizes smells and keep the ones that are pleasant. It does more! It smoothens out the insoles and lining of your leather work boots without disfiguring the shape.

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These DIY cleaning materials may be well known but these are still definitely most proven to work:

Baking Soda. Yup! It’s everyone’s secret to maintaining a clean modern society. We are not excepted to believing this to remain truthful until today. To make use of this cleaning item, sprinkle some of this into the specific spot of the work boot where you see dirt or stains. Use a piece of cloth to rub it to the area where you previously applied baking soda. Gently rub not to damage the leather then leave it overnight. This will make the baking soda absorb the stains and dirt and giving it the pampering it also needs. 

Saddle Soap. This is perfect for cleaning your leather boots which have accumulated soil from work or by simply walking. Even if it doesn’t need breaking in, walk around the house for several hours just to get the hang of it and also to prep your boots to work properly prior to officially using it outside.  By wiping the dirt off your boots using a nylon brush. Also, dampen a small piece of clothing to the affected area.  Blow drying your boots is not recommended instead dry it naturally. 

You may also use regular soap to clean leather boots with the help of a dry cloth. Besides the saddle soap, you can also find mild shampoo useful. Apart from the saddle soap, you might also find a mild shampoo helpful. Make this as part of your routine every 2-3 months to make sure your insoles are fully working and spick and span!

Hair Conditioner. Apparently, it’s not just for the hair, you can also clean your boots with a hair conditioner. Without the hassle of cleaning, you can expect this to do its job without too much effort mainly due to its fantastic wax properties that offer impressive and efficient help to your leather boot. As naturally, it also moisturized the details to maintain the mint condition of your Carolina Footwear. You don’t need to spend on expensive and separate leather conditioner. Use the one you have. It’s cost-effective and it will save the job. 

Talcum Powder. You will find it impressive once you start using talcum powder on your work boot. Do you have one at home? Use this to your advantage. Pour some powder into the greased surfaces. Talcum powder is organic and has no negative implications for your shoes. It’s grease absorbent. Use this to remove stains and grease. Use an old soft brush to clean the leather boot. Once you have washed the powder that you have applied, follow it with a soft brush. Use talcum powder or cornstarch (but take note, the latter is less effective). 

Dish Soap. If you don’t have options to use any of the above (very unlikely) you can always resort to using dish soap to do the job of cleaning your work boot. This is very easy to use as it is always present at home. Before using the dish soap, remove its laces out and apply the soap directly to the surface of your boot to remove the dirt. Rub the specific spot by using a small towel. Just remember to do this in a gentle manner to avoid any scratches or damage to your shoes. After this step, you can wash with plain water to remove all residue of dirt or oil left into the work boots.

Your leather work boots are there to keep your warm, dry, and they make your work easier. It’s as simple as the golden rule, take care of your boots, and your leather boots will continue to do its purpose for you. work boots help keep you warm, dry, and comfortable. When you take care of your work boots, your work boots will continue to take care of you. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or neutral cream to take care of your Carolina footwear, be this for your work boots or just hiking boots.


Now that you know how to clean your leather work boots, it will be more exciting for you to check for items that are available in your kitchen or garage area and find out what can help you and your work boots. This will retain the good condition of your leather boots and you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a long time.

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