We know once the Halloween decorations come down, Americans pivot straight into turkey talk and Christmas decorating. If you are a shopper (or even just on a budget) then you are also looking forward to the Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday bargains starting to circulate. This weekend is certainly the largest shopping day in America.

However, what if we told you there was an even bigger shopping day for the world– AND it’s a day all about honoring being single!

What Is Singles Day?

Singles Day began back in 1993 at Nanjing University in China, where some bachelors decided to flip the script on being single. They picked November 11th as the day with the idea that rather than feeling down or bored with being single, it should be a time to celebrate. Even more importantly, it should be a time to treat yo’self! Apparently, this sentiment resonates with many across the world as there are now Singles Day events and deals. Believe it or not, retail sales are higher during this time than Black Friday & Cyber Monday combined.

Celebrate With Luxury

D'aniello Mens Shoes, Womens Bags

If you are single right now, don’t dread the impending holiday season. Get into the spirit of Singles Day instead by buying yourself something luxurious.

Why not? After all, during holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s couples are busy lavishing gifts on each other. Why should singles miss out on that kind of fun? Isn’t gift giving one of the 5 major Love Languages anyway?

So, go ahead and buy yourself that one amazing item that you’ve been waiting on purchasing. Think about what amount you might spend on a gift for someone else and then buy yourself that special something instead. We generally don’t endorse overtly selfish behaviors; however, there is something incredibly powerful about giving yourself permission to not only enjoy but provide your own bit of luxury.

Treat Yourself with d’aniello

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If you are single currently, maybe one reason is because of your own preference for a higher standard and refusal to accept the mundane. Don’t lament that – celebrate it! Buy that name-brand belt or designer pair of shoes and relish the fact that unlike many relationships, they are built to last a lifetime!

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