More than being a good investment, this signature mattress is both cozy and warm, making you never want to leave your bed. Plus, who doesn’t want a lifetime comfort guarantee?

The Company

For starters, Nest Bedding, one of the most innovative mattress brands available online and in-store, focuses on building quality mattresses and bedding that is USA made, ultra comfortable, cozy and competitively priced. Their focus means that they take certifications seriously — offering CertiPUR-US certified foams and certified organic materials in some mattresses as well.

With a wide range of moderately priced mattresses, the brand was able to make a concerted effort to focus on high quality materials and material transparency for less money than name-brands. 

A quick check on the internet and this brand definitely has an outstanding mattress reviews, from its firmness options, good edge support, and so much more.

Joe Alexander, the genius behind Nest Bedding mattress company founded his brand in 2011 with its headquarters being stationed in Albany, California. The brand is famous for manufacturing high-quality products within the US. The Nest Bedding offers free shipping but delivers worldwide for a nominal surcharge.

One of its marketing strategies is that you can enjoy a lifetime warranty and a 100 nights trial on every Nest Bedding mattress. During the trial period, you can definitely sleep on the bed, test it out, and see if it’s the perfect mattress for you. If it is, you get to keep it and enjoy it for yourself. If it isn’t, you can send it back to the company for a full refund at no extra cost to you, as long as it’s within those first 100 days.

What is Nest Beddings’ top product in the market? The Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid Mattress!

The Mattress

The Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress is a 13.5”, four-layer mattress built upon a support layer of 8 inches of pocked steel coils; these are different from traditional innerspring in that they are not connected to each other; each coil compresses independently. Two foam layers top the coil.

Each of its specialized surface serves a specific purpose to bring you a quality sleep. The top foams and base layer blend makes Alexander Signature mattress a cozy bed. A cover made from a thermic phase-change fabric encloses the entire mattress.

Nest Bedding Alexander Signature lets you enjoy a surface with zero motion transfer. Unlike the old kinds of memory foams beds, Alexander Signature is quite airy and chill. The copper-filled gel foam is not only cool but also offers antimicrobial treatment. Thus, it is one of the best bed mattresses for people with sensitive skin or sleepers who are prone to allergies.

Alexander Signature hybrid mattress offers edge support adding to its durability. The layers easily adjust to the pressure points and your weight making it ideal for people of all sizes. The bed further provides three different comfort level options, varying in firmness. Thus, the Alexander Signature is perfect for back, side and stomach sleepers, alike.

Adding to that, this mattress also performed in the very good to excellent range in terms of edge support, adjustable base compatibility, motion isolation and temperature.

The bed’s overall quality and construction is competitive with what you’d find in a mattress store, as well as with comparable online brands.

To whom it is best for?

  • HYBRID LOVERS – With high-density foam and premium coils, you will experience comfort without feeling trapped or sinking so far you fall out of alignment. Nest uses only the highest quality foam for the upper layers that bring the pressure relief and contouring so many love and a deep bounce only found in innersprings.
  • SWEATY SLEEPERS – One thing is certain—you shouldn’t “sleep hot” in this bed. Highly breathable cover materials and a strategically-placed copper-infused foam in a lower level provide one of the best cooling capabilities you will see in any mattress. Innersprings are naturally cooler due to the air filling the spaces between coils.
  • INDECISIVE SHOPPERS -Nest Bedding cares about your sleep—those that are unsure about the feel that they need can feel comforted by the company’s Comfort Guarantee that allows you to switch out your firmness level if it doesn’t feel quite right.

Possible complaints:

This particular model feels more like a memory foam unit instead of an innerspring mattress. Hybrid beds bring different sleeping sensations than traditional construction, but they also have added features that cause people to shy away from traditional brands.

Material and Construction

Overall, we classify the Alexander Signature Hybrid mattress as a “Foam over Pocketed Coils” construction type. It isa 13,5″ thick mattress comprised of 4 layers:

The first layer beneath the cover is designed for cooling and comfort. It is 3 inches thick, made out of TitanChil Endurance Foam,

The second layer is 1 inch of SmartFlow Support foam. It acts as a transitional layer that helps with spine alignment and cooling.

The third layer is made out of 8 inches of Quantum® Edge pocketed coils. They ensure deep compression support and help air travel through the mattress.

The final layersupplies support to the coils with a piece of 1-inch dense foam.

The entire mattress is covered with a Phase Change Quilted Cover. It is super soft and plush and offers you enhanced temperature regulation at night.


Keep in mind that what mattress companies call “firm” or “soft” is a purely a preference. All mattresses should be supportive and promote healthy spinal alignment. Whether a mattress is fluffy and squishy (what mattress companies call soft or plush), or less so (what companies call firm), is purely down to your personal needs and preferences.

Pressure Relief

A bed that doesn’t meet your pressure relief needs will leave you with uncomfortable aches. Memory foam is kind of the king of pressure relief because it fills in the gaps between your body and the mattress.

Alexander’s 4.25 inches of comfort foams should soften pressure points and accommodate different body shapes and types. The upper memory foam layer should give a healthy amount of contouring and is slower to respond, while the lower foam bounces back quickly.


If you’re looking for an ultra-supportive bed, hybrids are a great place to start because of the spring base. The Quantum Edge pocketed coils in Alexander are extra durable, even around the perimeter, which should help your spine feel as straight as a rod—say goodbye to backaches! These springs are designed to resist sagging, so heavier sleepers might find this to be a perfect fit, especially the Luxury Firm option.


As with most hybrid mattresses, we noted a good amount of deep and mid-level bounce. The top foam tends to absorb any surface bounce. So you’re more likely to notice this mattress’s bounciness when you plop into bed rather than just moving around and changing positions.

Preference-based features

Multiple Firmness Options

Having three different firmness choices (Plush, Medium, and Luxury Firm) make it easier for any client to find the right feel.

Bed in a box

Organizing delivery can be a pain, especially for those who work during regular business hours. This bed is shipped in a box right to your doorstep, so you can unroll it at your own convenience.

It’s price?

This type of mattress is pretty an investment with a price tag around $949 to $1699.

Where to get them?

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