Every year, new holiday toys come out, aspiring to be the most wished for and most loved toy of the Christmas shopping season. While other toys, classics, persist year after year as favorite items on children’s wish lists. If you are shopping for toys this year and don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Toys that inspire kids to be active and creative are the most well-received and longest-lasting items that a child can receive. To that effect, the first toys on this list are razor scooters.

Razor ScooterRazor scooters are a very popular brand of scooter made from airplane-grade aluminum, meant to be long-lasting and light. Scooters are a great gift for younger children as well as older ones, developing motor skills as well as encouraging children to play outside instead of staring at a screen indoors. A good entry-level scooter is the Razor A Kick Scooter, which is both sturdy and portable. You can find a bunch of great deals on this item by checking out these Razor A Scooter deals.

KidKraft Play KitchenAnother great toy that kids love and encourages them to be active at the same time is the KidKraft Vintage Kitchen, which comes in colors such as white and pink. Role-playing is a great way for kids to learn and develop while being fun for them at the same time. It is great for those times when the weather is bad or it is dark outside. You’ll find your child occupied for hours cooking up a storm in their very own kitchen. Just wait to see what concoctions they whip up for you! Check out some of these KidKraft Vintage Kitchen deals for more information.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0LEGOs are a classic, fostering creativity and opening up the imagination of most likely billions of kids throughout the years. LEGO toys can come in countless varieties for all ages, from LEGO Duplo playsets for toddlers to more advanced sets for adults. One particular playset for older children and adults is the ultimate evolution of the LEGO brand – the LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 Robot. Yes, you can use your LEGOs to design and build a real robot that you can program yourself. These robots are being built not only by kids, but are also being used in college classes to introduce robotics. If you want more information on this highly popular LEGO set, check out these LEGO Mindstorms deals.

These are only a glimpse into the popular toys that parents and others are picking up for kids this year, meant to encourage physical activity and creativity. You can find more comprehensive lists, such as Amazon’s Toy List, Toys ‘R Us’ Book of Toys and Walmart’s Top Toys List. Electronic toys are becoming more popular this year as well, such as LeapFrog’s LeapPad, iPads, Kindles among others. If you are still looking for ideas, consider dolls, art supplies, telescopes, puzzles, train sets, musical instruments and outdoor toys. The only limit to what you can find is your own imagination, and, of course, your wallet! Happy Holidays!