Well, the holiday shopping season is already under way. I can tell you that hundreds of stores across the Internet are already starting to ramp up their coupons, promotions and deals on products. I would definitely make your planned purchases by the beginning of December. Many of these great coupons you see are set to expire early next month. There are no guarantees either that they will be replaced by more great coupons. I can see a couple of scenarios if you wait too long.

One is that stores may reduce their promotions close to Christmas, hoping to capitalize on last-minute shoppers who may not be able to wait it out for a better deal. Or, stores may want to clear out their inventory of holiday gifts and offer items at even bigger discounts.

So, if you want to play it safe, find a great coupon to use now and make your purchase. If you are a more adventurous shopper, just wait to see what comes up closer to the holidays – you may get a really amazing deal.

Another factor to remember when shopping is the shipping time. Generally stores guarantee shipping through the beginning of December. You may run into some nail biting times if you are really worried about receiving your gifts before the holidays come.

Of course, the big holiday shopping days will be here right after Thanksgiving. You’ll have Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. Of course, many argue that these are not the best shopping days of the year, but it is true most stores provide great deals on these days and they usher in the heavy holiday rush.

But, enough strategy already! Shopping is supposed to be fun and a way to express your feelings about those you care about during the holidays. Your gift is symbolic of something bigger and more real. So, put a lot of thought into what you shop for this year, it doesn’t have to be big and expensive. Just make it something personal!

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