You know how it goes: just when I thought I was ahead of all my Christmas shopping, I get sidetracked and wind up behind. Granted, there are still a few weeks until Christmas so my family will get covered, but what about gifts for teachers? Usually, I like to make Christmas teacher gifts, but that is not happening this year.  I love the under $10 gifts from last week’s post, but I don’t know that I want to use any of those as teacher gifts. (And do I even need to mention that the teacher gifts need to be in my budget?)

Naturally, I’ve done some thinking and planning and researching over the past couple of days, and here’s what I’ve discovered about terrific teacher gifts:

Teacher gifts-think practical


We all know that teachers use their own money on school supplies. Yet we hesitate to get them school supplies because it’s just so darn practical. Well, spice it up by turning those supplies into an adorable supply cake like the one above. The best part? You can easily scoop up these supplies in bulk at the Dollar Tree or Dollar general, who already have low prices but also coupons! Seriously, don’t overthink it, your teachers will love getting this gift.

Teacher gifts-think personal


Guess what else teachers love? Kids! And their jobs! I mean, they have to right? They aren’t getting paid enough to be there for the money. So, give them a sweet, personalized gift that speaks to both their profession and this year’s class. This adorable Apple Tree print on Etsy is completely customizable, easy to frame and will make a lasting momento for your working teacher.

Teacher gifts-think survival

School Survival Kit 1

You know what it’s like to be with your child for 8 hours a day 5 days a week (hello, summer!). Now add about 24 more kids to the equation and you get the picture of what teachers are dealing with every day. Of course our children are well-behaved, respectful little learners, but let’s pretend that teachers just might have a tiny need for a sugar break every now and then. Load up some favorite “essentials” in a basket to help her make it through one of the longer days. It’s cute, it’s clever, it’s necessary!

Teacher gifts-think pampered

gift day 4

I love the idea of getting every teacher a $100 spa gift card.  However, my middle school child has 7 teachers. So, rather than trying to go big for each one, I found this fabulous little gift that still sends the message of downtime. Take a fun magazine and one pampering item, like lotion or nail polish or a scrub, and wrap them up together. It’s such a thoughtful, frugal way to get a terrific teacher gift.

Teacher gifts-think thankful


While gifts are always welcome and appreciated by teachers, the best gift you could ever give is completely free. Write a sincere, heartfelt thank you letter to your teacher. The key is to keep it specific, honest and interesting to avoid being generic. Bonus points if you have your children write them to accompany yours too! Have a student too young to tackle a whole letter? Try this free printable to prompt them.

These are my favorite terrific teacher gifts for this year, but if I really get in a pinch for time I can always go with a giftcard!

What are your favorite teacher gifts for the holidays?