Colleges are almost back in session, and college students are getting prepped for the necessary supplies. It’s time to stock up on everything from washcloths to emergency snacks and extra notebooks. In fact, if you aren’t sure what all to send to a college student, here’s a list of some essential everyone needs.

What’s most exciting for many college students, freshman or otherwise, is the promise of activity with sororities and fraternities. While these institutions may have started as a way for students to discuss topics not deemed appropriate by their schools, they now represent an entire lifestyle directly related to colleges. Fraternities and sororities are a way for students to establish an immediate network of fellow companions, and these relationships often extend long after college ends.

The cost of joining a fraternity or sorority varies greatly, but most members can expect dues that cover membership, housing, and entertainment. After all the money spent to join and play, then it’s time to splurge on the Greek gear. This can add up quickly, especially since there can never be too many goods to represent one’s sorority or fraternity allegiance.

Here are 3 ways to save on sorority and fraternity gear so you can still have some money for textbooks too!

Ask an older sorority sister or fraternity brother


One of the main benefits of being part of a sorority or fraternity is the immediate sense of family or fellowship you have with a large group of people who are also part of it. Most Greek organizations have devoutly loyal members who thrive on helping out other members. Once you know which organization your student will join, ask around to see if any alumni are willing to part with some of their own Greek gear. Not only will you save money, but you may just score extra points for retro-style as well.

Search Ebay and Etsy for sorority and fraternity gear

Old School

Thank goodness for Ebay and Etsy. By searching these two sites, you are bound to find an affordable option for a variety of Greek gear options. Some of it will be used, some new, some custom and some just plain tacky. The searches are almost endless with some out of the box thinking.

For example, you can find an Etsy seller who specializes in monogramming and take an otherwise cheap and ordinary t-shirt to a whole new customized level. Pay attention to deals like free shipping and where the costs are cut considerably.

Never pay full price

Yes, walking onto the college campus and entering any of the nearby bookstores will tempt you to buy a number of Greek-related items. Don’t do it! Spend time searching online for coupons and deals and clearance items, then scoop them up while you can. Even better, order two so that your student can share the Greek gear with a fellow sorority sister or fraternity brother.

Greek life is not for every college student, but this article from USA Today points out some reasons why most of our US Presidents and the majority of all Fortune 500 members joined a fraternity or sorority. The costs may seem large at the time, but the end result might be priceless.