**updated 11/30

It might sound strange at first, but we promise this is the perfect present for most guys. 

We’ve mentioned before why we love the Gourmet Gift Basket company: because gift baskets are a universally fantastic option for Secret Santa parties of all kinds. Gourmet Gift baskets are also perfect for employees, employers and teachers. Gift tower choices include chocolate, coffee, gluten free and Kosher selections so it would be pretty hard NOT to find an amazing Gourmet Gift Basket for just about everyone.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Beer connoisseur – or just beer lover

Drinking beer at sunset
gourmet gift basket beer

This is the guy that has utmost respect for the crafting of beer, for the variations of flavor and styles. The beer connoisseur loves to learn about new brews and can discuss at length the differences in beer styles. And that’s why he will love any of the beer gift baskets. Each one is loaded with carefully selected brews artfully arranged in a galvanized beer bucket, with gourmet snacks included! Our favorite pick is the Around The World Beer Bucket.

This one is also great for the guy who knows NOTHING about beer other than he loves the taste. Why not introduce him to some finer crafts?

For the fitness fiend

man working out

Snack gift basket

Got a guy who’s always talking protein shakes or workout tips? Then this is the basket he’ll love most. Gourmet Gift Basket’s offers several Healthy Gift Basket options this year. Gone are the sugary treats and instead he’ll delight in goods that are both wholesome and delicious. Everything is in ready-to-grab packaging too, making it easy to toss into a gym bag on the way to the next workout.

For the “everyman” man

Scarf on man during winter

Peppermint crunch

This fella is loved by all. Literally, no one can resist his good natured personality. Why not give him the Christmas dessert equivalent to his well-loved ways? The Belgian Chocolate Holiday Bark box is a number one seller for good reason – who could possibly resist peppermint, white chocolate Oreo and Belgian chocolate bark all in one fabulous container?

So, go ahead – grab some gift baskets for your dad, brother, loved one and even uncle Mike all in one quick shopping spree online! Use this $5 off any basket coupon or browse all available Gourmet Gift Basket coupons and you may save enough to sneak in a basket for yourself as well!