Black Friday SaleThanksgiving is a day filled with food, family, and football. It’s also the day when we all get together to drop and take hints concerning a rather significant aspect of another fast approaching holiday. That same weekend will see millions of Americans flock to local retailers and to their computers to find their perfect gifts at the best prices. With demand so high, many stores will try to draw in as many new customers as possible by offering the discounts that their competitors aren’t. So where should you start?


One of the biggest sellers every season, it’s also the most important category to research before buying. This is a long-term investment, so you should be aware of a product’s quality before making your purchase. is about more than just personal computers and has some of the most comprehensive reviews around to help you find a device that suits your needs. Even if you think you found a great deal, make sure to go online to compare prices and know what you are saving. Stores will also have limited supplies in stock, which means possibly greater savings than you’ll find online.


Now is the perfect time to stock up on your favorite fashion essentials. Many of your favorite clothing retailers will have their sales out front and center on their websites, with even more in-store only savings available. If you’re ready to battle to the crowds, the sales have already begun, whether you prefer Old Navy’s buy one, get one ½ off sale or Macy’s 25% off sale. Look for the in-store only specials listed on the websites of those stores near you to plan your trip.

Toys & Games

Chances are your kids already have a long list waiting for Santa. Luckily Toys R Us has got you covered with their black friday discounts and free shipping on purchases over $49. If you want to see how appropriate the video game your little one has been asking about is or if you’re just looking for information on the best video games for grown-ups, try IGN.

Books, Music & Movies

If you’ve been thinking about getting an e-reader, you won’t find a better time than when prices are at their lowest during the holidays. Choose an e-reader based on the book store you frequent the most, as e-books are formatted to cater only to their store’s reader. offers great deals on books, music and movies which are available electronically, allowing you to reduce the clutter while holding on to a great collection.

If you haven’t decided what to give your loved ones this year, you may want to browse through the specials advertised for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and coupons to give yourself a few ideas while saving money. Look through your local paper for flyers announcing sales in your area. Coupons are always available throughout the year, but get MUCH bigger during the holidays. Many retailers will be hopeful that customers will spend their savings before they even leave the store on items that they had no intention of buying when they entered. Don’t let yourself be caught in this trap by making a list and sticking to it. Good luck and happy hunting!

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