Fast and reliable! If you’re scouring for a place that can help you best with your customized wristbands for a cause, fundraiser, or relevant events, worry no more! We are here to direct you to the right avenue, call us. See which type of wristbands will meet your requirements.

Customized wristbands are low-cost promotional items with good quality. With the availability of custom imprinting, wristbands can now be personalized to accommodate your purpose. Big companies and small business owners alike normally start with customized wrist bands with the color that represents them. You see this as rubber bracelets, these custom wristbands are all SDS certified which means they are safe to use.

What are some types of custom-wristbands that our resources can make?

If you’re living in the United States, get in touch with your trusted resource center and discuss ways to get custom wristbands. Let us know your thoughts and if you don’t see them available on your resources website, let us know your ideas so we can liaise it with the corresponding customer service. A lot of consumers like yourselves want something different nowadays. If you would go through customer reviews, some of you want custom made wristbands that serve as a USB cable or unique silicone bracelets that serve as a vial for essential oils which are so popular nowadays. Let’s go through some of the styles of bracelets and their descriptions and color ideas to help you further. 

Share your ideas of what you want to see imprinted on your customized wristbands


If you choose silicone wristbands, pick the custom silicone wristbands with ink injected as this will absolutely give you the most endearing, personalized results. People love this.  Imprinting or “imprinted” are the ones with ink injected texts which are wear-resistant.  This is directly engraved using ink on the silicone wristband so you can imagine the details of the design you have chosen. Imprinted custom rubber wristbands usually have the quickest lead time. Perfect for those who have last-minute events. One business day and you’ll get what you requested – that’s the message that our trusted resources want to extend, fast and well-made silicone wristbands.Imprinting is ideal for designs that have bright colors. Customers who want to customize this type of printed wristbands are the ones who want to show their message to be loud and clear.


Debossed personalization of wristbands means the chosen texts and graphics go through laser-etched into the rubber bracelets.  These can also be silicone wristbands or if your resources are good enough and you get lucky, they can also do this with Tyvek wristbands and have ink injected to the particular area to give it an upgraded look. When you have chosen to go for debossed wrist bands on the site, you are free to choose if you want it without ink color or you can also choose your favored color to fill into the etching. Just give ample time for imprinted custom silicone bands. The good thing about this is debossed wristbands can last long and outlive the rest of the silicone rubber bracelets. You can make designs with various colors for personalized printed wristbands made for Thanksgiving or Christmas using the debossed option to make sure you have the time that you need for choosing your message and color for the said event.


You know what this looks like, right? Take a look at your credit and debit cards and you see embossed texts. This is exactly what embossed personalization looks like. The texts and graphics are raised from the wristbands. You can have these custom printed designs that will give it a good feeling when you try to physically run your fingers through the letters on the rubber wristbands.  Embossed bracelets or wristbands are also compatible with ink imprinted giving the wearer a peculiar 3D look. Just like debossed customization, this type may also have a longer lead time than the imprinted rubber bracelets.

Again, you can use the first three types of wristbands custom with either custom Tyvek wristband or vinyl wristbands custom but it can be more costly since vinyl wristbands are flexible and may work up to two weeks but since these wristbands have a plastic snap closure, you will need to destroy to remove them from your wrist. This means they are not reusable.

Online product designer

Use and order from our resources’ online product designer (for rubber wristbands or custom wristband) which is a great tool for customizing event wristbands or Tyvek wristbands/bracelets.  You can get all the help that you need. All you have to do is choose from the colors and upload your personal design.

Come up with a unique token!

Bring this into life as you may opt to go for wristband design for the younger generation or even long-standing companies. 

Use and order from our resources' online product designer for your custom wristband

Grab this offer and promote your brand by using customer rubber bracelets

These are just some of the ways you can market your company in the United States. There are hundreds of other promotional items available for as low as 0 days to a few more days of lead time, you can see exactly your ideas either imprinted or etched into your wristbands. They are inexpensive and a great way to reach out to your customers and build a connection by letting them have a piece of your company. 

What are you waiting for?

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